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Seriously. I need to know the benefit of all this commotion over the arrest of Roman Polanski. Now, do not get me wrong, what he did was horrible; awful; disgusting. You will hear no apology from me for his past behavior. Still, I am at a loss as to the benefit of focusing on his arrest. To me, in the grand scheme of today's events, this focus offers no benefit for our current crises. Will discussing his arrest reverse our economic recession/depression? Will discussing his arrest result in a better health care reform bill? Or is this simply another diversion, in a long line of diversions, that ultimately distracts us from today's problems?

What I find sad: many of the very people engaged in the discussion on Roman Polanski's arrest are the same people who decried the media's focus on the string of disappearances of young white women. Now that the story is about an issue that hits home, it is different?

As to the arrest; as a matter of rule of law, yes it is proper, it has happened, and now justice can play out. But it is my belief that many of the people latching onto this issue are doing so due to unfinished resolution of their own issues. It is a shame when the actual victim has been able to move on with her life, while people not directly harmed are spending copious amounts of emotional and mental energy arguing over the merits of the arrest.

But than, in my field I have witnessed many people whom were cruelly victimized in the past continue to victimize themselves today because of a lack of resolution. Should Roman Polanski's lawyers manage to get him released without extradition, what than of any hope for resolution? Is this a desire for justice? Or a desire for vengeance? For the world to finally do something fair? If so, well, good luck with that. The world is notorious for not giving us what we hope for or want.

My experience has shown me resolution comes from within, not from without. When I have put my hopes for resolution on some outside issue, whether or not it turned out as I wished, I found no resolution. Especially if what I wanted was vengeance. Not until I was able to find some internal sense of forgiveness was I able to let go and move on. Until then, I was continually distracted from the present by my insatiable focus on the past.

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