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I decided I agreed with the General. Look, in most things I am a progressive. But I was in the service. True, my alcohol and drug use caused me to fail in my duty to my country. Yet, I understood that when I signed on, I was the property of Uncle Sam.

So, after my initial thought that this general was nuts, I thought about his stance. It makes sense. Sorry, but if you volunteered, you put country first. If that means holding off on getting pregnant, so be it. And with reports about our troops already stressed due to multiple, extended tours, making an effort to reduce any other causes of stress just makes sense.

Yes, threatening court marshal is a bit much. However, if he is serious about preventing pregnancies, then I hope he is pushing for sex education among the enlisted. Hell, remembering some of the officers I had to work under, I suspect some of today's officers need it even more. Especially those of the holy crusader ilk who's sex education was probably of the abstinence based variety.

Oh, and those thinking this maybe unconstitutional. Wrong. It was one of the things made clear upon enlistment; you have no constitutional rights. All rights afforded service members are covered under the Military Code of Justice.

Edited to clear up a major mistake.
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Iran Has The Bomb!?!?!?!?!?

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BBC/US military chief in Iran warning

Iran has enough nuclear material to build a bomb, the United States' most senior military commander has said.

"We think they do, quite frankly," Adm Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told CNN.

My first response when I read the above:

"Jesus H. Christ! Would you pull your head out of your fucking ass!"

Honestly, this fear mongering by a supposed brave American military man is totally unbecoming an officer. That's because he's coming across as a whining, titty-ass baby. Besides, the whole Iran has enough material is bull-shit. Having the raw material does not mean they have the ability to make a bomb. It's low grade. So, what we seem to have here is an Admiral that is overstepping his pay grade and making claims best left to the Administration.

Seriously, President Obama needs to fire someone in the Pentagon to make it clear who is in charge. The longer he ignores this kind of behavior from his military subordinates, the more they will work at undermining his authority.

What BushCo™ Was All About

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I think this story epitomizes what the Bush Administration was all about; greed and corruption. The aftermath of the Iraq Invasion was a foreshadowing of what they had in store for us here in the homeland.

God, I even hate typing that last word. It is just so damn dirty.


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Does the Navy even know it's supporting a pro gay/lesbian video?

Navy ad.gif

Not that I have a problem with the Navy advertising on Jack Black's site. I would love to see the Don't Ask, Don't Tell abomination thrown out and the ban against gays and lesbians in the military lifted. From the sounds of it, Obama is leaning in just that direction.

However, considering the slant of Jack's video, the Navy allowing advertising must mean that at least one branch of the armed services is ready to allow gays and lesbians. But than, I am just conjecturing. I could be wrong.

Oh, by the way, the pic above is from Bark Bark Woof Woof. Go, enjoy the video. You'll be surprised at some of the performers.

B-52 Crashes Off Guam

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New York Times

HONOLULU (AP) -- The Air Force says a B-52 bomber with six crew members has crashed off Guam. The Coast Guard says two people have been recovered from the waters. Their condition was not immediately available.
What the hell has happened to the Air Force? They have had more troubles of late. First there was the B-52 bomber that unkownly carried nuclear warheads, then the base that sent the warheads out fails a nuclear safety inspection in May of 2008, and now there has been a 2nd crash of a bomber.

What scares me is that this degradation of the Air Force is indicative of the leadership of George Walker Bush. We have already been witness to stories about political malfeasance at the Justice Department, the cover up of global warming, and the politically motivated acts of misconduct by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Considering the current makeup of McCain's campaign staff, I doubt there will be any real move to clean out the incompetent and down right amoral political appointments of the Bush administration, which means we will see a continuation of incompetence and failure. With Obama remaining strong on his commitment of no lobbyists, there is some hope of a cleansing. Mostly because he appears to be running a top notch campaign.

In the end, the ability to bring together a good team, whether it is for a campaign, or for an administration, is the true marker of a competent leader.
Blue Gal, Red State: Gardens of Stone
The Hastings Star Gazette

About 50 Hastings-based soldiers from the Minnesota National Guard will soon be returning to Iraq for their second deployment in four years.

The soldiers are part of Charlie Company of the 834th Aviation Support Battalion of the 34th Combat Aviation Brigade. They’ll be leaving near the end of May for an approximately year-long tour, Shane Hudella, a spokesman for the National Guard said.
After 5 years this should not be happening. Putting aside the lies, the deception, and the manipulation that led us into this occupation, if the current administration had any competent leadership abilities, this type of extreme rotation would not be needed. Instead, there would already be an international coalition in Iraq, with the Iraqis themselves supply the bulk of security in their own country.

Instead, we are left as the major, if not sole, security force in the country that does not want us there, while a certain vice-president's company reaps a whirlwind profit. Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army was soundly rebuffed by local militias and shows no signs of being able to improve its standing.

CBS News

In the past, Katz has repeatedly insisted while the risk of suicide among veterans is serious, it's not outside the norm.

"There is no epidemic in suicide in VA," Katz told Keteyian in November.

But in this e-mail to his top media adviser, written two months ago, Katz appears to be saying something very different, stating: "Our suicide prevention coordinators are identifying about 1,000 suicide attempts per month among veterans we see in our medical facilities."

Katz's e-mail was written shortly after the VA provided CBS News data showing there were only 790 attempted suicides in all 2007 - a fraction of Katz's estimate.
What the hell do you say to this type of cover up?

Suicide is an extremely serious problem. Denial on the part of those responsible for helping the veteran's struggling with depression clearly means our military personnel are not getting the help they need. Katz is suppose to be focusing on the welfare of his patients, not the greater good of the military.

The man acted dishonorably, tarnishing the reputation of our military personnel, many who are now struggling to overcome the psychological damage caused by what was clearly an untenable situation.
We are getting closer to creating the Cylons.

Robots for everyone! Oh, Hat Tip: PSoTD It's the last link.

Update: The GirlFriend™ just watched the video and commented a person could ride it.
New York Times

To the public, these men are members of a familiar fraternity, presented tens of thousands of times on television and radio as “military analysts” whose long service has equipped them to give authoritative and unfettered judgments about the most pressing issues of the post-Sept. 11 world.

Hidden behind that appearance of objectivity, though, is a Pentagon information apparatus that has used those analysts in a campaign to generate favorable news coverage of the administration’s wartime performance, an examination by The New York Times has found.

The effort, which began with the buildup to the Iraq war and continues to this day, has sought to exploit ideological and military allegiances, and also a powerful financial dynamic: Most of the analysts have ties to military contractors vested in the very war policies they are asked to assess on air.

You mean they are not unbiased analysts with integrity and honor? <snark>Well, knock me over with a feather.</snark>

It is a long, and damaging article detailing propaganda at its worst.


1. United States (FY08 budget), $623 billion
2. China (2004), $65 billion
3. Russia, $50 billion
4. France (2005), $45 billion
5. United Kingdom, $42.8 billion
6. Japan (2007), $41.75 billion
7. Germany (2003), $35.1 billion
8. Italy (2003), $28.2 billion
9. South Korea (2003), $21.1 billion
10. India (2005 est.), $19 billion
You know, I do not think we are getting our money's worth at the moment.

And no, I do not believe it is the fault of the military. I believe it would be the bozo currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bush to Veto Pentagon Funds Over Iraq Provision

New York Times

Senator Carl Levin, the Michigan Democrat who heads the Armed Services Committee, said it was "unfortunate that the administration failed to identify the concerns upon which this veto is based until after the bill had passed both houses on Congress and was sent to the president for signature." The senator said he was "deeply disappointed" at Friday's developments.

The bill is important to members of the military and their families, since it provides for a 3.5 percent pay raise for the troops and contains measures intended to improve the much-criticized health-care system for veterans. (Money for the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan is provided for in separate legislation.)

Honestly, it is not about the possibility of lawsuits. It is about BushCo™ using it as an excuse instead of vetoing it over the 3.5% pay raise for the troops. These bastards are nothing, if not craven, in their efforts to undermine our troops. And since there is no simple fix to be had here-it will all have to go through the legislation process again, more pork barrel sections will be added, and the pay raise will be battled against. And if it is not successfully combated and makes it into the bill again, than another section will be used as an excuse to veto that version of the bill.

Now, if you will all excuse me, I have to put my conspiracy theorist back in his underground bunker complex.

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