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Good Morning!

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It is Sunday morning, my sister, brother-in-law, and my nieces have gone to church. I am contemplating doing laundry. I figured while using brain cells for such a mundane activity as thinking, I would whip out a quick blog post. To be honest, I really could do more posting. It is just that, well, being the world's greatest unpublished author really does take its toll on a person. But I struggle through.

Anyway, I have finished my morning routine of journaling, reading my meditation books (which really is not meditation, but what the hell, who am I to argue about the naming of books), and drinking my cup of coffee. And yes, no cream or sugar, you heathens! Seriously, there is a level in hell reserved for people who desecrate coffee in such a vile manner.

Anyway, my next week of employment is training down in St. Paul. I even get a hotel room for the week! So, I am going to make sure I have a week worth of clothing to bring with me, as well as real coffee. We all know that hotels provide low-grade coffee grounds laced with petroleum-based preservatives in a vain attempt to retain that fresh-roasted flavor. One sip of that crude oil and I am burping for the rest of the day. Granted, I am a man and I enjoy a good burp, but not all day, and not when the flavor of crap coffee accompanies the burps. Disgusting!

Well, you all enjoy your Sunday. I have laundry to finish.

Employment News

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No, not national employment news, personal employment news. I am past due making this announcement. Some of you, those whom read my facebook page, may have noticed that my employment has changed. I am no longer working for Prairie Island Indian Community Family Services. My last day was on November 29th, 2011.

Instead, I will now be working for the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Specifically, at the Willow River CIP (Challenge Incarceration Program). Since Willow River is two and a half hours away from Hastings, I have relocated to Grantsburg WI. which is only an hour from Willow River. I am staying with my sister for the time being, until I can get enough money together to buy furniture, a bed, and other necessities required for living in an apartment or home. For the last year I was living at a complex that supplied everything except sheets and pillows. All the furniture and even a TV were furnished.

So, my life is about to become quite different than it was for the last 5 to 6 years. Hope the best for me.

Breaking Economic News

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Well, of a personal kind. I have been sitting on this for over two weeks. But because of the multiple steps required before I actually got approved, I had to keep it quiet. However, tonight, at Prairie Island's Sobriety Feast I was informed the council approved of my hire. I will be a substance abuse counselor for the Prairie Island Indian Community, working for their Family Social Services department. The pay is low, the hours will no doubt be long, but it is a full-time position after nearly three years of under-employment.

And once again I set out on a new, exciting challenge.

Yeah me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off To Work

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I have to work this weekend. Just doing consults on the hospital floors. Doctors want to know if someone needs treatment for substance abuse. I could be there all day, or just for a few hours, depending on the number of consults ordered.

Type at you later!

Welcome To Sunday

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Yesterday was a lazy day, where the most work I did was about 20 minutes of writing on a short story. One I haven't looked at for almost 5 months. Then I did some dictation to Dragon Naturally Speaking, but after an hour, my throat dried up. With my cold, that is not a good thing. Still, in the end it was a relaxing, do nothing day.

Today? I am going to head to my job in Red Wing. I have some paperwork that needs catching up. So, how is your day going?

Sicker Than Normal

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No fever. But my nose has enough snot to fill 5 dump trucks. And believe me when I say my nose is big enough for just such a feat. I am currently debating whether or not to call in sick. I work at a hospital, but in a building separate from the actual facility, so I would not be endangering any already sick patients.

Tylenol extra-strength has knocked down the muscle aches and stiffness. And without the Musinex, I would most definitely be unable to make it to work, the cold having settled deeply into my chest. No cough yet, thankfully. However, the scratch in my throat, though muted by the Tylenol, agitates enough to make itself evident. Mostly, I just do not have the energy.

Maybe a shower will help improve my energy.

Hello From Prescott, WI.

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Okay. We are finally all settled in at the new apartment. However, now comes the unpacking. Thankfully, there is not a dead line by which we need to be unpacked. Still, our bedroom is full of boxes, as too the room's closet. The Fuskers™ room is almost to his liking; there are still posters that need to be displayed on the walls.

Meanwhile, I continue to work two jobs, accumulating just over 40 hours a week. They are, for the most part, 8 hour days, except for Thursdays, which are my double days; working both jobs - Wenden in the morning to do the weekly paperwork, Unity Hospital at night. Otherwise, it is Unity on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; Wenden on Wednesday and Thursday.

I have to be honest, unlike other bloggers, I find blogging to be more of a chore than a relief. That is why I do not post much during hectic, chaotic times; it just adds to my exhaustion. Now that things are starting to settle into a new routine, I hope to resume regular postings. Although, to be honest, I do not think I have ever posted regularly.


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Real quick: I'm working. No benefits, hours are not set, but I am working again. Two jobs, in fact. So, I've got to hit the shower and go to Red Wing this morning.

2009 Tour De Rook - Leg 12

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Well, it was bound to happen. After having riding 1535.4 miles, I finally developed a flat tire. As I was on the home stretch, after coming down the Hwy 61 hill and achieving the decrepit, ready to collapse into the Mississippi River, Hasting bridge, I ran over a construction staple. I had to walk my bike the last mile. Anyway, here are the stats:

  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gifTop Speed: 27.0 mph
  • Average Speed: 10.2 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 1:58:21
  • Total Distance: 20.36 miles
  • iPod: Peter Lang - Dharma Blues / Cheryl Crow - The Basics (iTune Download) / The Monkees - Greatest Hits
Honestly, I was feeling really good about today's leg. I was in better shape, feeling less pain then the last time I did a long run. So, that's cool.

Also, on the employment front: I've been offered a job at Unity Hospital as an on-call/casual counselor. Despite the reports of green shoots and other positive signs, all I can say is that I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Quite frankly, most of the reports seem to be coming from corporate media sources, so I'll withhold my enthusiasm for the time.

Hope The Best For Me

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I've a second interview with Unity Hospital. Keep your fingers crossed for me; would ya? Thanks! I knew I could count on all my faithful readers. On two hands...........

Oh, okay. On one hand.*

Well Damn!

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Wow! The job I interviewed for last Friday called and asked to set up a 2nd interview for this coming Thursday. I'll be damned.

My First Day Of Unemployment

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Well, here it is, my first official day of unemployment. I never worked on Fridays, having worked 10 hour days and getting a three day weekend. So, that makes today the first day of unemployment. Drinks on the house...... oh, wait. This is a blog, not a bar. My bad.

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