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I am having one of those "I need to bitch" moments but I have nothing that really seems worth bitching about. It is along the lines of being hungry but nothing looks good. Which, when you are hungry and your cupboards are full of food, is a good thing. At least I have food. Right? However, when you want to bitch and there is so much to bitch about but none of it really looks worthwhile, that is a bad thing. Who wants a cupboard full of bitch?

I guess that is the problem; there really is a lot politically to bitch about. Yet, I just do not see change happening simply because I bitch. I would love to do more politically, but with me working a full-time job in the northern portion of east central Minnesota, it is tough. And even worse than just general bitching about politics is the face-slapping stupidity of the extreme conservatives in this country. Honest-to-God, I have not a clue how they keep on living. I spend a few minutes reading their posts on blogs, or on facebook, and I wonder how the hell they feed themselves, let alone find their way to the computer. They really do come across that monumentally stupid.

Okay, I think I got the need to bitch out of my system. Well, that and I have to get the cloths out of the drying. The damn thing is clamoring for my attention. Fucking needy appliances.

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