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The Song Remains The Same

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From just over two years ago:

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Some things just do not change.
Oh, you know the scene. It is the one where Luke gets the living shit beat out of him in the boxing match. It is so bad, even the hardest of inmates turn away. Of course, in the end it earned Luke the respect of the crew. Unfortunately, Joe Klein is not Cool Hand Luke. Nor is he going to earn any respect after having the living shit kicked out of him by Glenn Greenwald.

I would link to the first time I referred to Cool Hand Luke, but that particular post is in the Lost Archives, yet to be restored.

Update: I honestly did not think it could get any bloodier. Man, was I wrong. In my day and age, before I became OLD, there would have been snickers and whispers of "He got his ass kicked by a girl!" Well, allow me this one brief regression. He got his ass kicked by a woman. It is a beauty to behold.

Update II: Man, it just is not stopping.

Importing Old Entries

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I'm in the process of importing old entries. I figure, since I can't seem to import the whole kit, cat, and kadoodle at one time, I'll do an entry at a time. It will allow me to correct any errors in the individual posts.

One From The Lost Archives

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I came across this old post of mine while working on my damaged archives backup:

I believe in the magic of the mind, the soul, and that it's name is imagination. I believe no one can tell me how to think. I believe only I can change my mind, but only with the help of others. I believe I count; as an American; a man; a human; as sentient life. I believe in a Higher Power that we truly cannot name. I believe that all emotions are gifts from Our Higher Power that, when ignored, turn against us. I believe that without war we could not have invented the word peace-and for that I feel sad. Finally-and most importantly-I believe if I want cream and sugar, I would not order coffee.

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