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2012 Tour De Rook - Leg 23

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To the stats:

  • Thumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gif Total Distance: 8.59 miles
  • Elapsed riding time: 0:33:19
  • Top Speed: 19.5 mph
  • Average Speed: 15.4 mph
  • iPod: Sheryl Crow - iTunes Essentials
  • Wind: Calm (I disagree - I could tell there was a breeze out of the North, but not much more than 1 or 2 mph)
  • Humidity  43%
  • Temperature: 72° F

I know, where is leg 22? Trust me, I will explain. Just not now. I am a bit tired. This short run was hurt. With my back acting up just over a month ago, and still causing some issues, and the rear tire developing an air bubble just under the tread, I have not been riding consistently. But than, like me and blogging, consistency is a rare thing.

Now, about my back: seems that there has been a pinch slowly developing to which I was not quite paying attention. I was wondering why the back of my upper arm would get what felt like a tearing sensation. Now, of course, I know. It came to a head after I went fishing with my girlfriend down in Rochester, Minnesota.

Her parents live on a lake that use to be an old sandstone quarry. We use their boat and a trolling motor to get around. Well, I was using my right hand to steer the motor. It meant reaching behind me and twisting my back and neck. On top of that, there was the casting. The colluded in causing serious discomfort the next day. So much so that my right index finger became numb.

I have been going to the chiropractor, and have seen major improvement. The numbness no longer hinders my ability to handle pens or do typing. A few more sessions and I hope to have the numbness gone.

Now, though, my lower back is pissed at me. I do not blame it. I should have waiting a few more minutes before sitting down to create this post. But it is a muscle that is bitching me out, not my spine. It will, of course, get over it soon enough. I figure a good shower should do the trick. So, hopefully, I will let you know about Leg 22 later today.

A week ago today, in Siren, at the Anytime Fitness Center, I forgot how old I was and pushed myself a bit too much in jogging on a treadmill. As a result I sprained my medial collateral ligament in my right leg. In the simplest terms possible; I sprained my knee and it hurt like hell. Of course, I would pick just before a major snow storm to do such a thing to myself. On Wednesday I had to dig my car out of the snow. Needless to say my knee went from "hurt like hell" to "please someone cut my leg off completely. Oh, and I also did the splits 3 times. Did I mention I am old? Too old to be doing the splits. With a sprained knee.

Well, Friday I used some flex time I had from when I first started working and went to the doctor. See, for the first 6 days I feared for the worst. I figured with the pain I was feeling I must have torn something loose. However, after finally going to the doctor, I learned it was just a sprain. Which, by the way, hurt a hell of a lot worse than a broken bone. So, anyway, I am now wearing a nice tight brace, I am suppose to do some simple exercises, and ice my knee a few times a day. Oh, and no medication stronger than Tylenol extra strength. Right at the moment my knee is killing me. I wait the full 6 hours before taking any pills, even though I could take them within 4 hours. Like I need to punch holes in my kidneys.

Anyway, I am in need of nourishment, which is in short supply in the house at the moment. I am just waiting for the Tylenol to take affect. So? How was your weekend?

Oh, and no old jokes. I am working on a strong case of denial here. Do not spoil my efforts.

About My Health

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Well, yesterday I went to my follow-up appointment for my sleep study. I have a moderate case. It is not sleep apnea but obstructed airway. It is my snoring and that I block my airway when sleeping. So, I am going to set up an appointment with an oral surgeon to be fitted for some type of dental hardware that will keep my lower jaw forward so I do not snore or choke myself during the night.

I did get some good news; my blood pressure was normal! And I have lost 4 pounds over the last 3 to 4 weeks! My bike riding is starting to pay off. That and the recent visits to my chiropractor. So, here is to hoping that I continue to improve in my health.


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It is the one character flaw that has dogged me my whole life. In many ways it is part of the addiction I have worked hard to overcome. Basically, I have always wanted what I wanted, when I wanted it, and I want it right damn now.

The battle for Health Care Reform has exposed this same underlying character flaw in the United States. While some cooler heads in congress have patiently, and diligently, worked the political currents of Washington, most of the nation outside the beltway have been screeching and howling about not having single payer universal health insurance as of last decade. One of the reasons I have done very little blogging about health care reform -- other than noting some articles --  is because I recognize this is a long-term change for the country. It is a battle of inches, not yards.

Anyway, after all the noise, hair-pulling, and general all-around shrilling is done, there will be a new direction for health care in this country. At this time, I have to accept I am without health care. I also will have to accept it may be possible I never receive the level of coverage I was accustomed to back 5 to 10 years ago. However, I do believe that future generations after me will eventually receive a level of coverage that I never experienced. I am okay with that.

Yes, the selfish part of me desires universal single payer coverage as of October 5th, 1961, but it is not going to happen. But at least I can rest easy in knowing a change is occurring. It is just that it is not occurring at the pace I selfishly desire.

Now, get the hell off my lawn.....

Err, scratch that. I live in an apartment.

In Pain

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I am in pain 24/7. I am not saying this to garner sympathy, or to make excuses. But it has been on my mind for a while to simply share this fact. Ever since I hurt myself rollerskating, I have been in constant pain. Some days are not as bad as other. I can even get in a stretch of 2 days without taking any Tylenol.

For a while I was using Ibuprofen, but when it wore off, it caused my joints and teeth to ache. At least with the Tylenol, I simply have a resumption of my back, legs, and heal/arch pain. When I was biking, and stretching out, I managed to keep it reduced to a simple irritation. But with the weather change, and the move, I have not been able to get out on my bike. So, I am experiencing an increase in my discomfort.

Thankfully, back in 1997, or so, I stumbled across the book "Wherever You Go There You Are." Great primer on Mindfulness Meditation, which helps me deal with the pain. I am still able to focus on other parts of life. Actually, it is more than that; it helps me to not get so worked up about the pain that I keep focusing on it to the exclusion of the rest of life.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you that little tidbit about my life. Now, go on about your business. Ignore me and my pain. Seriously, do not mind me, all crippled and gimpy. And get off of my lawn, you--you--you hooligans! Well, that is, if I had a lawn.

Insensitive pricks. </snark>

Sicker Than Normal

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No fever. But my nose has enough snot to fill 5 dump trucks. And believe me when I say my nose is big enough for just such a feat. I am currently debating whether or not to call in sick. I work at a hospital, but in a building separate from the actual facility, so I would not be endangering any already sick patients.

Tylenol extra-strength has knocked down the muscle aches and stiffness. And without the Musinex, I would most definitely be unable to make it to work, the cold having settled deeply into my chest. No cough yet, thankfully. However, the scratch in my throat, though muted by the Tylenol, agitates enough to make itself evident. Mostly, I just do not have the energy.

Maybe a shower will help improve my energy.


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Slept like crap last night. I've slept like crap for the last three nights, in fact. It's my back. It doesn't hurt, but it sends tentacles of numbness down my arms and legs, keeping me awake. A few visits to a chiropractor would resolve the issue, but I don't have health insurance, so I can't get it resolved. And, of course, not sleeping well only exasperates the problem.

Welcome to the United States of Lousy Health Care.

Home Sick

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Yeah, yeah, I know I'm laid off, so either way I'm home. But today I'm stricken with a bad cold. It started as a head cold, and has now firmly entrenched itself into my chest. Last night, at around midnight, I was awoken with a severe tickle in my throat that turned into a five minute dry heave session. So, yes, today I've a sore throat. As well as congested sinuses, an accompanying headache, and general, all around misery.

So, you damn kids better stay the hell off my lawn.

In case I've actually gained a few new readers, feel free to consider this an open thread. Not that open threads are a favorite activity at this particular castle.
I'm working on getting my medical bills caught up. With Medica Insurance being one of the worse to have, my bills were not immediately paid. For some reason, I had to do some extra paperwork, the exact same paperwork I originally filled out when applying for coverage to begin with. So, now that that log jam finally cleared, I am now facing secondary co-payments.

You see, I made the standard $35.00 co-pays for every visit, only to discover additionally co-pays after the fact. It's those damn deductibles, I guess. But it's in the fine print. You know, the same ones that they are allowed to change without immediate notice. Anyway, I've still got a ways to go. But, I managed to pay a large chunk of my bills and now have a bit of a monthly payment to make.

In case anyone is wondering, I believe that should hell really, honestly exist, the deepest, darkest level is to be reserved for insurance company executives, board members, and bond holders. Because making an obscene profit off of my, and all other people, illnesses is the worse behavior in which a human can engage.

Look, I understand the need for putting food on the table, and a roof over the heads of family. But when people start requiring a profit level of such magnitude that I can not put a roof over my family, or food on the table, there is something fundamentally wrong with the system. That rich bastards believe they are entitled to obscene profits at the expense of hard working, middle class people...... well, fuck them.

Oh, and one last thing: don't even bother calling them health insurance companies. If they were truly about a persons health, they would not be about profits at all, but simply about helping people to get healthy. Do that, and they'd naturally see a profit. Honestly. Sell a good product and word of mouth alone would bring you business. Isn't that the of the free market place? Of course, the whole thing about the market place is there's no room for free. Free market place is an oxymoron.

About Mom

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Well, there has been a medical issue developing slowly with my mother over the last 3 months. First, they suspected she had Emphysema. That was eventually ruled out. Finally, they discovered her right diaphragm was paralyzed. They figured it happened all the way back in 2001. At least, the nerve was pinched back then, and the diaphragm finally stopped working about a year ago.

Well, now she's having other problems. Over Thanksgiving, her ankles swelled up to the size of her knees. Finally, Saturday morning, she was confused and bordering on hallucinating. Dad took her into the hospital at 9:00 PM that night. I went to see her yesterday at the Burnett County Medical Center in Grantsburg, WI. She was doing better.

However, I received word today she was transferred to Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. It's part of the Allina System, a former employer of mine back in 2006. Anyway, tests are going to be run on her heart, to see what is going on. Like my problems earlier this year, it seems to be taking much longer than ought be necessary to discover the source of her discomfort and ill health.

I know that diagnosing illness is as much an art as it is a science, but right now I can not help but think the delay in finding my mother's problem is as much fear of running tests because of insurance interference then just not knowing. To be honest, I would rather see expensive tests run with a quick discovery of the cause, then to err to the side of monetary conservatism. Somehow, personal suffering for the sake of medical cost efficiency just does not seem right. But then, I never did understand conservative compassion.

Post A Post

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I had thought of holding off for two more days and making it an even week without posting, but I just had to drop a note and let you all know I am alive. Barely, but still alive. I have been going steady at my novel, writing just about every morning. Most mornings for about 45 minutes. Over the weekend, I get in about two hours a day, give or take. And remember, I have three day weekends.

Anyway, this morning I woke up with a killer headache. Not quite a migraine, but a very painful sinus headache that is as much caused by the dry air as it is by my still lingering cold, which I've had for about two weeks now.

Seriously, two weeks is just too damn long to have a cold. The one redeeming factor is that it's fall, making the cold less of an insult than having it in the summer. There is just something inherently wrong with a summer cold. They feel worse. At least during the winter, you can make the claim of not going outside because of a cold. Not so in the summer. Supposedly, the warm weather should help get rid of your cold.

Yeah, right. Sell me a bridge.

So, right now I am struggling with calling in sick. More likely, I will be heading to work, despite feeling like crap. I'll just have to struggle.

There you go. Now you know I am alive, though not well. Life in Minnesota. No doubt Carl will come along and make some comment about the insanity of living in Minnesota. Thankfully, I have Sarah Palin to use as an example of where insanity truly arises. Honestly, Minnesota Nice surely trumps Alaskan PUMA age wrinkles any day of the year. Even if you have a cold.

Limit At The Desk

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Okay, I have pretty much reached the limit to sitting at my computer. I have at the most maybe 4 hours available to me before my side gets to uncomfortable. And that is with some extended breaks among those 4 hours. So, there is a good chance this will be my last post for today. 

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