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New Day, Same Old Division

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Back when I was first turned onto blogs, around 2002 - 2003, one of the topics of discussion was ideological division. Usually, Kevin Drum would post some graph, or a new fangled gadget, that would display ideological leanings, and note that the actual division was quite wide, with very few moderate blogs of note.

Well, guess what. Here it is 2009 and once again, Kevin Drum has a post about ideological division.

One Nation

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For in the end we are but one nation. Not a nation of God; for God is many, as numerous as the minds of men, and as ephemeral and diffused as the mist on a morning pond. No, we are a single earthly nation of beings ignorant to our sentient connection, lashing out in powerless rage, languishing in the futility of existence, hoping against hope for heaven on earth while ignorant of it's lack of past, presence, or future; condemned to experience our base selves as we strive to achieve our potential.

Good Morning Blogstonia!

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Yeah! I got up early enough to write a quick blog post. I've checked the news. It damn near put me back to sleep. What news that is out there is being pressed into service as the next worst thing to ever happen in our nation. It's a shtick that right wing radio has had down pat for decades, but now it seems as if the Legacy Media and the various blogs are flagging that old approach well past it's death.

Yeesh. It's just a slow news day. Seriously. After 7 plus years of BushCo™, I suspect we are going to find ourselves bored with the lack of sensationalism. No one, and I mean no one, is going to displace BushCo™ as the most controversial United States administration in modern times.

We are all going to be like drunks looking for that elusive intoxication. Try as we might, we will never feel that exhilaration we first felt as we published a post about the latest outrage from the impertinent son of a misplaced New Englander.

Our drug of choice has actually been gone for quite some time. He's gone into hiding now that his popularity has sunk lower then Nixon's.

So, like any good addict, we've switched; thus lies the explanation of our fascination with Sarah Palin. In my using days, if I couldn't get pot, I got drunk. In today's blogging milieu, if we can't have our BushCo™ story, by God, we've got Sarah to take it's place. It's the same cheap, tawdry content, only with a feminine label.

Soon, though, she'll be empty. Then what? Write outrage over Obama? Does anyone really think that Barack will be as incompetent, as amoral, as ignorant as George W. Bush? If anyone out there thinks that; put down the pipe, back away, and check yourself into treatment. Or the psych ward. Because, DAMN, your either high or psychotic. Or both.

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