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First Day On The New Job

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Okay, I am up, showered, and ready for work. Working closer to home means less of a drive, yet I am slightly ahead of schedule due to old habits fading away, not stopping abruptly.

Hope the best for me.

The Dog Deserved It!

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I have to admit, Stephen Colbert has a great New Wisconsin accent.

Thanks to C&L for the heads up.

At Some Point

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It is going to happen. Remember, Conservatism does not fail, it is failed. Some time in the future, Gov. Scott Walker will be described by the conservatives and the tea party members as not being a real conservative. Not after all the fall out from his over reach. With the country becoming galvanized against the ultra rich by his actions, he will be labeled a crack pot, an extremist, anything other than a conservative/tea party member.

Okay, now I will put away my crystal ball, pulling it out the next time I feel like making a fool of myself.

Matches My Sentiments

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Posted without comment except for a hat tip to Ellroon over at "Rants From The Rookery."


Conservatism Fail

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(Alternate Brain) By the end of this year, we won't even be able to put a man in space anymore.
You know, the idea of conservatism was to maintain the status quo. I believe the phrase bandied about was "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But if we can no longer put people into space, how can one not help but think something is broke? So, I guess the new concept of conservatism is "If it ain't broke, break it!"

Sigh. Governor Stupid

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker obviously did not realize that George W Bush acted dumb. But George was at least smart enough to allow himself to be handled by politically savvy operatives who could steer him away from stupidity. Well, until Katrina. But that was the operatives showing they knew how to win an election, but did not know how to run a country.

Unfortunately Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker really is stupid, does not have the insight to recognize his own stupidity, and obviously failed in hiring people to handle his penchant for stupidity.

The stupid, it burns! So much so that I am roasting S'mores. If I had Jiffy Pop, I would make popcorn.

The Next Star Trek Movie

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The next Star Trek Movie should be called "The Edge of Forever" and be a rewrite of "The City on the Edge of Forever." It would be great.

That is all.

Now That's Funny!

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So, now that I have figured out a way to easily and quickly add links to my blog roll, I have added a few more to the stolen roll I have over to the right.

One particular new blog caught my attention, as it did Tengrain over at C&L

Anyway, what's the point of all this uncharacteristic melancholy then?  Well, my favourite window on the world, the BBC website, recently ran an article "Is working with your hands better than just with your head" which examines whether a shift to a more manual job might bring joy to the masses returning to office drudgery in the new year. It's inconclusive, really, but I suspect there's a lot to be said for it.

Which leads me to an inescapable conclusion.   If you're bored with your existence, quick, go and get a hand job - before its too late...
If you are not laughing after reading that little blurp from The Grumbler, you are not human. Or you are a member of the Tea Party. Or you are a Conservative Republican Christian.

Site News

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Okay, after much dilly dallying on my part, I finally got around to creating a widget for my Liberal Coalition blogroll. As is obvious by it's graph, it is over there to the right. Much good reading at some of those links.

Update: Okay, I have also added a larger Blog Roll, as well as removed the comment and archive widgets.

Update II: Okay, I also eliminated a certain large internet company's widget, which has since resulted in a quicker page load. Interesting, that.

Oops! I forgot to give thanks to MB for the source code of the Big Blog Roll. Actually, a little self disclosure here; I stole the code without first getting his permission. I am a bad, bad Rook and will now go stand in the corner where all bad rooks reside.


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(TPM) Glenn Beck told viewers of his Fox News program today that the U.N., unions and the Muslim Brotherhood were all just working towards a New World Order and that protesters in Wisconsin were "looking to create chaos on the backs of the worker when the world's focus is on Egypt."

Glenn Beck really is a maroon.......

Piece Of Cake, Anyone?

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It is next you know. "Let them eat cake." It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. I mean it. One of these days a Republican is truly going to utter a phrase that is no different then "Let them eat brioche."

These bastards are heartless.

Lack Of Control

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One of the things that really irritates me is the lack of control over certain aspects of my blog. This blog is just like my home. Freedom of speech is fine in the public square, but for someone to rudely enter into my home to supposedly speak freely is an invasion of my privacy.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, just remember that some time back advertising was ruled free speech. Fine, but I still should have the right to refuse entry of those whom I do not wish to speak freely in my home.

Creationism Vs Evolution

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Creationists do not hate evolution because it disproves the existence of God, they hate evolution because it disproves the literal truth of their bible.

And the worse part? They obviously do not read their own bible, because it clearly states icon worship is a sin. Elevating the bible to the stature of God is just such an act of icon worship.

And do they even realize how close to cretins creationism is?

Breaking Economic News

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Well, of a personal kind. I have been sitting on this for over two weeks. But because of the multiple steps required before I actually got approved, I had to keep it quiet. However, tonight, at Prairie Island's Sobriety Feast I was informed the council approved of my hire. I will be a substance abuse counselor for the Prairie Island Indian Community, working for their Family Social Services department. The pay is low, the hours will no doubt be long, but it is a full-time position after nearly three years of under-employment.

And once again I set out on a new, exciting challenge.

Yeah me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Warning?

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This just does not look like a hoax.

I leave it to you to decide. Me? I am deciding whether to run and hide in the hills, or to welcome our new overlords with open arms. If they come with a book in their appendages, I am running for the hills.

She's Baaaaaack!

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But like many cats, she is a bit skittish. So, if you would please, go give Lab Kat some encouragement and see if we can coax her into writing a few more posts. And do you not just love her Avatar?

My hat off to Dave Mindeman of mnpACT! He commits an act of journalism that the Legacy Media has not performed in over a decade.

I tried to find a worthwhile excerpt to post here, but damn if the entire post is good. So, I am just going to tell you to click the link.

All I can tell you is that it includes the sighting of an intelligent, thoughtful conservative Republican.

Seriously, click the link.

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