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Helicopter To The Rescue!

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Because it is just sooooo damn cool.

Hat Tip: Hullabaloo
Actually, I think it's because with every purchase you get a free box of Crayolas for added coloring fun.

That one is going to leave a mark.

Merry Christmas!

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May the Light of your belief shine upon you this day.

Cool Animation

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About My Car

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And so the drama continues. Turns out there is a short in my car's engine, such that the computer and the engine do not talk to each other. Imagine that, a parallel of Democrats and Republicans. Sigh. Anyway, at $85 an hour as they sort through the wiring, I am coming close to achieving that Nirvana of perfection; I am going to be poor.

Oh, I have options. There are always option. Not to mention my imagination runs away with my brain from time to time, leaving me rather shaken. But it always comes back in the end.

Thankfully, I do not have to choose between two brands of caviar. I do not think I could handle the stress of deciding between quality and cost.

No. I get the less stressful choices of a car so I can go to work, a roof over my head, or eating. What a relief.

{Cell phone rings}*

Well, that was the shop. Looks like I will just squeak by to payday, which is Friday. But only just barely. There will be no eating out. It is bag lunches for the rest of the week, sans caviar.

But again, thankfully, I do not have to choose between two brands of caviar. That would be hell.

*Honestly, I received the call just as I finished typing the sentence just above.

Regarding Ambassador Holbrooke

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Richard Holbrooke passed away last night after a valiant effort was made by medical personnel to save his life. For the most part, his successes on the international stage occurred before I became politically aware. Yet his name I recognized when he was tapped for Pakistan, and then for Afghanistan. That his name managed to imprint upon my rather noisome, apolitical mind back in the early 90s attests to his impact upon both the international scene and the domestic scene.

May the light of his beliefs brighten the path he now walks.

Life In A Northern State

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Sigh. My car died last night. It gallantly started after the Dome-Collapsing-Storm-Of-The-Decade had come and gone. I even drove it for most of yesterday. But then, as I was making my way to meet up with some friends, she decided to die; about a mile and a half down the road from home. Thankfully a stranger saw my hazards, turned around, and picked me up. Turns out he lives in the same apartment complex as me.

So, this morning I made arrangements for her to be towed to the clinic, The Auto Doctors. Unfortunately, she can not get an appointment until tomorrow morning. So, I am not going to work tomorrow. I have today off, thankfully, and I have some PTO, so I can afford to lose a day of work. Still, not exactly what I had planned for the next couple of days.

Sigh. Life in a Northern State.

About The Washington Monthly

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I really do enjoy reading Steven Benen over at The Washington Monthly. But damn, I hate that slide up ad that refuses to load half the time, and interferes with my reading of his post the other half. Then, when I click to close the ad, another pop up occurs. Very irritating.

Look, I know that on-line magazines want to make money. But do they have to do so in the most irritating, disruptive way possible? Some days I simply have to clear my RSS feeds of The Washington Monthly simply because it refuses to load quickly. I have to get to work in the morning.

Honestly, there has to be a better way to put advertising on a web page without it being  irritating and intrusive.

The Making Of A Martyr

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The worse thing anyone could do is make someone a Martyr. And yes, I mean with a capital M.

I am not going to spend much time trying to detail exactly how the WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange is becoming a Martyr, because Brian (ornery fucking cuss) Lambert does a fine job.

Friday Cat Blogging

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I have been meaning to lower my standards and once again perform that base capitulation to popular blogging culture and post a picture of my cat, Cinnamon. So, without further to-do........

Cinn on bed.JPG

This is the little princess making herself right at home on my warm comforter. It is warm because I had just made my bed after coming back from the laundry.

Cinn on Cab.jpg

Here she is up on the cabinet. She is upset with me because before I took this picture I was vacuuming.

Yes, that is right. I actually vacuum. And do laundry. And shower too.

Smart asses.

Things That Make Me Think*

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I spoke to an honest Republican the other day. He knows I'm a Democrat. He drives a gravel truck. He leaned in and told me in a sort of conspiratorial, just-between-you-and-me manner that he would have been out of work the last two years without stimulus-funded road projects in this county and the three surrounding counties.

Go figure. You just look at these people in absolute wonder. What can they be thinking?

Now, in regards to whether my industry actually benefited from the stimulus, not a chance. There were times during the Clinton prosperity where my field went through serious droughts of low census, followed by periods of over-abundance; where we had waiting lists. Of course, during those years, Arne Carlson was Governor - and he hated the whole concept of addiction and treatment. While there was a state surplus, he was putting a freeze on state funding of people going through treatment. Yes, Arne was a Republican.


The above, from Balloon Juice, actually got me thinking about the type of people I see during different times of economic stability. I have no fact or figures to support my anecdotal evidence, but I have noticed that during economic downturns I see much more people who are diagnosed as substance abusers, while during economic prosperity, there seems to be more people who are diagnosed as substance dependent. I get the possibility of people abusing drugs and alcohol during economic stress. It just seems intuitively correct. However, I am not so sure why the prevalence of addiction during economic stability.

In any case, I just throw that out there for others to ponder.

*Which really, really hurts.

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