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This Land

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What To Do, What To Do?

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So, I'm deciding what to do today. One, should I clean house? Two, should I just be lazy and watch DVDs and Blu-ray's all day? Or three, should I meditate all day until I transcend this mundane existence turning into the godlike being I know I've always wanted to become?

Yeah, I think number three is the way to go.


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Like anything else needs to be said? Just watch and be blown away!

Blogging With Dragon

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Well, here goes an attempt at creating a post with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12. I was unable to update my old profile so I had to create a new one. However it seems that Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 has a much better voice recognition engine because it's doing just fine without the old profile. Mostly it's just me getting used to dictating again. The difficult part is throwing in the punctuation, figuring out how to voice command corrections, and just generally trying to learn the program.

Have to admit, it really is fun just talking to the computer and having it all typed out for me.
And honestly, does not deserve to survive.

painted cat.jpg

I swear to God the Aztecs Mayans* knew exactly what they were doing naming 2012 as The End.

* One simple mistake. Sheesh. Oh, and edited for a bit of clarity.

About The Tour De Rook

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Okay, real quick: Last week I actually hit the trail 5 days straight. I rode my bicycle to and from work. This morning I put on just over 10 miles. I will be posting actual stats soon. Right now I am getting ready for work. See you!


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Since I am now on a blogging spree, I figured I would give you a look at my lunch:


For those of you wondering, they are all beef uncured hotdogs in Whole Wheat Milwaukee Brat Buns. The cheese puffs? Why, they are Earl's Cheese Puffs. They are by far the best damn cheese puffs in the world. And not just because they are made right here in Minnesota. They really are damn good.

I tried to find a web page for the company that makes them, Earl's Food Products, but none exists. That is fine. I am glad they put their efforts into making damn good products instead of web sites.

Oh, and they make killer popcorn too. Their triple mix is also damn good.

And yes, I know I have been saying damn good a lot. I like redundancy.

Hey! At least recognize I separated a from lot.

This Is Amazing!

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You Know What Bothers Me?

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You do? Really? Good, because I did not want to have to explain it to you.

Go For The Gun!

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What John Said!


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12 inches. That is right. I had to clean 12 inches of wet, heavy snow off my car this morning. If it had been dry, fluffy snow, we would be talking around 24 inches. The snow in the road is equal in height to my bumper. When I opened my door to start my car, it had to clear an inch or two of snow out of the way. I am not sure if I really should be going to work.

UPDATE: Just as I figured; my car became stuck in the yet to be plowed road. For the record: 2001 Ford Escorts do not move forward in 12 inches of wet, heavy snow.


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Seriously, I am discouraged by how much easier it is to do a quick post in Facebook than it is with my own Movable Type. Somehow, Movable Type has to figure out how to allow for typing right on the page, instead of opening another whole new page. It is obviously possible. No, I do not think Facebook has a copy right to basic programing. If they do, it is anti-capitalistic.

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