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Happy Holidays!

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What? Like I need to elaborate?

Oh, fine:

Not A News Organization

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Seriously, Fox News is the WWE of reporting

Good Morning!

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It is Sunday morning, my sister, brother-in-law, and my nieces have gone to church. I am contemplating doing laundry. I figured while using brain cells for such a mundane activity as thinking, I would whip out a quick blog post. To be honest, I really could do more posting. It is just that, well, being the world's greatest unpublished author really does take its toll on a person. But I struggle through.

Anyway, I have finished my morning routine of journaling, reading my meditation books (which really is not meditation, but what the hell, who am I to argue about the naming of books), and drinking my cup of coffee. And yes, no cream or sugar, you heathens! Seriously, there is a level in hell reserved for people who desecrate coffee in such a vile manner.

Anyway, my next week of employment is training down in St. Paul. I even get a hotel room for the week! So, I am going to make sure I have a week worth of clothing to bring with me, as well as real coffee. We all know that hotels provide low-grade coffee grounds laced with petroleum-based preservatives in a vain attempt to retain that fresh-roasted flavor. One sip of that crude oil and I am burping for the rest of the day. Granted, I am a man and I enjoy a good burp, but not all day, and not when the flavor of crap coffee accompanies the burps. Disgusting!

Well, you all enjoy your Sunday. I have laundry to finish.

Update Test

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I re-uploaded Movable Type 5.12. I had issues the last time it uploaded, and I never did upload the static image files. So, now I am just doing a quick post to see if things went smoothly. If you are reading this, it means it has.

From The Nokia

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Well crap. Never mind. Movable Type is not compatible with my Nokia's browser.

First Day!

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Okay! Off to my first day at the new job.

Employment News

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No, not national employment news, personal employment news. I am past due making this announcement. Some of you, those whom read my facebook page, may have noticed that my employment has changed. I am no longer working for Prairie Island Indian Community Family Services. My last day was on November 29th, 2011.

Instead, I will now be working for the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Specifically, at the Willow River CIP (Challenge Incarceration Program). Since Willow River is two and a half hours away from Hastings, I have relocated to Grantsburg WI. which is only an hour from Willow River. I am staying with my sister for the time being, until I can get enough money together to buy furniture, a bed, and other necessities required for living in an apartment or home. For the last year I was living at a complex that supplied everything except sheets and pillows. All the furniture and even a TV were furnished.

So, my life is about to become quite different than it was for the last 5 to 6 years. Hope the best for me.

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