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Well, Color Me Surprised

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(NYT) WASHINGTON -- Thousands of pages of internal e-mail and once-secret Congressional testimony showed Tuesday that Karl Rove and other senior aides in the Bush White House played an earlier and more active role than was previously known in the 2006 firings of a number of United States attorneys.
Like anyone who has been paying attention for the last eight and a half years didn't already know this.

Oh, and previously known? How about; than Karl Rove publicly testified before congress.

Can the Legacy Media be any more gutless?

TPaw Uses BushSpeak

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The GirlFriend™ cut in line and made use of the bathroom before I got a chance to hop into the shower. As a result, I've a few minutes to fill. What better way to pass the time then to complain about my Governor. Well, not really my governor, since I didn't vote for him. However, I have to accept he is the governor because he managed to squeak out an electoral win. Anyway, Mr. Pawlenty is current engaged in old GOP behavior that, quite frankly, lost them power on the national level in both 2006 and 2008, as well as at the local level in both chambers of the state congress in both years.

See, the whole purpose of being an educated, intelligent adult is to pay attention to when you fail, so that you may learn from your mistakes. But the not so fine governor of Minnesota seems intent on closing his eyes, holding his breath, and throwing a tantrum until he gets his way. In the process, he will take health care away from Minnesotans, continue to starve our government, and generally behave exactly like the former POTUS. As a result, our state will be weaker, as the former POTUS left our country weaker.

Seriously; merge the Health Care Access fund with the General fund? Hello! Any one reminded of the move to privatize social security? This seems along the same order. It's just another attempt by a Republican to steal money from those less fortunate.

On a side note; has anyone looked into whether our not so fine governor dodged a bullet with his connections to the telecommunication industry because of the politicizing of the Justice Department? I am just wondering.
Washington Post

Attorney general nominee Michael B. Mukasey told Senate Democrats yesterday that a kind of simulated drowning known as waterboarding is "repugnant to me," but he said he does not know whether the interrogation tactic violates U.S. laws against torture.

Mukasey's uncertainty about the method's legality has raised new questions about the success of his nomination. It seemed a sure thing just two weeks ago, as Democrats joined Republicans in predicting his easy confirmation to succeed the embattled Alberto R. Gonzales.

Okay, what part of cruel and unusual does he not understand? Because if he's having trouble with that simple concept, things like human rights, fair and equal justice, and rule of law might also be out of his range of understanding. My earlier affection for him is starting to wan.
Eric Black Inc.

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minneapolis and House Judiciary Chair John Conyers have moments ago sent a letter to the acting U.S. attorney general demanding all communications from the staff of the Minnesota U.S. attorneys office to the Justice Department about Rachel Paulose's management of the office, documents relating to the evaluations of her predecessor, Tom Heffelfinger that might shed light on why he was on a list of U.S. attorneys to be fired, and all documents reflecting the search for Heffelfinger's replacement, which led to the appointment of Paulose.
Eric continues to be out in front on this local portion of the Prosecutor Purge affair.

One thought I've had is the likely demise of Paulose before her term is up. Indeed, Eric's piece touches on that very issue:

Insiders have speculated the change from Gonzalez to Mukasey could undermine Paulose's chances of lasting that long. The thinking is that if Mukasey wanted to make a statement that the controversies of the Gonzalez era are over, he might try to clear out some of the less-popular, more controversial holdovers.
I really do think Mukasey is going to be the person to finally bring all of the Bush administrations corruption and abuse out into the open.

However, I have also made claims in the past that failed to come to fruition, so take my proclamation with a grain of suga....err salt.

Capitol Briefing

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Washington Post

Not since the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, two years ago next month, has such a pivotal position to the conservative movement been filled with someone so unfamiliar to the right-wing base. Several hours after Mukasey was officially nominated today to be the next attorney general, the conservative caucus of the Senate still didn't know much about the man. Carefully read this statement from Cornyn this afternoon and note how little outward praise there is for Mukasey, with the Texan spending most of his five sentences bashing Democrats:

"In recent months, my Democratic colleagues have loudly voiced their belief that partisan politics has no place at the Department of Justice. With today's nomination and forthcoming confirmation process of Judge Mukasey, they will have an opportunity to demonstrate that. I am examining Judge Mukasey's record and will continue to do so in the days ahead. But early indications are that he is a respected, experienced jurist who has a strong reputation for honesty and integrity. He deserves a fair and prompt hearing by the Senate."
Okay, I am liking this man more and more. Not because he's a progressive, or liberal (whatever) but because he appears to be something rare these days; a true conservative. Why do I say that? Because the pretend conservatives in Congress don't know much about him.

Reid and Schumer, acting preemptively last week, issued declarations that another possible selection, former Solicitor General Theodore Olson, would not get through the confirmation process because of his partisan background. Whether Bush was ever set on Olson is unclear, but his pick of Mukasey in the face of blank stares from conservatives was a clear victory for Schumer.

"The nomination of Judge Mukasey certainly shows a new attitude in the White House," Schumer told reporters today.

And John Cornyn's relative silence on the nomination is all the proof that's needed to back up Schumer's claim.

That means he's probably ethical and competent. From what little I've read of his decisions, and what I read over a Glenn's blog, it makes me believe he is a true rule of law man.

Okay, I'm going to look out the window, there has to be an asteroid streaking towards Earth as I type. Bush picks a truly honorable and ethical man for a Cabinet position? In deference to the Democrats? It has to be the end of the world.
Washington Post

President Bush opted to try to avoid a confirmation fight by nominating Michael B. Mukasey to be attorney general, concluding that the retired federal judge shares his approach to national security issues, but without the appearance of partisanship, administration officials and others close to the White House said yesterday.
So, is this because of Rove no longer being in the White House? Or is President Bush actually aware of his lame ass presidency? After all these years of playing hardball, I can't imagine it's a coincidence that Bush starts showing deference to the Democrats in regards to the nomination of the Chief Justice after Rove has resigned and left. Especially with Rove having been intimately tied to the whole debacle that was Gonzales in the first place.
McClatchy has the list.

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