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Funky HTML Code

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So, when I bring up a new entry page, there is automatically some funky HTML code inserted that I do not see when in the Rich Text editor. I did not copy it, so I can not show what it is. But it looks funky. I just delete it because it makes no sense. It does not affect my publishing of any entries, so I am fine there. I will try to see if I can get it to return and then I will publish it for you all to see.

Here it is:
<div nuan_tabactive="true" id="nuan_ria_plugin"><object id="plugin0" style="position: absolute; z-index: 1000;" width="0" height="0" type="application/x-dgnria"><param name="tabId" value="ff-tab-1" /><param name="counter" value="41" /></object></div>

Anyone have any idea as to what the hell this is all about?

All Done!

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Okay, managed to get Movable Type upgraded. Not a whole lot has changed other than the icons in the tool bar for editing.


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Okay, I upgraded to Movable Type 5.14. Of course, once I got the upgrade installed, I learned that Movable Type 5.2 was released 4 days ago. Sheesh. So I am just getting ready to upload and upgrade 5.2. Please be patient with me.


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Like anything else needs to be said? Just watch and be blown away!

My Morning Chuckle, Part ?X?

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Seriously, I should be doing my morning routine: write in my journal, read my morning meditation books, read my horoscopes, and have my usual one on one discussion with God, telling him how he is screwing things up here on Earth. He never listens, of course. What do you expect? He is God, after all.

Anyway, instead of doing my usual morning routine, I made all my chess moves over on GameKnot, then started reading my feeds. On the top of my feed list is Balloon Juice, which is always good for a good rage or a good laugh. This morning it was a good laugh.


No Longer A National Party?

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I have been thinking for quite some weeks now that the Republican Party is dissolving. As I was perusing my usual blogs this evening the thought once again popped into my brain. Not more than a moment later, I found myself reading Booman Tribune:

If you think white working class guys in Ohio are lining up to vote for the "plutocrat married to a known equestrian," you are quite mistaken. Ask them who is better on the economy and they will tell you 'Obama.' This is evidence that the GOP is no longer a national party.
More and more I find myself believing the Republican Party is dying. They have lost too many moderates, too many sane conservatives, and are now left with the rabid, extreme right wackos who have not a clue on how to be a professional, rational political party.

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, Progressive or Conservative, the bottom line in being a successful political party is realizing that you have to be competent, intelligent leaders that know how to run a country. It is in this manner that one derives power organically. But to run a political party simply for the power without regard to competent leadership means the eventual death of the party.

I am not a believer in "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." That being said, I do believe seeking power for the sake of having power does corrupt. I want a leader who's reason for running is because he believes he can do a good job. Mitt Romney is obviously not running because he believes he can do a good job. He has not shown that he believes he is a competent leader. He is running because he believes he is entitled to be President. Nothing more, nothing less.

So too the Republican party in general. They no longer present themselves with the belief of their competence at leadership. They simple believe they are entitled to be the political party in charge. And towards that end they created  propaganda machines in the forms of Right Wing Talk Radio and Fox News. Not to disseminate truth, but to simply use lies and distortions to convince intellectually lazy people that the Republican/Conservative party is the party of leadership when in actuality they are incompetent.

The Republican Party was doomed the moment the Iron Curtain collapsed. Do you really think it is simple ignorance that drives Romney to embrace the concept of another cold war with Russia? No. The people desperate for power who now advise Romney are from a time of conservative dominance in our government. The stand against Communist Russia was all consuming. It's collapse meant the removal of conservatism's claim on leadership. It's reason for existing collapsed. With the co-option of the Republican party by the extreme conservatives, it's collapse was inevitable.

Now, do I really need to say that I stole it from Alternate Brain, seeing as they stole it from someone else?

2012 Tour De Rook - Leg 33

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To the stats:

  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gif Total Distance: 10.29 miles
  • Elapsed riding time: 00:41:04
  • Top Speed: 26.9 mph
  • Average Speed: 14.9 mph
  • iPod: America - America's Greatest Hits.
  • Wind: 15 mph W
  • Humidity:  22%
  • Temperature: 73° F
A quick run after having gone over a week without getting on the bike. It hurt to push myself, with my legs complaining something terrible about all the work they were doing after a long layoff. Too bad. Besides, I actually did exercise during the week. I took some good 15 minute walks twice a day at work. So, as far as I am concerned, my legs can shut the hell up.

Too Damn Funny!

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Must feel good to get some revenge after Mitt goes around bad mouthing the former President.

mitt mad.jpg

For future generations who should stumble upon this long after the collapse of the Republican Party: It was Jimmy Carter's grandson who help bring The Hidden Video to light

Too Funny!

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Okay, just so you know: NSFW.

It Was Not A Gaffe!

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Really. Mitt did not commit a gaffe. He spoke the truth. Behind closed doors, granted. But none-the-less, it was truth as he believes it. A gaffe is not an extended, intentional speaking of the truth. The video is not a gaffe. It is Mitt showing himself as he truly thinks.

Show me, anyone, anywhere, at anytime recent or in the past, anything that is even remotely similar to what Mitt did in that video.

This is something unique. No - blond in the lap, forgot to mention Poland, that depends on what your definition of is is - gaffe. There is no precedence. NONE.

Pundits can go on all they want about gaffes not making a difference. This is going to make a difference because it is not a gaffe.

The Secret Video

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After the release of The Secret Video, I have noticed a few blogs and news sites stating this is when Mitt lost the election. Obviously, we really do not know if that is true. Come the first Tuesday in November we will finally know who won and who lost.

At that point, should Mitt be the loser, fingers will point to the release of The Secret Video as the moment Mitt lost the election.

I beg to differ, of course. At no point has he even come close to showing he is capable of winning the election. The Secret Video just showed conclusively that he is not capable of winning.

And what the hell! Here is The Secret Video:

The man is a complete maroon.

Pictures From Leg 32

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Okay, as promised, pictures from yesterday's ride:

Butterfly.jpgThis picture, unfortunately, is not as clear as I would have liked. There are definitely shortcomings to using phone cameras. However, it was still a nice enough shot of a late summer butterfly. I tried to slowly, and carefully pull down the branch it was on, but it was tangled with another branch, which when it let go jerked the one the butterfly was on, spooking it off. It did not fly far, but landed at least 30 feet up higher. Unfortunately, the zoom on this phone camera was already maxed out for the first picture.

Pond.jpgAs Norene said after she received a text with this picture; a very peaceful scene. There is a bench at this location right along side the bike trail. I stopped both ways to stretch and to just enjoy the scenery.

Open Field.jpg

Now this picture is at the same location, but on the east side of the trail. I can not tell you how many different locations are similar to this one along the trail, both south and north of Rutledge. Yet, despite its common appearance, it is still a serine and calm scene.

Bike.jpgAnd here, finally, is a picture of my faithful bike; my intrepid partner on all of my Tour De Rook legs.

2012 Tour De Rook - Leg 32

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To the stats:

  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gif Total Distance: 40.70 miles
  • Elapsed riding time: 2:56:04
  • Top Speed: 26.5 mph
  • Average Speed: 13.8 mph
  • iPod: Rock Mix.
  • Wind: 8 mph SSW
  • Humidity:  35%
  • Temperature: 72° F
Okay, I took the Willard Munger Trail from Rutledge to Hinkley and back. It was a beautiful day out. I would have like a bit higher temperature, but it was still nice. I stopped several times along the route to stretch, enjoy the scenery, and just plain rest. I am going to pull some pics from my phone and post them later.

Blogging With Dragon

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Well, here goes an attempt at creating a post with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12. I was unable to update my old profile so I had to create a new one. However it seems that Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 has a much better voice recognition engine because it's doing just fine without the old profile. Mostly it's just me getting used to dictating again. The difficult part is throwing in the punctuation, figuring out how to voice command corrections, and just generally trying to learn the program.

Have to admit, it really is fun just talking to the computer and having it all typed out for me.

Meta Bitching

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I am having one of those "I need to bitch" moments but I have nothing that really seems worth bitching about. It is along the lines of being hungry but nothing looks good. Which, when you are hungry and your cupboards are full of food, is a good thing. At least I have food. Right? However, when you want to bitch and there is so much to bitch about but none of it really looks worthwhile, that is a bad thing. Who wants a cupboard full of bitch?

I guess that is the problem; there really is a lot politically to bitch about. Yet, I just do not see change happening simply because I bitch. I would love to do more politically, but with me working a full-time job in the northern portion of east central Minnesota, it is tough. And even worse than just general bitching about politics is the face-slapping stupidity of the extreme conservatives in this country. Honest-to-God, I have not a clue how they keep on living. I spend a few minutes reading their posts on blogs, or on facebook, and I wonder how the hell they feed themselves, let alone find their way to the computer. They really do come across that monumentally stupid.

Okay, I think I got the need to bitch out of my system. Well, that and I have to get the cloths out of the drying. The damn thing is clamoring for my attention. Fucking needy appliances.

2012 Tour De Rook - Leg 31

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To the stats:

  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gifTotal Distance: 11.32 miles
  • Elapsed Riding Time: 0:45:24
  • Top Speed: 26.4 mph
  • Average Speed: 14.9 mph
  • iPod:
    1. Various Artists - Do Something
    2. Crowded House - Recurring Dream
  • Wind: 6 mph SW
  • Humidity:  36%
  • Temperature: 81° F
I honestly like riding in 80 degree weather with mid to high humidity. Tonight's humidity was lower than I like, but the temperature was perfect. When I started out said it was 88 degrees. I do not believe it was that hot, because they also said the wind was 12 mph SSW. It appeared calm to me. However, I am accepting the 6 mph SW they reported after I finished because the return trip from Finlayson was easier.

2012 Tour De Rook - Leg 30

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To the stats:

  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gifWind: Calm
  • Humidity:  36%
  • Temperature: 68° F
  • Total Distance: 10.25 miles
  • Elapsed riding time: 0:40:13
  • Top Speed: 19.3 mph
  • Average Speed: 15.2 mph
  • iPod: Hootie & The Blowfish - Cracked Rear View
  • Wind: Calm
  • Humidity:  55%
  • Temperature: 60° F
Okay, this time I did not get lost. However, I did before and after weather stats because I headed out just before sunset and knew there would be a dramatic difference. And yes, I took it easy. After Wednesday's 49 miles I needed to take it easy.

Has It Finally Turned?

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Has it finally broken through? Will it now be understood that the republican party is but in servitude to the rich? That true support for the middle class exists with the Democratic Party?


Somehow, I can not but help feel that the tide has turned and the truth about republican mendacity and dishonesty will finally become an established conventional talking point for the masses.

He Did Accomplish Much

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It is just that the billions spent in spreading lies clouds the truth.

I am proud to say that I stand by Barack Obama for another 4 years as President Of The United States.


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I suppose I could have mentioned back on Saturday that I was on vacation. Hence my ability to go on a 49 mile bike ride in the middle of the day yesterday. To be honest, I have had a great vacation so far. Nothing dramatic. No hiking the Rockies. No boating on the Mediterranean. Instead, I spent 3 days with Norene down in Rochester, watching movies, going to some friends' home for game night (kicked butt in the Angry Birds card game, we did!) went fishing, and just had a nice, relaxing time.

Now, of course, I am still on vacation, but it is the staycation part of my vacation. I have some house cleaning to do today, but nothing major. Just some vacuuming, mopping, and a little repair work. Thankfully I finished laundry earlier in the week, so I am set for more rest and relaxation. Though, to be honest, taking the bike down to Hastings tomorrow or Saturday to hit the bluff trails sounds rather enticing.

2012 Tour De Rook - Leg 29

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To the stats:

  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gif Total Distance: 48.74 miles
  • Elapsed riding time: 3:45:29
  • Top Speed: 29.0 mph
  • Average Speed: 12.9 mph
  • iPod: Rock Mix.
  • Wind: 12 mph W
  • Humidity:  31%
  • Temperature: 73° F
Okay, time for some honesty: I got lost. Again. And again, it added 10 miles to my trip. However, today was always a planned trip from Rutledge to Barnum. The Willard Munger Trail connects the two with Willow River, Sturgeon Lake, and Moose Lake in between. At Moose Lake the trail is forced onto residential streets. It was there I took the wrong trail and ended up 3 miles or so to the East of Moose Lake. But, I did not fret. Instead, I took it all in stride, continued on, and made it to Barnum as planned. On the way back I suffered a bit. Nothing as bad as the last time I made the Prescott to Hudson loop around the St. Croix River in 2010. But that was just over 50 miles. And I was not in the shape I am today. All in all, a pretty damn good run for a man approaching 51 years of age.

2012 Tour De Rook - Leg 28

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To the stats:

  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gif Total Distance: 20.92 miles
  • Elapsed riding time: 1:30:07
  • Top Speed: 34.5 mph
  • Average Speed: 13.9 mph
  • iPod:
  1. Cinderella - Long Cold Winter
  2. Nazareth - Hair of the Dog
  3. Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
  • Wind: 6 mph SSE
  • Humidity:  76%
  • Temperature: 77° F
Okay, time for some honesty: I got lost. That is right. I took to Rochester, MN bike trails and ended up riding for a lot longer than I planned. Oh well. I still found myself feeling pretty damn good about the stats. Oh, and after the first 23 minutes I took a break and did my morning journal entry while enjoying a strong cup of Brazil Full City Roast at the Dunn Bros on Elton Hills Drive. Right now Norene is giving her orphaned kittens a bath. They just opened their eyes two days ago. Once she is done, I am hopping into the shower.

And They Just Keep Coming!

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I swear, the jokes are writing themselves!


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