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No, Not Restraint.

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Oh, for crying out loud. Once again the New York Times shows it has hired wanna be mind readers instead of journalists.

(NYT) BEIRUT, Lebanon -- Thousands of Syrians took to the streets again on Friday in virtually every region of the country, but in some locales, Syrian security forces showed restraint in not firing on the demonstrations in a possible bid to keep down a death toll that has brought growing international pressure and strained relations with Syria's few allies.
How about, instead of attempting to read the mind of people half a world away, they instead go by recent middle east history and recognize that the Syrian leadership is losing the support of the security forces. But no, that would be showing bias. Best to make it appear the Syrian leadership is not losing control of the country. We couldn't have that now, could we?


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Statement from Minority Leader Thissen as 2011 Legislative Session slouches to end

"I have no idea how the Republican Majority can adjourn this session and go home to their constituents. Their only accomplishment - if you can call it that - was to divide Minnesotans with a constitutional amendment that enshrines discrimination into our constitution.

Worse, had the Republican budget gone into effect, they would have laid waste to the things that Minnesotans care most about, squeezed the middle class, and set Minnesota back dramatically.

Simply stated, this session has seen a colossal failure of Republican leadership.

That failure is based on misplaced Republican priorities.

As opposed to asking the richest 2% to take any responsibility in solving our historic budget deficit, the GOP is cutting special education funding for our children.

Because not a penny more can come from the special interests, Minnesotan's interests - like supporting small business growth - are ignored in the Republican budget.

This Republican majority chose corporate fat cats over Minnesota seniors.

This Republican majority chose the richest 2% and raised property taxes on the 98%.

This Republican majority chose those who have benefited most from the recovery over disabled Minnesotans.

This Republican majority chose to party loyalty at the price of discrimination.

This Republican majority chose their special interests over Minnesota's interests every single time this session.

Leadership is about priorities. Over the last 152 days, the Republican Majority has made choices based on misplaced priorities. They have failed the people of Minnesota.

Hat Tip MNpublius

Already Dead?!?!?!

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I really should be in the shower getting ready for work, but this is just toooooo funny!


Hat tip: Bark Bark Woof Woof. Scroll to the end.

Courage To Face Problems?

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My ass!

In what was a hallmark of his style as governor, TPaw shows the same lack of empathy and understanding by going through with his announcement that he is running for President on the same day tornadoes rip through North Minneapolis and Fridley, MN.

In another slickly produced video that has become a hallmark of his campaign, Mr. Pawlenty, the former Republican governor of Minnesota, confirmed Sunday night that he would officially begin his bid for his party's nomination in Iowa on Monday.

"That's where I am going to begin a campaign that tells the American people the truth," Mr. Pawlenty says in the two-minute video, mincing no words about his intentions. "I'm Tim Pawlenty, and I'm running for president of the United States."

Timothy Pawlenty was a disaster for our state. He will be a disaster for our country should he become the President. And seriously, he's stealing a line from a movie? Worse yet, using a line from a character who was in every way, shape, and form, a caricature of a vile, amoral, opportunistic, conservative Republican?

What a pathetic, sorry start to a presidential bid. His only saving grace; Newt set the bar really low.

Well, you have got to admit, releasing a video prior to making the official announcement sure is a sign of competence. As is doing so on the day when tornadoes killed one and injured scores more in his home state. And let us not forget this is the man who unconstitutionally cut funding to the poor, the sick, and the old with political grandstanding while refusing to negotiate in good faith with the Minnesota Legislature, creating a situation where he could claim an economic emergency and use un-allotment.

Right now in Minnesota, at this moment, he could not win the office of dog catcher. With the Republican controlled legislature claiming an economic mandate while introducing social control laws, the chance of any Republican winning an office in Minnesota in 2012 is slim to none.

A Spoonful?

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Who know that Marry Poppins was right?

Mary Poppins.jpg
(io9) Adding such a simple and widely available compound to existing antibiotics enhances their effectiveness against persisters, and fast. One test showed that a sugared up antibiotic could eliminate 99.9 percent of persisters in two hours, while a regular antibiotic did nothing. Doctors believe that this discovery will help treat urinary tract infections, staph infections, and strep throat, but its most life-saving application may be against the age-old disease tuberculosis. This infection of the lungs kills many people, and is hard to fight off. A little sugar could help save a lot of lives.

Found by the way of Slashdot.

2011 Tour De Rook - Leg 2

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To the stats:

  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gifTotal Distance: 12.74 miles
  • Elapsed riding time: 01.00.18
  • Top Speed: 17.7 mph
  • Average Speed: 12.4 mph
  • iPod: Led Zeppelin - II & IV (Runes)
  • Wind: 12 mph NE with gusts up to 17 mph
  • Humidity 24%
  • Temperature: 66 F

As you can see, my average speed dropped considerably. But then, the wind was in my face on my way back from Farmington. However, it exposed the truth; I am woefully out of shape and overweight. The other problem is that my feet like to cramp up. I have to stop at least every 25 minutes and do a few minutes of stretching.

It really sucks to get old.


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One of my small pleasures in life is going to Stephen R. Donaldson's webpage and reading his gradual interview. Unfortunately, the gradual interview is going on hiatus. I assume it is because he is behind on writing his book. He did not come right out and say that, hence my use of the word assume. However, I do not blame him for simplifying his life - which he did say. Besides, as a fan, I really would rather he write his books instead of writing answers to fans' questions

Besides, some of the questions????? Let me tell you, they were questionable.

Come on. Funny. Right?

Sigh. Oh, okay. I will behave.

Good writing to you, Mr. Donaldson.

Ladies & Gentlemen

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It is that time of year, where I stuff myself into skin tight shorts with extra butt padding, quadruple tie my hair back, put on my engineer hat, and peddle my fat ass down the road.

Yes, that is right. It is time for the 2011 Le Tour de Rook!

Without further to do:

Leg One
  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gifTotal Distance: 12.78 miles
  • Elapsed riding time: 00.56.47
  • Top Speed: 16.2 mph
  • Average Speed: 13.4 mph
  • iPod: Sheryl Crow - The Essentials (iTunes)

Now, to be truthful, my average speed is better on my first leg this year than my last leg in 2010. There are two explanations.

One; I must admit I have been hitting the fitness center for about a week and a half, doing the tread mill and the elliptical machines, as well as working on some upper strength machines.

Two; well, this first leg was on a flat road. At the most a quarter of a degree incline. Oh, and no wind. So, that would explain my top speed of only 16.2 mph - no steep inclines to go flying down in an effort to increase my average speed.

Now, all in all, I feel rather good. I did develop a good burn in my legs and in my lungs without pushing myself to the point of seeing my blood pulse in my eyes. Now, settle down. The pulse is tied to the area of my brain where my migraines hit. I am not about to have a stroke. Sheesh. Everyone is always ready to jump to conclusions.


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Are you kidding me? Has the Republican party really become that much of a farce? Seriously. What reality exists that would actually allow Newt Gingrich to become President of the United States? Of course, the possibility that he could win is greater than I think, once I factor in the second term of George W. Bush. A country that would re-elect a bald-face liar who proceeded to allow a city in his own country to drown would easily elect a buffoon like Newt Gingrich.

Interesting Times. Really. Interesting. Times.

Pass the popcorn.

Now We Know Why!

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Osama Bin Laden Dead

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I am trying to get the page from the New York Times to load, but via C&L, Osama Bin Laden has supposedly been killed, and that the United States has the body.

Okay, not much, but here is the New York Times page.

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