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Hastings Bridge: new doubts, new fears


"The Hastings Bridge is not safe," state Sen. Katie Sieben, DFL-Newport, said at a Capitol news conference Tuesday. "The repairs need to happen now. The replacement needs to happen now."
I am so pissed I have even chased The GirlFriend™ from the dining room. I can't believe the bullshit that is being played over the Hastings bridge. It is in worse shape than the 35W bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis. It takes as much traffic as that bridge, and with less lanes.

And this?

The Minnesota Department of Transportation refuses to release an in-depth inspection of the outdated bridge, citing a concern that terrorists could exploit the weaknesses of the narrow span.
It exceeds bullshit by about a power of 10. Concern about terrorists? What fucking cowards. They really need to pull their fucking heads out of their asses. No terrorists are going to knock down the Hastings bridge. What the hell for? Our damn politicians are doing it for them by playing the denial game. It will fall down all by itself, the shape it is in.

Fucking assholes.

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