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New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi in Minneapolis collapsed last August after construction workers had put 99 tons of sand on the roadway directly over two of the bridge’s weakest points, according to a National Transportation Safety Board report.
In the end, it's going to be a combination of poor design, poor maintenance, and poor repair planning.

When, exactly, is it ever a good idea to dump 99 tons of sand on an old bridge?
Minnesota Monitor

Members of Minnesota's Congressional delegation sent a strongly worded letter Monday to Gov. Tim Pawlenty urging his administration to apply for emergency funds for the 35W bridge collapse -- funds that could quickly disappear.

Reps. Jim Oberstar, Collin Peterson, Betty McCollum, Tim Walz, and Keith Ellison criticized the Pawlenty administration's slow response in applying for several streams of funding for disaster relief, reimbursements for the Metropolitan Council, and the rebuilding of the bridge.

It would seem sitting on your ass is a standard Republican characteristic, no matter what level of government they are leading.

I-35W work may stall Wakota Bridge

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Seriously, our state is starting to show it's own signs of incompetence.

Star Tribune


The long-troubled east metro project might lose another construction season, officials say.

Last update: September 24, 2007 - 11:01 PM

Plagued by a history of delays, design flaws and cost overruns, the Wakota Bridge has now been placed on a possible hit list of projects that may be temporarily shelved to free up funds for reconstruction of the collapsed Interstate 35W bridge.

The opening of the east-bound Wakota Bridge, which spans the Mississippi River between South St. Paul and Newport, already had been delayed until 2009 while the project was being rebid.

Washington County Commissioner Myra Peterson, who represents the district around the bridge, said the result of further delay might be the loss "of a whole construction season."

Five weeks after a major bridge collapsed and three weeks after floods ravaged southeastern Minnesota, a special session of the Legislature to deal with the dual tragedies remained just out of reach Friday.
I hold no illusions about politics moving fast. Yet, in this situation, there are immediate needs, that require immediate attention, where revenue and funding are something to be dealt with after the fact.

The flooding in Southeastern Minnesota needs to be addressed now, without concern for revenue or bonding. It takes precedence over infrastructure for the moment.

I understand the need to rebuild the I35W bridge over the Mississippi is pressing, with an economic cost due to re-routed traffic, it's effect on business, and the extra strain on the environment due to gas consumption. But people in Southeastern Minnesota are without homes, without businesses, without basic supplies. Get them help, and let's not haggle over the costs.

Mayor Coleman Op-Ed

| No Comments | No TrackBacks has posted the op-ed piece by St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman that is very well written. How can I tell? Because the usual suspect trolls are screeching their displeasure. And the more shrill their screech, what better indicator of just how effective the words.

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