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No Longer A National Party?

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I have been thinking for quite some weeks now that the Republican Party is dissolving. As I was perusing my usual blogs this evening the thought once again popped into my brain. Not more than a moment later, I found myself reading Booman Tribune:

If you think white working class guys in Ohio are lining up to vote for the "plutocrat married to a known equestrian," you are quite mistaken. Ask them who is better on the economy and they will tell you 'Obama.' This is evidence that the GOP is no longer a national party.
More and more I find myself believing the Republican Party is dying. They have lost too many moderates, too many sane conservatives, and are now left with the rabid, extreme right wackos who have not a clue on how to be a professional, rational political party.

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, Progressive or Conservative, the bottom line in being a successful political party is realizing that you have to be competent, intelligent leaders that know how to run a country. It is in this manner that one derives power organically. But to run a political party simply for the power without regard to competent leadership means the eventual death of the party.

I am not a believer in "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." That being said, I do believe seeking power for the sake of having power does corrupt. I want a leader who's reason for running is because he believes he can do a good job. Mitt Romney is obviously not running because he believes he can do a good job. He has not shown that he believes he is a competent leader. He is running because he believes he is entitled to be President. Nothing more, nothing less.

So too the Republican party in general. They no longer present themselves with the belief of their competence at leadership. They simple believe they are entitled to be the political party in charge. And towards that end they created  propaganda machines in the forms of Right Wing Talk Radio and Fox News. Not to disseminate truth, but to simply use lies and distortions to convince intellectually lazy people that the Republican/Conservative party is the party of leadership when in actuality they are incompetent.

The Republican Party was doomed the moment the Iron Curtain collapsed. Do you really think it is simple ignorance that drives Romney to embrace the concept of another cold war with Russia? No. The people desperate for power who now advise Romney are from a time of conservative dominance in our government. The stand against Communist Russia was all consuming. It's collapse meant the removal of conservatism's claim on leadership. It's reason for existing collapsed. With the co-option of the Republican party by the extreme conservatives, it's collapse was inevitable.

Kevin Gets Paranoid

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Okay, I like Kevin Drum, over at Mother Jones. I really do. However, sometimes he just gets fatalistic. His concern that the sponsor exodus happening right now to Rush Limbaugh is some sort of slippery slope leading to the downfall of political shows in general is just plain ridiculous. Seriously. You would think a Boggart came crawling into Kevin's home office just before he started writing his post.

And yet....there's an obvious slippery slope here. Lots of advertisers already shy away from political shows of every stripe, and this episode could begin to drive them all away. Why take the chance, even on a host who doesn't usually cause national outrage? "Usually" isn't never, after all, and in any case, you never know what a guest is going to say. Better to stick with local blowhards and self-help shows.

Limbaugh is getting what he finally deserves. I couldn't be happier about it. I just hope that down the road this doesn't turn into a preemptive boycott of every political gabber out there who has even the smallest chance of ever producing any national blowback. That runs the risk of turning every show into a bland marshmallow. It wouldn't make the world a better place.

What gets me is that Kevin is usually quite good at looking up research, or finding historical evidence to back up his claims. However, the above quoted post lacks both. So, all I can do is chalk this up to fear.

But why would he be scared? He blogs for a publication that exists financially by a totally different form of support. And what advertising there is is from companies with an explicit political agenda. They are not going to pull their ads because of some national outrage. Chances are they want that outrage to occur. So, it is not a fear of his losing his gig as blogger for Mother Jones.

I think Kevin is seeing this one tree as indicative of the entire forest. Or would somehow working in "one bad apple does not make the whole barrel bad" be the better metaphor?

Wait.... No.

Kevin is talking about Rush. I am talking about Kevin. I will stick with the tree/forest metaphor. If I was talking about Rush, then I could use the barrel metaphor.

What the hell is wrong with her? Seriously. "Blood Libel?" Can a person be any more stupid?


Look, I am not going to get into the blame game. There really is no way to prove whether violent, military rhetoric drove Jared Lee Loughner to commit the Arizona killings. So, I am not interested in pursuing that line of thought.

However, consider that for years during the Clinton administration Rush, Newt, and other Conservative leaders were very fond of saying words matter; words have consequences.

Now, of course, they are rejecting that very premise.

Go figure.

Anyway, if you will allow me a slight tangent; one tenant of recovery is to act as if you want recovery. That means putting aside the behaviors and language associated with using. It is, in effect, replacing one culture with another. It is believed that if you use a new language and follow new rules that do not have any association with drug and alcohol use you will be less likely to have urges to use.

Well, I see Democracy as a replacement for armed conflict in establishing leadership. So, if you are a believer in Democracy, that means using language reflecting that belief. Talking about armed revolution, watering the tree of liberty, etc, hardly projects a belief in Democracy.

Oh, and to go on an even sharper tangent: once again the United States has come to call an assassin by all three names........

What Bobby Said

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This is a first (and possibly last) in what should have already been a long established practice of "What Mustang Bobby Said."

Aside from the fact that the Republicans and the right wing had decided long before January 20, 2009, that the Obama presidency would be a failure and that they would do everything they could to make it so, the simple fact remains that human nature is such that it is easier to convince the people that a vapor trail off the coast of California is a precursor to an invasion by the Borg than it is to convince 95% of the taxpaying public that their taxes actually went down last year. The more outrageous the story, the easier it is to sell. Orson Welles knew that in 1938; so did P.T. Barnum, and so did the folks who came up with the whiz-bang story that the universe was created in six days. After all, which sounds better; the Garden of Eden and a talking snake or a long boring science lecture on microbes adapting to a planet with carbon and water?


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While the Republican/Conservative movement has relied mostly on the megaphone style of political persuasion, I see the Whisper Campaign as a more effective style of political persuasion for the Democrats/Progressives. Let the Republicans blast away with the few megaphone mouths (Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, et. el.). The Democrats can simply walk softly and whisper quietly to individuals among the masses. You know, do the grassroots thing.

Granted, the Teabagger's movement was a type of grassroots in that the corporate/conservative elites were able to tap the anger of the intellectually ignorant; feeding them misinformation and out right lies. But it only created a squeaking wheel. It did not constitute any huge majority, or even a respectable minority. Instead, it brought together a whole bunch of crazy, that left a poor impression on the general population.

From what I can see, the Republican/Conservative grassroots movements have been an abysmal failure, easily falling short of fund raising as accomplished by comparable progressive movements. And in what is no doubt the greatest irony of all; the Republican/Conservative grassroots rely on funding from individuals comparable to their rich, liberal, villain De jour, George Soros, the man supposedly funding the entire progressive infrastructure.

I just can't help but see the Republican/conservative elites losing power. Not when their efforts include the manipulation of ignorant, intellectually lazy people. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of the human race is not ignorant. If it was, we would still be Neanderthals living a stone age existence.

Sigh. Yes, I understand Rush, Hannity, and Beck might exemplify the modern Neanderthals, but they really are still a minority.

After Some Thought

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After my initial thought about Rush, I spent some time analyzing my feelings and I came to the conclusion, that though I do not wish death upon anyone, mostly because they are going to die at some point anyway, I do not find myself poised to feel remorse, grief, or any type of sadness should he pass away.

If there is one sliver of positive about Rush surviving a possible heart attack (Yes, I know! Who'd a thunk one existed in that bloated, drug damaged body) is that I, and many others in Left Blogstonia, can continue to speak ill of the man.

My First Thought Was.....

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'Despite my dislike for him and his perverse propaganda, and that I believe his death would possibly end much of the partisan bickering in this country, I do hope he recovers.'

As an aside; it was a heart attack that seemed to spur my father's move from conservative to moderate. Not that I am suggesting any such thing about Rush. I am just saying.

The First Of A Trend?

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With the Washington Times bleeding worse than a cut forehead, I can not help but wonder if this is the start of a trend. Are purely partisan propaganda print-shops going the way of the Dodo?


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CNN, MSNBC, and the network news organizations ought be ashamed of the fact Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show," a comedy show, of all things, was able to bust Fox news on it's incredibly juvenile attempt at deceit. And make no mistake, Hannity and company purposely inserted that bogus video of Beck's September 12 rally. It is not like the old days where you had to manual splice film, or even videos, and accidentally grab the wrong film/video. The September 12 shots are stored in a file on a computer, and had to be purposely accessed.

But to the point: After coming to the defense of Fox News when the Obama Administration accused them of being the propaganda arm of the Republican party they now have to accept they are tarnished by association. When are they going to get a clue? Fox News has no intention of being anything other than the Conservative Republican Propaganda Network.

As an aside; I wonder how long it would take Google to block a bomb of Fox News = Conservative Republican Propaganda Network? Not that I generate enough traffic to actually get this bomb launched.


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Lord, help us all. This is what drives the modern Republican party.

I thank MN Progressive Project for finding this little gem. Garish, crude, and painful. But still a gem.

But what I do not understand is how he thought it was okay to tape this whole situation. It just reinforces his whole clown act as that - an act.

I Have Never Read Him

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And I never will, after reading about his latest column over at BBWW

Speaking His Mind

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This is what the conservatives have done for decades; they spoke their mind, regardless of it's political correctness. Hell, they did not even care if it was based on facts, or simply ignorant opinion, they said whatever they damn well pleased. Nice to see someone follow the conservative's playbook.

Novotny: John, what about this controversy over opposition to Obama's speech to school children?

Harwood: I've got to tell you Monica, I've been watching politics for a long time and this is, this one is really over the top. What it shows you is there are a lot of cynical people who try to fan controversy and let's face it, in a country of three hundred million people there are a lot of stupid people too, because if you believe that's it's somehow unhealthy for kids for the President to say work hard and stay in school, you're stupid.

Novotny: Ouch.

Harwood: In fact, I'm worried for some of those kids, I'm worried for some of those kids of those parents who are upset. I'm not sure they're smart enough to raise those kids.

More of this please. Seriously, we need more people from the progressive side of the isle speaking their mind. Honestly, no matter what, the rabid, right-wing conservatives are going to screech, whine, and basically holler, whatever the subject or issue. So, call them out on their ignorance, their stupidity, and their hypocrisy. The conservatives have shown quite some time ago that they are simply not interested in a civil, rational, educated debate. They are all about being the squeaky wheel looking to get the grease. So, let us simply squeak louder.

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