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In short, the Bush administration led the nation to war on the basis of erroneous information that it methodically propagated and that culminated in military action against Iraq on March 19, 2003. Not surprisingly, the officials with the most opportunities to make speeches, grant media interviews, and otherwise frame the public debate also made the most false statements, according to this first-ever analysis of the entire body of prewar rhetoric.

President Bush, for example, made 232 false statements about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and another 28 false statements about Iraq's links to Al Qaeda. Secretary of State Powell had the second-highest total in the two-year period, with 244 false statements about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and 10 about Iraq's links to Al Qaeda. Rumsfeld and Fleischer each made 109 false statements, followed by Wolfowitz (with 85), Rice (with 56), Cheney (with 48), and McClellan (with 14).

Wow, 260 false statements. That is a lie for every weekday. And this is our president.


You need to read the study carefully in order
to understand exactly what the authors meant
by "false" statements. For example: the authors
don't deny that there were links between al-Qaeda
and the Iraqi administration, they simply
question the meaningfulness of those links. Thus,
the authors flag any mention of the links as a
"false" statement.

I'm certain that members of the Bush
administration mislead the American public in
order to invade Iraq. But we don't need another
Soros/Streisand-funded "study" to further
mislead us. (The Center for Public Integrity
receives substantial financing from George
Storos as well as the Streisand Foundation.)

Wow! All those false statements come down to two points:
1). Iraq had WMD's, and
2). Iraq was linked to Al Qaeda.

Please explain how that differs from Clinton administration statements.

Sure, glad to explain:

Clinton made the statements before he knew they were false.

Bush made the statements after he knew they were false.

It's the difference between being wrong and lying.

You're welcome.

Greetings Rook and classmates,

Pease be seated and listen up! The lectures will now commence...

The combination of the Center for Public Integrity's "Iraq: The War Card" research, George Tenet's book, At the Center of the Storm, Eisner & Royce's The Italian Letter, and the books and research of many others in recent years now provide enough of a foundation for everyone to finally discern that 9:11 was a "false flag" operation against both the American public and the Muslim world. Notice how the Bush/Cheney crew and cohorts ruthlessly profited from these events and the resulting wars and how they were ready and prepared to do so, even before 9:11.

Read More: What they knew and when they knew it!

The worst news from Iraq is being kept quiet by the Department of Defense.

According to two of its former top employees, a defense contractor which supplied the Kevlar for the helmets of 2.2 million soldiers, deliberately shorted the helmets by an average of 11,000 strands of Kevlar per helmet.

By deliberately "shorted," I mean that the company wove the Kevlar cloth to a weave density below what the Department of Defense had determined to be the "critical minimum" weave density necessary for the helmets.

But don't take my word for it. To see proof, go to, click on "in the news" and see the documents from the Sioux Manufacturing case.

Noboby in Washington wants either the soldiers or the public to know about this one.

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