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My Morning Chuckle, Part ?X?

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Seriously, I should be doing my morning routine: write in my journal, read my morning meditation books, read my horoscopes, and have my usual one on one discussion with God, telling him how he is screwing things up here on Earth. He never listens, of course. What do you expect? He is God, after all.

Anyway, instead of doing my usual morning routine, I made all my chess moves over on GameKnot, then started reading my feeds. On the top of my feed list is Balloon Juice, which is always good for a good rage or a good laugh. This morning it was a good laugh.


Nasty Trick!

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A Game To Be Proud Of

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It is not often I can claim a victory against a person who is rated much higher above me. So, I hope you will forgive me if I brag about his game a little.

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For the most part, we remained equal until he gave up a piece for what appears to be the hope of tearing the pawn structure apart in front of my King. Granted, I was aware of allowing my King's defenses to be decimated. However, I found that I benefited. Suddenly my Rooks had two open files pointed straight at his King. Meanwhile, his Rooks were pinned down behind his own pawns, preventing them from attacking the weakness he created in front of my King. Then, he made what I consider a grave mistake, he went to the other side of the board with his Queen to start harvesting my pawns.

It made some sense. He was ahead in pawns, and all he had to do was move one down far enough that it threatened to become a Queen, leaving me in a sorry mess. Unfortunately, what it did was give me complete control of the board on the right side, with all three of my main forces pointed directly at his King. I adjusted my Queen and Rooks while he moved pawns down, and then I attacked. He was never able to achieve his goal of advancing a pawn.

And Sometimes I Get Lucky

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I stumbled into this mate by simple dumb luck.


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Giving up my Queen for Checkmate.

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Knight Dance

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This was an enjoyable game simply because I was allowed to dance my Knights around the middle of the board against my opponent's King.

9 Moves

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Sometimes you just get to brag.

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Chess Board Dancing

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This was a game of dancing. I managed to take my opponent's Queen, but at a cost. In the end, my Queen and his two Rooks were dancing around in an effort to advance Pawns. So busy with advancing Pawns that I missed the mating move the first time. In the end, though, I was able to mate using my Queen and a Pawn, with his Rooks blocking any escape.

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There is sacrifice in chess, and there is desperation in chess. The following is desperation:

Had he taken my Rook with his Bishop, my game is over. Instead, he uses his Rook, allowing me the diagonal into his back rank, and bang! I have mate in one.

Sometimes Sacrifice Works

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Here is a game where I did what seems insane; I sacrificed a Rook for a Pawn!

Advancing my pawns up the left side of the board gave me the advantage. Unfortunately, his pawns on the right side of the board were in the way. Sacrificing my Rook to clear that Pawn away gave me open access to his King while keeping his Queen and Rook pinned behind my Pawn. He resigned when I was two moves from checkmate.


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Jeez, it's been a while since I have posted a chess game here at the old castle.

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As you can see, the chess publisher has made a few improvements. Still lacks some basic visual controls, but all in all, it is still viable for posting games. For some reason, the iframe code conflicted with the google ads, so I had to trash the chess publisher and go with the GameKnot code. Again, the visual controls are lacking, but it works.

This game struck me as unique because I felt I was in a losing position, yet somehow managed to pull out a win.

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