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Seriously, I am discouraged by how much easier it is to do a quick post in Facebook than it is with my own Movable Type. Somehow, Movable Type has to figure out how to allow for typing right on the page, instead of opening another whole new page. It is obviously possible. No, I do not think Facebook has a copy right to basic programing. If they do, it is anti-capitalistic.

Because It Is Funny

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Facebook will begin stealing your undergarments at midnight tonight if you don't copy & paste this message in the next 37 seconds, forward it to everyone in your mailing list, print a hard copy for your grandmother & call your third grade teacher. This is real. I got the message first hand from Elvis who was having lunch with Bigfoot, while riding the Loch Ness monster. It was even on the inside back cover of every tabloid in the grocery store checkout line. Not only will Facebook start charging you tomorrow, they are also going to bill your credit card for the past 3 years of services. Luckily, each person who copies & pastes this status will receive a FREE unicorn in the mail tomorrow. However, if you don't repost this status, Facebook code has been set up to automatically set your computer on fire & harm an innocent bunny in the forest! It's all true, it was on the news! It's official! For God's sake don't forget the effing hearts! ♥
I would give a tip of the hat to Bret Johnson, but the bum is only on facebook, and you can not link back to individuals on facebook.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to sit excitedly by my mailbox. Oh Goody! A free UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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