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Good Morning!

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It is Sunday morning, my sister, brother-in-law, and my nieces have gone to church. I am contemplating doing laundry. I figured while using brain cells for such a mundane activity as thinking, I would whip out a quick blog post. To be honest, I really could do more posting. It is just that, well, being the world's greatest unpublished author really does take its toll on a person. But I struggle through.

Anyway, I have finished my morning routine of journaling, reading my meditation books (which really is not meditation, but what the hell, who am I to argue about the naming of books), and drinking my cup of coffee. And yes, no cream or sugar, you heathens! Seriously, there is a level in hell reserved for people who desecrate coffee in such a vile manner.

Anyway, my next week of employment is training down in St. Paul. I even get a hotel room for the week! So, I am going to make sure I have a week worth of clothing to bring with me, as well as real coffee. We all know that hotels provide low-grade coffee grounds laced with petroleum-based preservatives in a vain attempt to retain that fresh-roasted flavor. One sip of that crude oil and I am burping for the rest of the day. Granted, I am a man and I enjoy a good burp, but not all day, and not when the flavor of crap coffee accompanies the burps. Disgusting!

Well, you all enjoy your Sunday. I have laundry to finish.

2009 Tour De Rook - Leg 17

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Well, I almost did not go out for a leg today. I woke up sore all over, and with a dry, scratchy throat. However, after my morning coffee and breakfast, my body's pain eased and my throat moistened up, allowing me the pleasure of a Sunday noon ride.

  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gifAverage Speed: 11.6 mph
  • Total Distance: 10.67 miles
  • Top Speed: 29.5 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 55:43
  • iPod: The Beatles - 1967/1970
  • Wind: 9 mph NNW
  • Temp: Start; 60° F. Finish; 63° F.
  • Humidity: 53%

Death by Caffeine

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Coffee Withdrawal

I made the mistake of not drinking any coffee today. So, at the moment, I've got a headache. Now, don't get your undies in a bundle, I've gone and bought myself a cup this evening. I'm not stupid.

I hate having caffeine headaches. If I hadn't let myself get distracted today, I'd have made myself a French press this morning. Damn good way to brew a cup of coffee, if you don't mind my saying so. Strong, bold, and full of fiber.

Nothing starts the day out better then a strong cup of coffee. Especially when it gives you movement.

Alfred H. Peet, the son of a Dutch coffee merchant who pioneered a revolution in roasting exotic dark beans that led to America’s love affair with high-end coffee, died Wednesday at his home in Ashland, Ore. He was 87.

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