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I Know!

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Someone needs to challenge me in a game of Blogger's Chess™! Let's make it interesting, I'll play against more than one opponent. Hell, I have 12 games going at ChessKnot.
Okay, I've decided the only route to go is to continue with the pressure. I managed to eek out an offensive move and I guess I should maintain that small advantage as long as possible: Pawn to b4.

MRBlack 26.gif

Let us see what Jim does now. Will he ignore my pawn and attempt an offensive move of his own, or will he work on his defense?
Sorry for the dearth of post and the delay of putting up Jim's latest move. I have had a rough couple of days, both physically and emotionally. This not knowing what is wrong with me is taking its toll. However, I am a bit better today, and so am now able to sit at the computer long enough to post Jim's latest move in our ongoing Blogger's Chess Match: Queen to g2.

MRWhite 26.gif

Hopefully, my mind and body willing, I'll be able to post my move soon.

Blogger's Chess: My 25th Move

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Okay, hidden move or no hidden move, he can't do anything until he deals with my threat to his Queen: Knight to e5.

MRBlack 25.gif

Okay, I must be missing something, because his move, Bishop to h6, seems a bit premature.

MRWhite 25.gif

Well, it appears I am going to have to spend some time looking for a hidden danger.

Blogger's Chess: My 24th Move

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Okay, I obviously need to keep Jim from getting one of my major pieces for free, so: Bishop to d6.

MRBlack 24.gif

This is a purely defensive move that gives me no advantage what-so-ever. It does not put me into the offensive. It does not give me any future develomental choices. It does, in fact, leave me vulnerable to further offensive moves by Jim. And Jim is being very offensive at the moment.

Okay, I am sorry, I couldn't help myself. I will behave from here on out. Oh, and I've got that title for the bridge I have been meaning to sell.
Darn! I like DBK's suggestion instead. However, Jim has chosen to move his Queen to f3.

MRWhite 24.gif

Now, I was hoping he'd finally take my Bishop. But, instead, he's moved His Queen into position, rendering my Queen's protection of my Bishop ineffectual. Also, he maintains the momentum, remains on the offensive, and has serious developmental opportunities. I, on the other hand, am looking at a deteriorating pawn defense for my King.

I hate when that happens.

Blogger's Chess: My 23rd Move

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Well, I have no choice but to move my pawn up; Pawn to g6.

MRBlack 23.gif

There is no way I am taking his pawn with mine. Nor am I interested in taking his Bishop with mine, as it solves his fractured pawn structure and eventually opens the h file for his Rook. I like his pawns all separated like that, and certainly do not want his Rook staring down my h7 Pawn.

Still, his f Pawn down in the 6th rank is problematic.
Crap, he didn't take my Bishop: King to b1.

MRWhite 23.gif

Trust me, I am not going to take his Bishop. That makes all sorts of future complications I am just not willing to confront. But, what to do next? What to do next? More of that damn irritating thinking. Seriously, why do I put myself through this?

That last was a rhetorical question.

Blogger's Chess: My 22nd Move

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Okay, time to start causing some mayhem; Bishop to f4.

MRBlack 22.gif

Let's see what develops now.
He's marching that pawn right up there to my King's row of pawns; Pawn to f6.

MRWhite 22.gif

Well, I have a few possibilities here. Obviously, I have to attend to that threatening pawn at my door step. However, there are other irratating developments I have to attend to as well. So, it is a matter of timing and order. I have a bit of thinking to do. And trust me when I say that is the hardest part of playing chess -- thinking. It's why I suck at this game.

Dead Desktop PC

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My power supply died on my hp pavilion 754n. But, a quick search on the internet garnered me a replacement power supply. Until it arrives via UPS, I am stuck using my laptop with Windows Vista. It is slow and clunky. It works well enough, but is missing some important programs, which I do not want to install. So, until my desktop pc is up and running, I am going to have to put the Blogger's Chess Match on hold. Sorry Jim. My chess program was one of them, and it does not run on Vista worth a damn.

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