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Taking Down The Bird

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I rarely steal any content from Bark Bark Woof Woof. However, the political cartoon posted by Mustang Bobby was just too good to pass up:


My Morning Chuckle, Part ?X?

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Seriously, I should be doing my morning routine: write in my journal, read my morning meditation books, read my horoscopes, and have my usual one on one discussion with God, telling him how he is screwing things up here on Earth. He never listens, of course. What do you expect? He is God, after all.

Anyway, instead of doing my usual morning routine, I made all my chess moves over on GameKnot, then started reading my feeds. On the top of my feed list is Balloon Juice, which is always good for a good rage or a good laugh. This morning it was a good laugh.


Too Funny!

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Okay, just so you know: NSFW.

And They Just Keep Coming!

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I swear, the jokes are writing themselves!


Morning Chuckle

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What the hell. It made me laugh.


Found on Facebook.

No hair on cat.jpg

Seriously, you need to go read the open letter posted by Bryan at "Why Now?" from The Easter Bunny. It is very informative.

Late Morning Chuckle

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I know, it is not in the original Klingon. Still, it is funny.

Hey, at least they had subtitles!

Going Crackers For Crackers!

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Because It Is Funny #2

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Leader Of The Pack!

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This is just too damn cute!

I Was Wondering The Same Thing

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