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Lack Of Control

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One of the things that really irritates me is the lack of control over certain aspects of my blog. This blog is just like my home. Freedom of speech is fine in the public square, but for someone to rudely enter into my home to supposedly speak freely is an invasion of my privacy.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, just remember that some time back advertising was ruled free speech. Fine, but I still should have the right to refuse entry of those whom I do not wish to speak freely in my home.
(truthout) A federal judge lifted a temporary stay preventing same-sex couples in California from getting legally married........
No doubt many of my heterosexual married friends will be rushing to the courthouse to file divorce papers now that there is no hope for their marriages. Let us all keep these poor, hapless folks in our minds as we go about living in what is now a deteriorating paradise that George W. Bush worked so hard at creating.

Hold on, wait..... I think I might have a tear.

Nope. Sorry. My mistake.

You know, I should call my parents. After 49 years of marriage, this could be a devastating blow. Honestly, it is nothing like they have ever had to face before. Well, except for having me as their son. But, besides that.

Not Going In The Right Direction

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This has Big Brother written all over it:

( SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Witnesses could be charged with a misdemeanor for failing to report violent attacks in California under legislation approved by the state Assembly.


Current law requires witnesses to report violent crimes when the victim is younger than 14. Nava's bill expands the requirement to include victims of all ages. Violators would face up to six months in jail and a maximum fine of $1,500.
This takes California one step closer to a police state. And policing morality certainly has never been successful.

I Am Not A Hunter

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But that does not mean I believe others' should not have the right to hunt.

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