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Not A News Organization

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Seriously, Fox News is the WWE of reporting

Man, Talk About Getting Smacked!

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Incredible! A reporter actually challenging a liar! It is a thing of beauty.

And even more amazing? It's from a Fox affiliate! He must not be drinking the Kool Aid.


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CNN, MSNBC, and the network news organizations ought be ashamed of the fact Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show," a comedy show, of all things, was able to bust Fox news on it's incredibly juvenile attempt at deceit. And make no mistake, Hannity and company purposely inserted that bogus video of Beck's September 12 rally. It is not like the old days where you had to manual splice film, or even videos, and accidentally grab the wrong film/video. The September 12 shots are stored in a file on a computer, and had to be purposely accessed.

But to the point: After coming to the defense of Fox News when the Obama Administration accused them of being the propaganda arm of the Republican party they now have to accept they are tarnished by association. When are they going to get a clue? Fox News has no intention of being anything other than the Conservative Republican Propaganda Network.

As an aside; I wonder how long it would take Google to block a bomb of Fox News = Conservative Republican Propaganda Network? Not that I generate enough traffic to actually get this bomb launched.

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