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Seriously, I am discouraged by how much easier it is to do a quick post in Facebook than it is with my own Movable Type. Somehow, Movable Type has to figure out how to allow for typing right on the page, instead of opening another whole new page. It is obviously possible. No, I do not think Facebook has a copy right to basic programing. If they do, it is anti-capitalistic.

Blogroll Addition

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Excuse me.

Ah, hey.... EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your attention. I have an announcement: I am leaving. Good by.......

Oh, wait. Sorry. That is from a movie.

Actually. I have a new addition to my blogroll. Charles P. Pierce who now blogs at Esquire. I have listened to "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" on occasion. But it is nice to see him on a forum where the decorum allows him to be a little less restrained. That, and he agrees with me about the Jacob Weisberg assault on Ron Suskind.

First of all, a tip of the old hat to BBWW for the lead to Mr. Pierce's blog, and secondly, congratulations to BBWW for making the blogroll there.

For that, Mustang Bobby, I hate you.
What has to be the best rant of the year so far on any blog. I would highlight some portions, but there are just too many good ones to choose from. And know that this is not just some rant, it is also peppered with information and quotes to back up his points. When John Cole abandoned the Rabid Right and joined the progressive, our side gained one hell of an intelligent, strong voice.

Besides, I cannot help but like a man who can turn around an admit to when he is pissy, judgmental, and opinionated.

Keith Has Video!

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Granted, not as slick and polished as his days on MSNBC, but he is basically marking time until he can start with Current TV. However, whoever is helping him design the video format, they made it blog friendly. It actually fits in the main post area, I did not have to make any adjustments to the code. Even Comedy Central has had difficulty in understanding the standard width of most blog posts, requiring me to go in and manual adjust the width and height in the code. Anyway, here is Keith's WPotD.

About The Washington Monthly

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I really do enjoy reading Steven Benen over at The Washington Monthly. But damn, I hate that slide up ad that refuses to load half the time, and interferes with my reading of his post the other half. Then, when I click to close the ad, another pop up occurs. Very irritating.

Look, I know that on-line magazines want to make money. But do they have to do so in the most irritating, disruptive way possible? Some days I simply have to clear my RSS feeds of The Washington Monthly simply because it refuses to load quickly. I have to get to work in the morning.

Honestly, there has to be a better way to put advertising on a web page without it being  irritating and intrusive.

The Making Of A Martyr

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The worse thing anyone could do is make someone a Martyr. And yes, I mean with a capital M.

I am not going to spend much time trying to detail exactly how the WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange is becoming a Martyr, because Brian (ornery fucking cuss) Lambert does a fine job.

I Am Not Too Worried

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In science, it is understood that to overcome inertia, you have to supply an excessive amount of energy to get movement. However, once that is done, the required energy to keep things moving drops substantially.

With Firedoglake screaming bloody murder and instituting a petition to kill the bill, I see just such a theory, but put to work politically. Honestly, the chances of killing the bill are pretty slim. But, make enough noise about killing the bill, and why, and maybe the pols begin to see their pretty little butts are not so securely fastened to their congressional and senatorial seats. At that point, change will happen.

And now is the time to make some noise. The Tea Baggers have pretty much screamed themselves hoarse and are out of sync with the parliamentary moves of congress. However, I think Firedoglake is poised at precisely the right moment to strike. Though the stated goal may not be admirable, the eventual effect may be laudable.
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On Being Liberal

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Being Liberal is a new Facebook page that is attempting to replicate the numbers of the Being Conservative Facebook page sans paid advertising. So, to those few Liberals that actually stop by and read my blog, could you please go to Being Liberal and become a fan.

Oh, Facebook sets it up that way, otherwise, I suspect the owner of Being Liberal would rather have members.

Just What I Thought

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James Wolcott may not read my blog, but he must read my mind, because when I heard about Jake Tapper's doh act earlier this morning, my first thought was; he's working on a move to Fox. But, I was in a hurry..... errrr, well, actually, I just did not feel all that motivated to put my thoughts to words. Good thing, too, because James always does it better.

See kids, sometimes procrastination is a good thing.

Help Me Understand The Benefit

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Seriously. I need to know the benefit of all this commotion over the arrest of Roman Polanski. Now, do not get me wrong, what he did was horrible; awful; disgusting. You will hear no apology from me for his past behavior. Still, I am at a loss as to the benefit of focusing on his arrest. To me, in the grand scheme of today's events, this focus offers no benefit for our current crises. Will discussing his arrest reverse our economic recession/depression? Will discussing his arrest result in a better health care reform bill? Or is this simply another diversion, in a long line of diversions, that ultimately distracts us from today's problems?

What I find sad: many of the very people engaged in the discussion on Roman Polanski's arrest are the same people who decried the media's focus on the string of disappearances of young white women. Now that the story is about an issue that hits home, it is different?

As to the arrest; as a matter of rule of law, yes it is proper, it has happened, and now justice can play out. But it is my belief that many of the people latching onto this issue are doing so due to unfinished resolution of their own issues. It is a shame when the actual victim has been able to move on with her life, while people not directly harmed are spending copious amounts of emotional and mental energy arguing over the merits of the arrest.

But than, in my field I have witnessed many people whom were cruelly victimized in the past continue to victimize themselves today because of a lack of resolution. Should Roman Polanski's lawyers manage to get him released without extradition, what than of any hope for resolution? Is this a desire for justice? Or a desire for vengeance? For the world to finally do something fair? If so, well, good luck with that. The world is notorious for not giving us what we hope for or want.

My experience has shown me resolution comes from within, not from without. When I have put my hopes for resolution on some outside issue, whether or not it turned out as I wished, I found no resolution. Especially if what I wanted was vengeance. Not until I was able to find some internal sense of forgiveness was I able to let go and move on. Until then, I was continually distracted from the present by my insatiable focus on the past.
Oh, you know the scene. It is the one where Luke gets the living shit beat out of him in the boxing match. It is so bad, even the hardest of inmates turn away. Of course, in the end it earned Luke the respect of the crew. Unfortunately, Joe Klein is not Cool Hand Luke. Nor is he going to earn any respect after having the living shit kicked out of him by Glenn Greenwald.

I would link to the first time I referred to Cool Hand Luke, but that particular post is in the Lost Archives, yet to be restored.

Update: I honestly did not think it could get any bloodier. Man, was I wrong. In my day and age, before I became OLD, there would have been snickers and whispers of "He got his ass kicked by a girl!" Well, allow me this one brief regression. He got his ass kicked by a woman. It is a beauty to behold.

Update II: Man, it just is not stopping.

Distrust Of Media

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What does it say about the state of the modern Legacy Media when, between 1985 and 2004, the percentage of Americans stating they trusted the Legacy Media plummeted from 84 percent to 54 percent. Granted, this poll was focused on newsprint, but I have a hard time believing the average American separates newsprint from TV. Especially when many of the pundits spend as much time on TV as they do typing out opinion columns.

Now, we have the babbling hard on for men in power Chris Matthews claiming bloggers don't get fact checked. Look who's talking.

It's ironic that a cable news host such as Chris Matthews would attack bloggers for supposedly not checking their facts, considering the amount of falsehoods and factuallyinaccurate statements he regularly utters on the air -- which have all been fact-checked by bloggers.
This is what's know as projection.

Although babbling on about men in power appears more aligned to penis envy than projection.

And they wonder why they have lost the average American's trust.

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