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All Things Equal

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Except, you know, when it comes to identified Republicans, identified Democrats, and identified independents, all things are not considered equal. I noticed that there really was no poll establishing the actual percentages of Republicans vs Democrats vs independents in the nation. I figure, at this time, Republicans are a rump party with a very low identified number. So, maybe 81% of Republicans is a lower actual number than 56% Democrats. But since I am not a pollster with the ability to call thousands of people to get decent poll numbers, it is all conjecture.

However, if I had to take a guess, I would say this is Daily Kos working towards motivating the Democratic base. And the timing is about right; this would be the time to start getting the attention of progressives/liberals. Beat the drums, as it were. Work it slow and steady, and a good progressive momentum ought to be built up just in time for the 2010 election.

With the Republican party having no real leadership and no real ideas to improve things for the majority of the nation, and with the possibility of the RNC purity test pushing even more people out of the party, I figure the 20% crazy as batshit base of the Republicans will be about all they can pull to the voting booths in 2010.

Yeah, so, I am not all that worried.


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You know, it is all fun and games until someone pokes their eardrums out.

Stop it you guys, or I will tell your parents.

Friday Stolen Code Blogging

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I had to lay low last week, but this week I am back to my felonious ways.

Friday Blogaround

If you're not running out to go shopping, check out the writing of the LC for the week.

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- WTF Is It Now?? - thanks, guize.
A little mayo and cold sliced turkey on whole wheat make a great sandwich.

A Visualization Of How Bad

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Air America supplied this stunning graph of just how bad unemployment got over a two year period. Note, this increase in unemployment started in Bush's term.

A Swing Of The Pendulum

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These two post really suggest to me that we are seeing a swing in the mindset of our nation. We are moving away from fear, and starting to recognize a need for personal bravery in our everyday life.

About 10 years ago -- before the day that everything changed -- at an AA meeting I said our children are far stronger than we give them credit. I was personally attacked by several of the members that day for having the audacity to trust the safety and well-being of my children. I shook my head in amazement and left it alone, believing they would eventually learn to move away from fear. Little did I know that this was simply a symptom of the fear and cowardice that has already inflicted our nation.

Without the attacks on September 11, 2001, George W. Bush would have been a one-term president, just like his father. But after decades of fear-mongering by the conservatives in the Republican party, and a lack of personal bravery by the conservatives in the Democratic party, the attacks only strengthened the already perceived danger of life. Fear became an overwhelming force in this country. Where rational thought once was the hallmark of facing life, it was wholeheartedly abandoned that day, and our hopes and desires for safety were handed to a man completely unprepared for leadership during unremarkable times, let alone extraordinary times.

However, in terms of fear being a motivational force in electoral outcomes, George W. Bush was the pinnacle of success. Today, the majority of people will simply not vote out of fear. As a populous, I think we have learned our lessons in that regard. Like it or not, the idea of Iraq as a mistake is more or less established, with only hair-brained future conspiracy theorists making any claim to the opposite; dead-enders hanging on to that last little hope of re-establishing relevance and power through belief in fear and cowardice, a legacy of failure handed to them by their elders.

Now, the Hullabaloo post is an example of the media pinnacle of success. At least for Fox News. In more ways than I can really due justice in describing, Glenn Beck's show is a self-parody of the Fox News mind-set. It is paranoid schizophrenic thinking laid bare for all to see. If there is one thing to be grateful about, it is that this is occurring mostly in the media, and not on the floor of the congress, as happened in the 1950s with McCarthy. None-the-less, Glenn Beck is pulling on the last, lingering, strings of fear that are entwined around a small, but extremely vocal, percentage of the populous; elders of the hair-brained future conspiracy theorists. 

My Sentiments Exactly

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I have always hated Christmas Light Nazis.

Things I Didn't Know

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Like, did you know President Obama wanted a taco?

Teaching Them Young

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OH. MY. FSM! Glenn Beck was right! They are teaching them young.

But you got to admit, she is a cute kid.

Morning Chuckle

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My sentiments exactly.

Hat Tip: P6
Man driving down road.

Woman driving up same road

They pass each other

Woman yells out her window, "PIG!"

Man yells out his window, "BITCH!"

Man rounds next curve

Crashes into a huge pig in middle of road.
Hat Tip Swerve Left

An Economist And A Geek

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Because The Team Lost The Game?

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Because, you know, historically in America, burning crosses in someone's yard is the way people vent their frustrations when high schools lose football games.

Local officials are unsure as to whether the cross burning had any affiliation with the United High's football loss.
Nice comment in the thread, though: 1867 called. They want these douches back.
(Star-Tribune) Last month, officials attributed the dropping rate partly to a large number of people who gave up looking for work. The state labor force has seen a net reduction recently.
I do not think that people have given up looking for work. I believe that there is just no work to look for. Anyone pull out the employment ads in the papers lately? If they fill half a page, I will eat my hat. Okay, actually, no. I will not eat my hat.

Still, I like the way this article subtly makes it appear as if it is the fault of the ne'er-do-well peasants for giving up; because -- as we all know -- the hapless, powerless, captains of industry and business are completely innocent of any fault in causing the collapse of our economy.

I suspect a more factual statement would be along the lines of people having exhausted their unemployment benefits because of the difficulty in finding work.


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Ouch! Digby bites!

And vampires of all kinds can be very attractive.
I hope I never get on her bad side.

Just A Reminder

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Of how big a jack ass Pawlenty really is.

(Star-Tribune) Facing a big loss of state health-care funds, Hennepin County Medical Center plans to stop seeing uninsured, non-emergency patients from outside the county, cut 150 to 200 jobs and close two small clinics on its campus.
And this is just one of many hospitals and clinics that will have to cut jobs. At a time when unemployment is having the most impact on the economy, to cut funding, causing more job loses is equivalent to old fashion mid-evil medical blood letting.
Well, it really is not much of a hall, all of 2 steps. Still.

Anyway, not much that I want to pass on. Just the usual; the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, and Glenn Beck wants to make sure you know.

Can we please now just accept he is a raving lunatic and to ignore him like we ignore the ranting street corner schizophrenics waving the bible in their hands, preaching that the end of the world is upon us?


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Okay, I decided to resume work on my novel. For the last two day I have worked on rewriting Chapter 1. The difficult part is expanding the damn thing. Way to little content, and also having to introduce characters that I created in later chapters in the 1st draft process. I am about 2/3 of the way through. I seriously see a second, and maybe even a third rewrite in my future.

Happy Sunday!

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Okay, went through my morning routine, and am now just finishing breakfast. Yes, I know, it is actually just after 12:00 PM. It is Sunday, and I allow myself a day of rest. As in, I slept in. So, I am going to finish my breakfast and hit the shower. After that, well, I just do not know.

Jack Ass Of The Day

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First of all; Meep.

Second of all; seriously, some principles really are full of themselves. They just have to prove to their students they are the King of the playground. And they are suppose to be the adults.

....we have the problem of the lawyers who say Meep! After reading the recent publications over the decision of the principal of Danvers High School banning students from saying the word "Meep," Entertainment lawyer Theodora Michaels decided to act and wrote a letter using the four-letter word to Principal Thomas Murray, who comes across as a high school version of Dean Vernon Wormer from Animal House. She was immediately reported to the police for investigation by the school.

Here is the entire letter:

An open letter to Principal Murray of Danvers High School (MA):


Theodora Michaels

She says that the response was fast and furious: "Yesterday I received a reply email from Assistant Principal Mark Strout, which said (in full) "Your E-mail has been forwarded to the Danvers Police Department."

Principal Thomas Murray is not only the Jack Ass Of The Day, he is a fucking idiot.

Murray stumbled on a conspiracy on Facebook where he learned that kids in the Danvers High School in Massachusetts intended to say "Meep!" in school -- mimicking the lab assistant to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, of "The Muppet Show."
A conspiracy? Oh. My. FSM! The terrorists will win if the kids say Meep!


I understand that anyone can be a terrorist. But seriously, a Muppet?

All Excited

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Wil Wheaton is having a full on nerdgasm (not a bad thing, I enjoy my nerdgasms).
You know, I feel like doing something different today. So, instead of stealing the Friday Liberal Coalition Blogaround from Mustang Bobby over at Bark Bark Woof Woof, I am going to do it myself.

Okay, enough of that. Seriously, I do not know how Mustang Bobby finds the energy to do this every fraken Friday. You are a machine, MB. And yes, that's two Science Fiction show references in one post. Huh!

The First Of A Trend?

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With the Washington Times bleeding worse than a cut forehead, I can not help but wonder if this is the start of a trend. Are purely partisan propaganda print-shops going the way of the Dodo?

What Are They Smok'n?

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Seriously. If I was still using, I would ask them for whatever it is, because they have to be higher than a kite to believe they can overturn the NY-23 election results.

However, they might want to keep a look out for those nasty Lizard People votes.

Corrupt Politician Of The Day

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Representative Buyer:

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Thank you CBS for showing you are capable of doing hard hitting stories and asking the tough questions.

Jack Ass Of The Day

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Wolf Blitzer:


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CNN, MSNBC, and the network news organizations ought be ashamed of the fact Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show," a comedy show, of all things, was able to bust Fox news on it's incredibly juvenile attempt at deceit. And make no mistake, Hannity and company purposely inserted that bogus video of Beck's September 12 rally. It is not like the old days where you had to manual splice film, or even videos, and accidentally grab the wrong film/video. The September 12 shots are stored in a file on a computer, and had to be purposely accessed.

But to the point: After coming to the defense of Fox News when the Obama Administration accused them of being the propaganda arm of the Republican party they now have to accept they are tarnished by association. When are they going to get a clue? Fox News has no intention of being anything other than the Conservative Republican Propaganda Network.

As an aside; I wonder how long it would take Google to block a bomb of Fox News = Conservative Republican Propaganda Network? Not that I generate enough traffic to actually get this bomb launched.

Now We Know

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The real cause of the end of the world in 2012.

Good Riddance

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Dobbs to leave CNN effective immediately. Do not let the door hit your ass on the way out, you racist, bigoted asshole.


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I don't believe just how soulless corporations really are.

Honestly, I am speechless.

I Am Not A Hunter

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But that does not mean I believe others' should not have the right to hunt.

On Being Liberal

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Being Liberal is a new Facebook page that is attempting to replicate the numbers of the Being Conservative Facebook page sans paid advertising. So, to those few Liberals that actually stop by and read my blog, could you please go to Being Liberal and become a fan.

Oh, Facebook sets it up that way, otherwise, I suspect the owner of Being Liberal would rather have members.

To The Veterans

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~ Veterans

I am posting this at the Snelling Ave Dunn Bros. Coffee shop. Unfortunately, there were no available tables with outlets close by. Actually, every table was taken. So, I am sitting out back, which is great today, considering it is 60 degrees right now, but also lacks outlets. Anyway, work was quick, with only one consult. But it did require an assessment, and a DHS one at that.

DHS is Department of Human Services. In Minnesota, for publicly funded patients, we have to fill out a particular form, which is 18 pages long. Most of the Minnesota care HMOs (there are four of them that manage health care for Minnesota) require it to be completed, even if they are not going to get state funding for treatment.

See, many, many years ago, something called Rule 25 was created to help under-insured people get funding for treatment. These people could be employed, have health insurance, but not have substance abuse benefits, But, as in all things deemed welfare, the financial requirements became so strict, the original target population was restricted from receiving aid, and only the poor got the funding. Get a job, and you lose your funding.

Anyway, the funding was a combination of Federal grants with a certain level of matching state funds. From what I understand, Minnesota was better than most states at getting the money out there for treatment. Wisconsin, at least when I first sobered up in the mid 80s, was not so good at it.

As seems to be the case these days, in an effort to prove government inefficient, a re-write by the state (controlled by republicans, I deem, though can not prove) was done on Rule 25 recently, and they created a bloated assessment tool that goes above and beyond any reasonable effort at assessing for abuse or dependence. In my opinion, it was created with the mind-set that we had to discover a lifetime of issues in 40 to 60 minutes.

A psychiatrist that works for one of the county mental health services complained the assessment was a complete waste of time; that it attempted to be a tool for developing an actual treatment plan - instead of it's original function - which was simply to determine the necessary level of care for a person.

One of the biggest problems with my field is that it is very politicized, especially in the last decade, as Christian organizations attempt to insert their ideology into treatment services. I came across a little flier that was clearly written to coop the original intent of AA, and in direct opposition to one of the traditions, which clearly states attraction rather than promotion. This flier was describing the means to evangelize the 12 step concept.

In all things both conservative and Christian, it is a return to shaming the drunks and drug addicts. Considering Bill W. spent the first 8 months of his sobriety attempting that path, and failing, I suspect we will not really hear of any statistical success from this move. Prior to AA's creation, there really was not documented success at dealing with addiction.

In the end, I have to say I grow tired of my field. It seems more mired in bureaucracy then at any time in my 19 year career. All I want to do is help people find their way out of the hell that is addiction. Instead, it has turned into another battle ground for which ideology is the best.  

Off To Work

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I have to work this weekend. Just doing consults on the hospital floors. Doctors want to know if someone needs treatment for substance abuse. I could be there all day, or just for a few hours, depending on the number of consults ordered.

Type at you later!

Since The Great Depression

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(NYT) With the release of the jobs report on Friday, the broadest measure of unemployment and underemployment tracked by the Labor Department has reached its highest level in decades. If statistics went back so far, the measure would almost certainly be at its highest level since the Great Depression.
And they start out by calling what we are experiencing the Great Recession. Since it was over a year ago that we really were in this recession, and things have not improved, more than likely we are already in a depression. Just because we are not seeing conditions as bleak as experienced during the Great Depression does not mean we are not in one now. It is just not "great." Anyway:

In all, more than one out of every six workers -- 17.5 percent -- were unemployed or underemployed in October. The previous recorded high was 17.1 percent, in December 1982.

This includes the officially unemployed, who have looked for work in the last four weeks. It also includes discouraged workers, who have looked in the past year, as well as millions of part-time workers who want to be working full time.

By the way, I am of the underemployed, while The GirlFriend™ is of the discouraged block.

Oh, and with the passing of the unemployment insurance extension, will those who resume receiving benefits move back into the official unemployed statistic? Or will they remain in the "discouraged" data set?

And, in a totally unrelated note: it is The GirlFriend™'s birthday.

Happy Birthday Love!

Giving Up Free Ad Space

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So, it would seem that the New York Times has decided to not take advantage of free advertising.

Welcome to just one of many bad ideas by oversized corporations. Fail.

Friday Stolen Code Blogging

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Sigh, still no battery charger for the camera. But, I can still copy and paste!

Friday Blogaround

Here's the week as seen by the Liberal Coalition.

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- The Invisible Library notes that it's National Novel Writing Month.
- WTF Is It Now?? with Jon Stewart.
Okay, that is all.

Crazy is AS Crazy Does

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Communists want to socialize Nazism. Oh, and do not forget the 3 principles and 11 herbs and spices. And please, not in front of the children!

oh, and thanks Kevin!

Undoing Reagan's Success

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Am I the only one who is noticing that the Republican party is currently purging the very type of people Ronald Reagan successfully brought into the party back in the 80s? Without the Reagan Democrats, there would not have been a Reagan victory. So, I guess this means the Republican party is now more focused on ideological purity than on winning elections.

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