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So, New Domain New Purchased

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Soon, I will be blogging at Guy Andrew Hall. More information to follow.

Update: Yup, got the new blog running.

Update 2: Going to give Wordpress a try. Movable Type is just too buggy.

To Wipe Or Not To Wipe?

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Yeah. Do I wipe out my database of old posts or do I just go along limping with a Movable Type install that is broken and can no longer do categories? I am of a mind to start over. Part of it comes from seeing Obama not only win a second term, but do so with a much better turn out. It seems an old age has begun to come to an end for America and a new one is beginning. I figure, why not too with my blog?

As a side note: Paul McCartney singing Elenor Rigby live over Pandora Internet Radio.

He Is In His Grave

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Would you all just let him lay in political death please. Seriously. STOP. TALKING. ABOUT. HIM.

And yes, I know. It makes no sense for me to tell everyone to shut up about Mitt and then go and link to their posts talking about Mitt.

Tough shit.

Stunned Electorate?

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There is that moment in "A Few Good Men" where everyone in the courtroom is stunned after Jack Nicholson's character admits to having ordered the code red.

I cannot but help think the country is currently stunned at it's own admission to embracing the Democratic party over the Republican party. In a few weeks the shock will wear off and things will start happening. And happening fast.

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