Medical Insurance Companies Suck!

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I'm working on getting my medical bills caught up. With Medica Insurance being one of the worse to have, my bills were not immediately paid. For some reason, I had to do some extra paperwork, the exact same paperwork I originally filled out when applying for coverage to begin with. So, now that that log jam finally cleared, I am now facing secondary co-payments.

You see, I made the standard $35.00 co-pays for every visit, only to discover additionally co-pays after the fact. It's those damn deductibles, I guess. But it's in the fine print. You know, the same ones that they are allowed to change without immediate notice. Anyway, I've still got a ways to go. But, I managed to pay a large chunk of my bills and now have a bit of a monthly payment to make.

In case anyone is wondering, I believe that should hell really, honestly exist, the deepest, darkest level is to be reserved for insurance company executives, board members, and bond holders. Because making an obscene profit off of my, and all other people, illnesses is the worse behavior in which a human can engage.

Look, I understand the need for putting food on the table, and a roof over the heads of family. But when people start requiring a profit level of such magnitude that I can not put a roof over my family, or food on the table, there is something fundamentally wrong with the system. That rich bastards believe they are entitled to obscene profits at the expense of hard working, middle class people...... well, fuck them.

Oh, and one last thing: don't even bother calling them health insurance companies. If they were truly about a persons health, they would not be about profits at all, but simply about helping people to get healthy. Do that, and they'd naturally see a profit. Honestly. Sell a good product and word of mouth alone would bring you business. Isn't that the of the free market place? Of course, the whole thing about the market place is there's no room for free. Free market place is an oxymoron.

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