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From My Nook!

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Alright! I can type into my MovableType interface. The upgrade to MovableType must have fixed a bug with the Nook's operating system. That makes me very happy. Currently I am sitting at the south Dunn Bros in Rochester, MN. However, I am about to go pick up Norene for breakfast. You all have a good Sunday.

About Blogging

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So, I am not yet completely settled into my new abode. I have boxes yet to unpack, furniture to arrange more permanently, and a lawn mower and weed trimmer to acquire. As such, the yard is quite jungle-like in it's present condition. I am thinking of purchasing an electric mower with a removable rechargeable battery. If I have the funds. Otherwise it will be the completely global warming gas mower model; not to mention noise polluting.

However, on a good note; Cinnamon quickly and happily settled into the larger space. After nearly 3 years of cramped, crowded abodes, she now enjoys the ability to run around the three floors with wild abandon. As a result, she is already starting to lose weight. Well, that and I have put her on a austerity diet that would make most European nations giddy.

And one final note: I found the charger for my camera's battery. So, I ought to be able to post more pictures soon. I might even give you an exterior shot of the new castle. Or not. We are talking about me and my ability to completely and totally devolve back into the world's greatest unpublished blogger.

Oh, wait............

Kevin Gets Paranoid

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Okay, I like Kevin Drum, over at Mother Jones. I really do. However, sometimes he just gets fatalistic. His concern that the sponsor exodus happening right now to Rush Limbaugh is some sort of slippery slope leading to the downfall of political shows in general is just plain ridiculous. Seriously. You would think a Boggart came crawling into Kevin's home office just before he started writing his post.

And yet....there's an obvious slippery slope here. Lots of advertisers already shy away from political shows of every stripe, and this episode could begin to drive them all away. Why take the chance, even on a host who doesn't usually cause national outrage? "Usually" isn't never, after all, and in any case, you never know what a guest is going to say. Better to stick with local blowhards and self-help shows.

Limbaugh is getting what he finally deserves. I couldn't be happier about it. I just hope that down the road this doesn't turn into a preemptive boycott of every political gabber out there who has even the smallest chance of ever producing any national blowback. That runs the risk of turning every show into a bland marshmallow. It wouldn't make the world a better place.

What gets me is that Kevin is usually quite good at looking up research, or finding historical evidence to back up his claims. However, the above quoted post lacks both. So, all I can do is chalk this up to fear.

But why would he be scared? He blogs for a publication that exists financially by a totally different form of support. And what advertising there is is from companies with an explicit political agenda. They are not going to pull their ads because of some national outrage. Chances are they want that outrage to occur. So, it is not a fear of his losing his gig as blogger for Mother Jones.

I think Kevin is seeing this one tree as indicative of the entire forest. Or would somehow working in "one bad apple does not make the whole barrel bad" be the better metaphor?

Wait.... No.

Kevin is talking about Rush. I am talking about Kevin. I will stick with the tree/forest metaphor. If I was talking about Rush, then I could use the barrel metaphor.

Blogroll Addition

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Excuse me.

Ah, hey.... EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your attention. I have an announcement: I am leaving. Good by.......

Oh, wait. Sorry. That is from a movie.

Actually. I have a new addition to my blogroll. Charles P. Pierce who now blogs at Esquire. I have listened to "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" on occasion. But it is nice to see him on a forum where the decorum allows him to be a little less restrained. That, and he agrees with me about the Jacob Weisberg assault on Ron Suskind.

First of all, a tip of the old hat to BBWW for the lead to Mr. Pierce's blog, and secondly, congratulations to BBWW for making the blogroll there.

For that, Mustang Bobby, I hate you.

New Avatar

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I signed up for a service years ago called Gravatar. The original picture I used for an Avatar sucked, but I figured the service would not last long. Imagine my surprise when WordPress became associated with them recently. That called for a new Avatar.


Unfortunately, it seems to be taking it's time filtering through the intertubes. The old Avatar is still showing up at Bryan's blog.

Distrust Of Media

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What does it say about the state of the modern Legacy Media when, between 1985 and 2004, the percentage of Americans stating they trusted the Legacy Media plummeted from 84 percent to 54 percent. Granted, this poll was focused on newsprint, but I have a hard time believing the average American separates newsprint from TV. Especially when many of the pundits spend as much time on TV as they do typing out opinion columns.

Now, we have the babbling hard on for men in power Chris Matthews claiming bloggers don't get fact checked. Look who's talking.

It's ironic that a cable news host such as Chris Matthews would attack bloggers for supposedly not checking their facts, considering the amount of falsehoods and factuallyinaccurate statements he regularly utters on the air -- which have all been fact-checked by bloggers.
This is what's know as projection.

Although babbling on about men in power appears more aligned to penis envy than projection.

And they wonder why they have lost the average American's trust.

About Blogging

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This is the post where I lament the sad state of my blogging output. Well, actually, probably not. Seriously, I am just not all that gung ho about blogging of late. Even more to the point, I am in a low mood. But than, do you really blame me? I mean, I got laid off, for Christ's sake. I'm suppose to be happy go lucky?

Yeah, I know, I'm whining. Don't blame me. You're the one reading my blog.
Honest to happy horseshit. I thought my life was complete. I blog, I twitter (though it's really fucking boring) and I pick on The GirlFriend™. What more is there to ask for.

Well, kick my ass, I discovered Carrie Fisher has a blog. All these years of blissful ignorance as to the totality of my life's completelessness exposed in one fell swoop by Lab Kat. You know the hammer is less painful.

Bragging Rights

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Okay, time to stow the stoic Minnesota Nordic humility and do some crowing about this page. Prior to someone giving it a thumbs up and adding it to the Atheist category on StumbleUpon, my lowly blog was at an anemic 39,000 hits. In less than 3 days, I was over 100,000. It took me over 5 years to get to 39,000. With StumbleUpon, I more than doubled my total hits in 3 short days.

Now, I'm not getting the 6500 hits like I did at first, but I am getting 400 to 500 hit days from time to time. I can't explain why I have various influxes of hits, but I am definitely enjoying the dramatic increase in traffic.

Damn Spider!

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3 inch leg span. I swear to all that is spaghetti and sauced. I hate spiders. This one is currently crawling down the wall behind my monitor. At least it's not dropping down on my head like some have in the past.

Sigh. That's what I get for blogging in the basement.
Congratulations to Pam Spaulding for making the Washington Post. And it's not a short article, either.

Hat Tip: Mark at Norwegianity, who managed to get out a post after sleeping in.

I Guess I'm An Expert Blogger

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