They Just Don't Stop

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So, the NIE of last January actually states Iran stopped their Nuclear Weapons program as far back as 2003. Interesting. Yet, for the last 11 months we have heard non-stop from the White House about Iran's threat to our security. Well, you have to give the White House some credit. At least they are rattling their sabers at a country that stopped their weapons program within the last half decade. The first time, the country they claimed was developing nuclear weapons, stopped their program over 10 years earlier.

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They are truly a piece of work and can forget getting anything through the Security Council after this fiasco.

It is safe to say we now have less than no credibility on any issue.

No, it's not that we have no credibility, it's that the administration has no credibility. I think the world still knows that BushCo™ are the problem, not the whole country.

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