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Hey MB!

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Gooooooooooooooooo Twins!

Yeah, that's right. I am rubbing it into Mustang Bobby's face, as he is a Tigers fan.

What Took So Long

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That the damn thing was vandalized is not a shock. That it took this long for it to happen is the real surprise.

Via Minnesota Independent:


Oh, cue the screaming righties.

'Made in USA': Simple But costly

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How much is a noble idea worth? A new state law prohibits cities, counties, the state and other "public employers" from buying uniforms or safety equipment made outside the United States. The idea, said the man behind the measure, Rep. Tom Rukavina, is to send a message about protecting American jobs and revenue. An admirable goal, say city officials and the League of Minnesota Cities, but the problem is that cash-strapped local governments have never been in a worse position to devote scarce resources to a philosophical ideal, even if they agree with it.
A law that should have been passed back when NAFTA was first implemented.
The Hastings Star Gazette

About 50 Hastings-based soldiers from the Minnesota National Guard will soon be returning to Iraq for their second deployment in four years.

The soldiers are part of Charlie Company of the 834th Aviation Support Battalion of the 34th Combat Aviation Brigade. They’ll be leaving near the end of May for an approximately year-long tour, Shane Hudella, a spokesman for the National Guard said.
After 5 years this should not be happening. Putting aside the lies, the deception, and the manipulation that led us into this occupation, if the current administration had any competent leadership abilities, this type of extreme rotation would not be needed. Instead, there would already be an international coalition in Iraq, with the Iraqis themselves supply the bulk of security in their own country.

Instead, we are left as the major, if not sole, security force in the country that does not want us there, while a certain vice-president's company reaps a whirlwind profit. Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army was soundly rebuffed by local militias and shows no signs of being able to improve its standing.

By way of MNPublius:
Molnau sold farm near road she pushed

Molnau, as chairwoman of the powerful House Transportation Finance Committee, guided the bill to passage. But she did not disclose Hwy. 212's proximity to the land she owned in Chaska or that she was negotiating to sell the property to a national housing developer, state and local records show.

The transportation bill provided for rapid construction of what Molnau called "mega-projects." One that fit the bill's criteria was Hwy. 212, which would run less than a mile from her farm.

"If you're interested in highways, like Hwy. 14, Hwy. 23, 52, 53, 169, 371, Hwy. 60, Hwy. 212, or Hwy. 94 in Greater Minnesota, this is a good bill for you," she told the Minnesota House on March 21, 2000.

Eight days after the bill was signed by then-Gov. Jesse Ventura, Molnau and her husband, Steve, sold their 40 acres to the developer, Pulte Homes of Minnesota, for $3.3 million -- six times its estimated market value, records show. [highlighted by Rook]
Looks like the Minnesota GOP is a carbon copy of the National GOP; corrupt to its very core. Though, just to be fair, it looks like sex was left out of this scandal. Damn, just won't sell nationally.

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Como Zoo Orangutan Gives Birth

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Minnesota Daily

A Como Zoo orangutan recently had a very interesting trip to the doctor.

On Dec. 13, an orangutan named Markisa gave birth to a baby via Cesarean section at the University's Veterinary Medical Center.

Not only were Como Zoo zookeepers and University veterinarians involved in the rare procedure, but medical personnel from the University Children's Hospital Fairview also took part.

I am a big fan of the Como Zoo. For one, it has free admission. Second, I love the Conservatory.

Oh, Christ! Just when you thought it was safe to be a Republican again.

Minnesota Monitor

The social conservatives' buzz over the Iowa court decision striking down that state's Defense of Marriage Act continues in Minnesota as right-wing types ratchet up the push for a constitutional amendment in the next legislative session. The common denominator among them seems to be Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten.
Oh, for Christ's sake. We've got bridges to build, bridges to repair, roads to repair, schools to fund, and an economy to manage. But no, instead, our Republican congress critters in the Minnesota State government deem that failed amendment more important.

When are they going to pull their collective heads out of their asses and see the people of this state have bigger concerns? Ya, I know, never.

Still, enough already. How about our elected officials start doing the business of the people, not sticking their collective noses into the business of the people.

Selma's Ice Cream Parlour to be sold

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What's believed to be the oldest ice cream parlor in Minnesota will be sold in the aftermath of a public dispute over its renovation and the subsequent death of owner Joe Farrington.

Selma's Ice Cream Parlour in the southern Washington County city of Afton closed abruptly in early August when Farrington committed suicide after protracted negotiations with the City Council and the state Department of Natural Resources over his development plans for the building, which dates to the Civil War.

"I'm looking for a buyer or buyers with the same love for this wonderful community and passion for this business that Joe embraced," his widow, Dawn Farrington, said today.

I have fond memories of Selma's Ice Cream Parlour. As a kid growing up in Southern Washington County, my 4-H Club often played softball in the park across from Selma's. At least twice a year, when going to my God Parent's Island cabin on Balsam Lake, our family stopped for ice cream. As recently as this summer, while biking, I stopped for a scoop of Raspberry ice cream in a waffle cone.

To me, Selma's is a Minnesota Institution.

Selma's is right on the St. Croix river, and has survived many floods, and other natural disasters. It would be a shame to have it shut down because of government bureaucracy.

Larry Craig will have his day in court - Sept. 26 -- and it has been scheduled quickly enough that he might meet his self-imposed deadline for resolving his criminal fight so he can return to the Senate and complete his term. And just to add to the drama of this political scandal, the hearing has been slated before a judge who last week was accused of bias toward a murder suspect by the top Twin Cities prosecutor.
This whole case just gets more and more sensational. Biased judge? Who'd a thunk?

Ya, rhetorical, whatever.

The Ashmore Family Foundation lured people to lend or otherwise contribute money to it by assuring them that they'd earn returns of up to 70 percent, Attorney General Lori Swanson said in a lawsuit against the charity.
I'm sorry, but if you actually believed the 70 percent line, then I have a bridge in Minneapolis to sell........

That being said, the Ashmore Family brothers are assholes.

The preceding statement merely being an opinion. I mean, it's not like bloggers have opinions now.

Sorry. Really. It won't happen again.

Now, about the you buying a bridge.......

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