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I know, I know. Many moons ago, or so it seems, I posted about one day soon posting more stats of the Tour De Rook. Unfortunately, my old illness, blogpression, set in and I have been loathed until recently to put fingers to keys. But, rest assured that I have the stats tucked safely away in by back pocket and later today my plan is to produce a long, boring, and totally non-enjoyable post for all of my faithful readers.

Ah, that is......, err,..... if I have any left.

Say What? Say Nothing

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That is because I have nothing to say. I read the blogs. I read the newspapers. I listen to all the talk around work and in coffee shops. You know what? I do not care. Really. I have lost my outrage. It was overwhelmed by the total incompetence of the Bush years, still lingering in some of the more obscure federal agencies, and definitely still residing in many state agencies across the land.

I might regain my desire some day. But today I just don't care. At all. Let the country fall into total disarray. I give up voicing my disgust. Even with a President in office who actually can put two words together that means something, I just feel the fight is lost. Until a person is placed in office who is not beholding to the corporations and the rich, this country is doomed.

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Politics is the control of wealth and power. You are being conditioned to condemn politics as petty and boring, thus granting all the more control to the powers that be. You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. The choice is yours.


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