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Yeah, that is right - 6 legs that I have failed to post; until now.

Without further to-do the stats:

Leg 10 - 07/02/2010;

  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gifAverage Speed: 11.0 mph
  • Total Distance: 10.36 miles
  • Top Speed: 29.5 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 00.56.03
  • iPod: Smashing Pumpkins - Gish & The Tragically Hip - Up To Here
  • Wind: Unknown
  • Temp: Unknown
  • Humidity: Unknown

Leg 11 - 07/07/2010;

  • Average Speed: 11.4 mph
  • Total Distance: 8.90 miles
  • Top Speed: 26.5 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 000.46.40
  • iPod: The Beatles - 1967 to 1970
  • Wind: Unknown
  • Temp: Unknown
  • Humidity: Unknown

Leg 12 - 07/09/2010;

  • Average Speed: 11.0 mph
  • Total Distance: 9.72 miles
  • Top Speed: 25.5 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 00.52.43
  • iPod: Various Artists - Cities Sampler Vol. 18
  • Wind: Unknown
  • Temp: Unknown
  • Humidity: Unknown
Leg 13 - 07/11/2010;

  • Average Speed: 10.8 mph
  • Total Distance: 10.55 miles
  • Top Speed: 31.0 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 00.58.28
  • iPod: Matchbox 20 - Exile On Mainstream
  • Wind: Unknown
  • Temp: Unknown
  • Humidity: Unknown
Leg 14 - Unknown date;

  • Average Speed: 8.8 mph
  • Total Distance: 5.38 miles
  • Top Speed: 18.5 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 00.35.57
  • iPod: Can not recall
  • Wind: Unknown
  • Temp: Unknown
  • Humidity: Unknown
Leg 15 - 07/26/2010;

  • Average Speed: 10.9 mph
  • Total Distance: 11.60 miles
  • Top Speed: 31.0 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 01.03.22
  • iPod: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon & Cold Play - Parachutes
  • Wind: Unknown
  • Temp: Unknown
  • Humidity: Unknown
There is a 16th leg, but I left my odometer at home.

I know, I know. Many moons ago, or so it seems, I posted about one day soon posting more stats of the Tour De Rook. Unfortunately, my old illness, blogpression, set in and I have been loathed until recently to put fingers to keys. But, rest assured that I have the stats tucked safely away in by back pocket and later today my plan is to produce a long, boring, and totally non-enjoyable post for all of my faithful readers.

Ah, that is......, err,..... if I have any left.

(Kevin Drum) Should we ban businesses from pulling your credit score as part of their hiring process?

If there is a company that wants to know my credit score as part of their hiring decision, then I do not want to work for them. It is obvious that the company is ethically challenged to start with.

Also, it suggests a rather arrogant view of themselves that they would not want to hire people who have been, you know, unemployed due to the decrepit economy for which we can thank 3 decades of conservative rule.

And, in the end, if they need to look at your credit score, then just how pathetic are they at judging people at face value? Also, asking for a credit score means they do not have the ability to appraise the situation as it occurs.

Of course, it could mean that they only want heartless bastards who lack compassion.
UnitedHealth Group Buying company for 1.5 Billion - In Cash

UnitedHealth Group dropping coverage for children

1.5 billion dollars in cash just lying around for the purchase of a company, but they can't find it in their hearts to offer plans for children.

It really is time for all insurance companies to be none-profit. These bastards are living off the misery, suffering, and death of human beings.

Trying out a new application on Facebook. So, this post is just a test to see if it really works.
Because he certainly does not know the definition of 'appealing.'

(Washington Post) Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has little of the star power of Sarah Palin. He has not been around the presidential track in the way of Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee. He does not have the political network of Haley Barbour. He is not a provocateur of ideas like Newt Gingrich.

None of that seems to bother him as he weighs whether to seek the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. He thinks he has something others don't have, which is the capacity to help put a more appealing face on a party that still suffers from image problems with many voters.
Can we please get one thing straight? T-Paw has been cravenly playing to the Republican conservative base and in no way offers anything appealing. All it will do is hurt his chances with the independent votes. And in the end he is a Republican with a record that shows he does not care for the average American, just the average Corporation.

What Took So Long

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That the damn thing was vandalized is not a shock. That it took this long for it to happen is the real surprise.

Via Minnesota Independent:


Oh, cue the screaming righties.

Liberals Not Enthused

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(McClatchy) LAS VEGAS _ The netroots, the liberal Democrats who've been instrumental in making the Internet an important political tool, are disappointed in President Barack Obama.

While the left is hardly abandoning a man they helped elect, the 2,000 Democratic bloggers, activists and organizers who wrapped up four days of Netroots Nation meetings at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino Sunday are sending him a message: It could be harder to generate the kind of passion in this November's congressional elections that was so crucial to his 2008 victory.

No kidding. It is a mid-term election. I am not all that enthused about there being any amount of turnout this year. The economy is neither free-falling, nor improving, leaving an empty feeling in the gut of many people. There will be little actual anger from the left at this point. Not yet. If things remain the same two years from now, then I expect a return to anger. And anger, these days, benefit the Democrats, not the Republicans. The days of blaming Democrats are over. After decades of conservative rule, the ability to pin the blame on Democrats is just not there.

However, that does not mean there will not be a flare up of anger. It is just that it is currently from the Teabaggers - not exactly the dominate voting block in the nation at the moment. And as Kevin Drum pointed out, when the Teabaggers start making headway within the Republican party, independents run away. That is not the way to win an election.

Wil Needs A Dictionary

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Because he obviously does not understand the true definition of "enjoy."

Click on the above link at your own risk.

You have been warned.

Note The Difference

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Steve Benen over at The Washington Monthly points out an important difference between the previous administration and the current administration:

Ideally, an administration avoids making dumb mistakes, but it matters how an administration corrects those missteps once they happen. In this case, there's something to be said for the president's team doing the right thing -- acknowledging the mistake quickly, sincerely apologizing, and swiftly trying to put things right.

We had an administration for eight years that never admitted an error, and always found someone else to blame, no matter what. This administration is taking a more mature, responsible approach, and it's a sign of progress.

Now, all things being equal, which administration will manage to get more accomplished? Oh, wait, let me re-phrase that question: Which administration has managed to get more accomplished.

Way Shiny!

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There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more way shiny then receiving an email from one of your favorite authors.

Oh hell no! I am not going to say. I am going to gloat and play it coy all at the same time. But his next book is going to be released in October. Not that that's going to help you nosy types any.


It's A Conspiracy!

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I swear. Every time. EVERY TIME. I get up to use the rest room and some other customer has to get up just after me, but because they are closer, get to the damn bathroom before I can. Three times now.

I can only hold it for so long.


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Kevin Drum

"Still, I guess I'm now officially part of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy."

My envy knows no bounds.

About The Tour De Rook

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Well, you see, I was going to do a post on the latest legs of the Tour, but I left the stats at home. So, it will have to wait until another day. Probably tomorrow. I will be able to hit a coffee shop after work tomorrow. But, suffice it to say, I have improved on my participation in the Tour. That is, I am getting off of my ass and getting on the bike. I just am not getting much internet time.

2010 Tour De Rook - Leg 9

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  • Average Speed: 11.5 mphThumbnail image for 
  • Total Distance: 7.57 miles
  • Top Speed: 23.5 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 0.38.50
  • iPod: The Indigo Girls - Rites Of Passage
  • Wind: Unknown
  • Temp: Unknown
  • Humidity: Unknown
What can I say, I was a hurt'n unit this morning. Too much fat content in yesterday's food really caused my ass to drag. Hence the shorter leg. Still, after I was done, I felt better.

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