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And so the drama continues. Turns out there is a short in my car's engine, such that the computer and the engine do not talk to each other. Imagine that, a parallel of Democrats and Republicans. Sigh. Anyway, at $85 an hour as they sort through the wiring, I am coming close to achieving that Nirvana of perfection; I am going to be poor.

Oh, I have options. There are always option. Not to mention my imagination runs away with my brain from time to time, leaving me rather shaken. But it always comes back in the end.

Thankfully, I do not have to choose between two brands of caviar. I do not think I could handle the stress of deciding between quality and cost.

No. I get the less stressful choices of a car so I can go to work, a roof over my head, or eating. What a relief.

{Cell phone rings}*

Well, that was the shop. Looks like I will just squeak by to payday, which is Friday. But only just barely. There will be no eating out. It is bag lunches for the rest of the week, sans caviar.

But again, thankfully, I do not have to choose between two brands of caviar. That would be hell.

*Honestly, I received the call just as I finished typing the sentence just above.

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