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Washington Post

Lott's early exit casts a shadow on an extraordinary congressional career. Elected to Congress in 1972 at age 31, as a defender of Richard M. Nixon, he voted for impeachment as a House Judiciary Committee member when confronted with the evidence. He was the House's second-ranking Republican at age 39; won the same job in the Senate 14 years later; as 1984 Republican platform chairman shaped a supply-side document in defiance of the White House staff's design; and served for six years as the most effective Republican Senate majority leader of his time.
An early exit casts a shadow on an extraordinary congressional career? I think being removed from the majority leader position over charges of racism managed that quite effectively. Robert here is just pissed because his beloved Republican party is in a position to lose another seat in the Senate. Otherwise, this rambling, unfocused column has no other purpose than to reiterate Lott's resume. He sure as hell didn't explain why Lott is resigning. Hell, he more or less discounts the conventional wisdom on Lott's departure.

Actually, federal legislators know how to build tidy nest eggs without spending one day in the private sector -- none of them much better than Trent Lott. Except for one year as a practicing attorney fresh out of law school, Lott has spent his career on the public payroll -- four years as a congressional staffer, 16 years in the House and 19 in the Senate.
Though, he fails to deliver any proof of Lott's nest egg.

Indeed, this entire effort on Novak's part seems more about venting his displeasure over Lott's pending resignation and it's effect on the Republican party's standing in government then on strengthening the narrative of Lott leaving for financial reasons. The old boy just seems to lack the heart of defending a rat fleeing a sinking ship.

Off To Work

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I am currently posting from the Hastings Dunn Bros. Coffee Shop. It's got a wicked fast wireless connection. I am able to quickly do a shortened morning internet routine. It leaves little time for any major blogging, but I do get to check the news. I don't have cable at home at the moment, and looks to be a while before I get it back, so I need to hit the internet cafes that are around.

Oh, and I believe this will figure to be the real reason for Trent Lott's resignation.
Star Tribune

JACKSON, Miss. — Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi, the Senate's No. 2 Republican, plans to resign his seat before the end of the year, congressional and White House officials said Monday.
What the hell is up with this? Something must be coming out about him. He made it on the DC Madam's list? Seriously, why the sudden announcement unless there is some really bad news coming out about his personal life.

The Christmas Resistance Movement!

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Lord almighty! Don't tell O'Reilly, but I've found the headquarters for the war against Christmas.

The New York Times

SYDNEY, Nov. 24 — Prime Minister John Howard of Australia suffered a comprehensive defeat today, with a coalition led by his Liberal Party losing its majority in parliament.
Okay, is anyone else losing sleep over this? Well, I have to admit I'm not. Actually, the better question would be is any one surprised by John Howard's loss? Lord knows I'm not surprised. When you attach your international policy to the Childish President, you are going to lose. Blair proved that.

Hell, I bet even Israel politicians aligned with the Bush administration will find they are going to lose.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hope you are enjoying your day of gratitude. I'm off to enjoy my Thanksgiving meal with my parents and sisters.

The Quick Hit

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I am sneaking a quick post in before I have to do group. Just letting you know that the job has been great so far. It's wonderful to be working with your average dysfunctional human beings again. After being employed in past jobs having fellow co-workers engaged in excessive denial, relapse, and some of the most unethical, and illegal behavior to exist in the chemical dependency field, this change of pace sure is enjoyable.

Oh, and I am getting 4 days of for Thanksgiving!

Life Takes The Wheel

I've just not had the time to write any thoughtful (or thoughtless, as the case sometimes may be) post, what with my new job, the lack of Internet at home, and my life in a short-term patch of monetary strain. I'll try to post later, but really don't hold much hope out for it.

Just a reminder; there is a donate button over there on the right.

Friday Stolen Code Blogging

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Once again, from Bark Bark Woof Woof:

Friday Blogaround
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Over the river and through the woods...
Ahhhhhh, it sure feels good to be able to steal code from Mustang Bobby once again.
With cable currently cut off due to failure of payment, I am forced to sit in the Dunn Bros. Coffee Shop and use their wireless. I gladly brave this horrible condition in order to bring you my blogging goodness. Yes, I know you all appreciate the hardship I am suffering. It's worth it.

Oh, okay, I'll stop with the bullshit.

Anyway, I am enjoying a few days off before starting my new job on Monday. Life is still precarious, though. I have to figure a way to get caught back up. I am hoping to acquire a loan to help get caught up with my bills and mortgage, as well as repair my van.

Also, I am enjoying the time with my family. It's rather strange to be home, to not have to pack up my belongings and head back up north. It's a relief, yet strange at the same time. With time, the strangeness will wear off and I'll be enjoying my family without the intruding nag of the old job up north.

And it's definitely nagging me. There were many things left unfinished. I had been working on policy and procedures. Not very fast, mind you, but I'd been working on them. It was just that, after failing to sell the house, I started getting fed up with the usual politics of a dysfunctional work place. So, I made sure, to the best of my ability, that client care was occurring. But I started to slack in the P & P department. Busting my ass for a job that was going to put me into foreclosure just didn't hold a whole lot of appeal.

So, now I'll be back to standard counseling. No need to get into re-writing, or creating from scratch, policy and procedures. Nor will I have to deal with the hiring, or disciplining of employees, I'll be able to focus more on my life outside of life.

Well, now it's Thursday morning. After writing the above paragraph, I received a call from The GirlFriend™. Seems The Fuskers™ and her were hungry. So, a quick run to McDonald's for them, Arby's for me, and I was home, with no Internet access, for supper.

Anyway, I am running errands this morning, and am currently ensconced at the Dunn Bros. Coffee shop in Rosemount, MN. Not that I really have much more to add to what I typed yesterday. So, everyone have a good day, and hopefully, I'll fix my current financial situation and have home Internet connection restored shortly.


This is the afore mentioned post:

I feel empty. I've no energy. I've not the motivation to write my anger out. And I am full of anger. But it does no good. All the writing of angry screeds. All the ranting at the unlawful, unethical, amoral actions of BushCo™. All the bitching about the American Aristocrats and their raping of the American middle class. Not any of it accomplishes a damn bit of good. In the end, I am drained. Lifeless. I have not the desire to do but the bare minimum to survive.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I do my job. But there is no love in it for me anymore. I've been away from my family for too long. Alone, empty, without the life affirming embrace of my loved ones, there is no reason to be happy.

There is no reason for me to put up with the standard mediocrity of many of the employees where I labor. There is no reason for me to accept the inadequacies, and sheer incompetence, that populate the back water institution of my employ.

And it is a backwater institution, let me tell you, full of backwater thinking. Many of them are bush country hicks with visions of grandeur. They all carry the same mentality of "we do things different up here in the Borderland."

Yeah, they sure do. Many live mediocre lives while performing mediocre levels of employment. At least they are at their best 100% of the time.

I despise them. They represent everything that is wrong with America, and with the human race. They reflect everything that I found wrong with me.

That's the biggest part of the problem. I see me as I was years ago. Ignorant, self-centered, intellectually lazy, and emotionally stunted. It's all around me. Echoes of my past failing persona.

Without my family to remind me of what I've accomplished, to support me and uplift me, I fall into my old funk. And I can't take it anymore. I want the fuck away from this place.
Yes, I know, it is petty, judgmental, and cruel. I was in a bad place.

However, things are now different. I have a new job. It starts on Monday of next week. I am not willing to give two weeks notice. Back, about a month or so ago, I explained my financial situation to my boss, who is the director of the facility I am now leaving (God, that feels good to type!). His response? "You better do something about that."

Well, having been one month behind on the mortgage, three months behind on the electric bill, three months behind on the cable bill, two months behind on the gas bill, paying out the ass for gas to get back and forth to be with my family, and the extra cost of paying for a motel room, I did just that, I found a new job.

You know, in the end, it's not that corporations are soulless, it's that the people who are in charge of them are merciless, uncaring bastards. A corporation, whether for profit, or a non-profit, is merely a reflection of the personalities and soul of those in charge.

So, anyway, I am resuming my life in Hastings, MN. Farewell, ol' Borderland of the North. May your frigid winters not be seen as a metaphor of your heart.

Actually, many of the people up here were quite delightful and pleasant. Indeed, as a whole, I found International Falls, and Littlefork, to be pleasant, restful, and beautiful.

My problem was with the uncaring, and insensitive manner with which my boss reacted to my financial difficulties. I wasn't expecting him to do anything much more than offer some words of encouragement, or at least a bit of empathy. But to be told coldly (and it was cold and blunt, let me tell you) "Do something about that" was the last straw. So, I figure I own the company as much regard as I received. Which was none at all.

Cannot find planet

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I was just trying to get back home.

Death by Caffeine

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Post Interview Post

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The interview went well. In fact, it was more of a reunion than an interview. I am feeling very confident that I left a good impression. Hopefully, my current personality is will push away the old personality of years ago, when they knew me at my worst. And I was really bad, back in the day. I was extremely intolerant, inflexible, and prone to antagonizing situations.

God, I miss those days.

Hehehehe. Yeah, right.

I'll let you know if I get the job, or not.

Not get the job, that is.
New York Times

In one sense, by emphasizing the new steps it is taking to control weapons, the Interior Ministry seems determined to leverage the respect shown for its investigators in such a high-profile case into an improved image over all. The strategy appears to be to concede that both American and Iraqi security forces have made mistakes in the past but that both were taking steps to put those problems behind them.

During one remarkable session on Wednesday, an administrative official at the ministry said that it had had problems with “ghost payrollers,” or fictitious employees, and political pressure in the past. But the official, Maj. Gen. Jihan Hussein, said that the ministry was squarely facing those problems.

“If you knew the pressures we have from members of Parliament to have their relatives employed by the ministry, you wouldn’t believe it,” General Hussein said.[emphasis by editorial-you know-me!]

But he said the ministry would not bow to those pressures. In a similar vein, Mr. Bolani said that the ministry’s strict new approach to weapons licenses would try to redress past mistakes.

I'll be the first to admit my mood has been dark, and my hope hiding in it's shadow. Yet, I find myself colorfully surprised. This strikes me as a hopeful sign of progress in Iraq. Anytime honesty becomes a part of the dialog, hope has the opportunity to come out from the shadows.

Unpublished Post

I've an unpublished post that is a rant about life, my employment, and being away from the family. It shall remain unpublished until such time as I am no longer employed by my current employer. Although, I could publish it, and maybe it would hasten my removal from current employment.

Good News!

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No, Cheney and Bush were not impeached and removed from office. But, I do have a job interview for a position in a town only 20 miles from Hastings, not 305 miles. This is a good thing!

Oh Christ! I'm channeling Martha Stewart. Shoot me, shoot me now.

Bush Victim

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Not that I am unique. There are millions, upon millions, of Bush victims in the world. I wouldn't even begin to claim special victim hood over, say, anyone from Iraq. But yet, I am a Bush victim. I have been devastated by his poor stewardship of the economy. I chose to attempt a move to another area of the state, ignoring the true nature of the housing market that had not yet hit Hastings, while not realizing that the oil prices were about to go through the roof.

So, here it is 9 months later, my house payment behind, bills up the ass behind, and no light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, I know I am whining. You'll have to go buy your own cheese and crackers, I can't afford to supply them at the moment.

On The Way Back North

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This trip always sucks. I would rather stay home. But, the family needs to be fed. I was going to say the bills need to be paid, but that ain't happening. With the van repair -- rebuilding the transmission was expensive -- I was late sending out the October mortgage payment, and then only $1000.00. I've lost cable, which includes home Internet access and our phone service Vonage. The down side to phone service via Internet. You lose Internet, you lose phone.

Anyway, my life is slowly unraveling financially. I've tried to not let it get to me. I've been looking for a job back in the Twin Cities area, but my field is now full of fresh counselors just out of college. I'm not going to get hired anytime soon, that's for damn sure. So, just in case all my regular readers haven't noticed, there is a donation button on the right side.

Oh, and should any of you unregular readers happen to be, you know, filthy rich, with tons of disposable income, I am a great container for your cash. I promise to not waste it on anything other than my family.

Well, there is my plan for world domination I've been holding back, waiting for the right time. But my family first, world domination second.

Coffee Shop Blogging

Currently, The GirlFriend™ and I are at Sisters; A Coffee Shop. It resides in the old store front building in Historic Downtown Hastings where Professor Java's was located before the landlord chased that business out. Sisters, for it's part, has a much cleaner and brighter atmosphere than Java's did. But it does lack the beatnik character that Java's radiated.

Also, Sisters definitely draws the women -- I am only one of three males in the building. The rest of the crowd is female. I'd say I am outnumbered 5 to one.

The food is exquisite. I had a panini breakfast sandwich -- fried eggs, ham, chedder cheese on grilled sour dough bread. I am content.

The GirlFriend™, on the other hand, is punchy. After working a double, she's tired. At the moment, she's both frowning and squinting at her computer screen. That's because she left her glasses at home, so she's frustrated at not being able to see the screen clearly. Vanity, thy name is The GirlFriend™. She's also mocking one of the other women in the store, who's laugh is a cackle right out of an old witch story.

Friday Stolen Code Blogging

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Damn near forgot about this.

Friday Blogaround
Here's the weekly round-up of what the Liberal Coalition finds interesting.

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I'm still grinning from the Red Sox win.
Okay, my thievery is complete for the week.
New York Times

WASHINGTON, Nov. 1 — The White House began a campaign Thursday to save the candidacy of Michael B. Mukasey for attorney general, with President Bush defending him in a speech and in an Oval Office interview, where he complained that Mr. Mukasey was “not being treated fairly” on Capitol Hill.

Gee, I wonder if the people of New Orleans feel they were "not being treated fairly" during the aftermath of Katrina? I suppose that's water over the dike. How about the Iraq veteran's who've come home to discover their promised benefits cut? I wonder if they have feelings of "not being treated fairly?"

Anyway, it's really pathetic to have to listen to our president whine about unfair treatment as if life is some kind of fall festival with fun rides and rip-off carnival games. But then, I am expecting too much from the vocabularily challenged village idiot.

When is this wimp going to develop a back bone? Oh, wait, never mind. His mother is carrying it for him.

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