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Issues With Formating

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Yeah. Movable Type is acting up. I was getting weird characters where there were spaces or when I was putting in the degree symbol. I think I have the setting adjusted correctly now.

Funky HTML Code

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So, when I bring up a new entry page, there is automatically some funky HTML code inserted that I do not see when in the Rich Text editor. I did not copy it, so I can not show what it is. But it looks funky. I just delete it because it makes no sense. It does not affect my publishing of any entries, so I am fine there. I will try to see if I can get it to return and then I will publish it for you all to see.

Here it is:
<div nuan_tabactive="true" id="nuan_ria_plugin"><object id="plugin0" style="position: absolute; z-index: 1000;" width="0" height="0" type="application/x-dgnria"><param name="tabId" value="ff-tab-1" /><param name="counter" value="41" /></object></div>

Anyone have any idea as to what the hell this is all about?

All Done!

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Okay, managed to get Movable Type upgraded. Not a whole lot has changed other than the icons in the tool bar for editing.


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Okay, I upgraded to Movable Type 5.14. Of course, once I got the upgrade installed, I learned that Movable Type 5.2 was released 4 days ago. Sheesh. So I am just getting ready to upload and upgrade 5.2. Please be patient with me.


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Seriously, I am discouraged by how much easier it is to do a quick post in Facebook than it is with my own Movable Type. Somehow, Movable Type has to figure out how to allow for typing right on the page, instead of opening another whole new page. It is obviously possible. No, I do not think Facebook has a copy right to basic programing. If they do, it is anti-capitalistic.

Update Test

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I re-uploaded Movable Type 5.12. I had issues the last time it uploaded, and I never did upload the static image files. So, now I am just doing a quick post to see if things went smoothly. If you are reading this, it means it has.

Test Post

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This is a test post. I would tell you to ignore it, but obviously you are already reading it, making it too late to tell you to ignore it. Silly human.

Upgrade Completed

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Okay, it took longer then I expected. Not that Movable Type was the problem. It was the internet connection at my apartment. It took over 5 hours to upload half the files to my server. So, today after work I hit Dunn Bros Coffee Shop in Hastings and it took about 30 minutes to finish uploading the other half. So, here I now type in the slightly altered interface. Sigh. Visually programmers just can not help but muck about with the layout. Oh well.
Just a quick note to tell all none (as opposed to all 1 million) of my readers that I am a bit behind on Movable Type upgrades. Of late the upgrades have gone smoothly, so I am hoping that this one follows suit.

Site News

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Okay, after much dilly dallying on my part, I finally got around to creating a widget for my Liberal Coalition blogroll. As is obvious by it's graph, it is over there to the right. Much good reading at some of those links.

Update: Okay, I have also added a larger Blog Roll, as well as removed the comment and archive widgets.

Update II: Okay, I also eliminated a certain large internet company's widget, which has since resulted in a quicker page load. Interesting, that.

Oops! I forgot to give thanks to MB for the source code of the Big Blog Roll. Actually, a little self disclosure here; I stole the code without first getting his permission. I am a bad, bad Rook and will now go stand in the corner where all bad rooks reside.

Upgrade Completed

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Just a quick technical note: Upgraded MT for a bug fix. Not that my site appeared buggy, but it was available, and I had time. And it went off without a hitch. Shiny!
Damn, there goes my blogrolls. One of the more irritating developments for blogging over the years is the lack of an intuitive, easily understood mechanism for managing blogrolls. I am an intelligent man, and have taught myself some basic, low level html coding. I can insert other codes into my blog templates, and for the most part can manage the simple stuff in Movable Type.

But when it comes to managing blogrolls, I relied on BlogRolling because it seemed none of the people smarter and more educated about Movable Type were interested in developing a blogrolling widget or plugin. I understand that BlogRolling wanted to make money, but that few of the people actually paid for their service. I kept meaning to, but I was financially strapped, some months not making the rent.

So, here I am, now stuck with losing my blogrolls, with no easy means of saving them (blogrolling never created an export feature so that you could create a text file of the links), and not wishing to spend hours copying and pasting one link at a time, I am stuck with eventually learning to create a means of managing and developing new rolls.


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