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Shallow Thought For Today

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The only thing certain in life is life's uncertainty.


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Instant communication is coming!

(POPSCI) In this experiment, researchers in Australia and Japan were able to transfer quantum information from one place to another without having to physically move it. It was destroyed in one place and instantly resurrected in another, "alive" again and unchanged. This is a major advance, as previous teleportation experiments were either very slow or caused some information to be lost.

The team employed a mind-boggling set of quantum manipulation techniques to achieve this, including squeezing, photon subtraction, entanglement and homodyne detection. The photo above depicts their device, nicknamed the Teleporter, in the lab of Akira Furusawa at the University of Tokyo.

However, I would just as soon be beamed up, please, as there appears to still be no intelligent life on the right.

Good Ad!

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Well, I will be damned! The DCCC put out a good ad.
What has to be the best rant of the year so far on any blog. I would highlight some portions, but there are just too many good ones to choose from. And know that this is not just some rant, it is also peppered with information and quotes to back up his points. When John Cole abandoned the Rabid Right and joined the progressive, our side gained one hell of an intelligent, strong voice.

Besides, I cannot help but like a man who can turn around an admit to when he is pissy, judgmental, and opinionated.

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