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Home Sick

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Yeah, yeah, I know I'm laid off, so either way I'm home. But today I'm stricken with a bad cold. It started as a head cold, and has now firmly entrenched itself into my chest. Last night, at around midnight, I was awoken with a severe tickle in my throat that turned into a five minute dry heave session. So, yes, today I've a sore throat. As well as congested sinuses, an accompanying headache, and general, all around misery.

So, you damn kids better stay the hell off my lawn.

In case I've actually gained a few new readers, feel free to consider this an open thread. Not that open threads are a favorite activity at this particular castle.

Ping'n, Ping'n, Ping'n

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Okay, let's make the excuse this is an open thread so I can ping the intertubes.

A Ping'n We Will Go

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Ya, it's an open thread. Oh, okay. It is really just a quick post to ping the intertubes. Mud slinging and ad hominem attacks will be allowed, unless directed at me. Oh, alright, even if directed at me.

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