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Yesterday Kinda Sucked

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First off, Quiz had to be put to sleep yesterday. Turns out she had a mass in her abdomen. She always had a round, solid belly, unlike either Lucifer or Cinnamon, who's bellies hung down when they were overweight. Anyway, my girlfriend, Norene, has been watching Quiz for the last year. Last week Quiz stopped eating. Yesterday morning I guess she started moaning. Even I know cats do not normally moan. So, Norene took her to the vet and x-rays showed a large mass.

Yes, I cried like a blubbering baby. Not right away mind you. I had to tell the ex-girlfriend about Quiz. She was going to tell The Fuskers™. After telling her I hit the fitness center and put myself through a rigorous workout. For me it was rigorous. For others it would be a light mid-day walk. So, after finishing my workout, and on the short drive to the Rock Creek Motor Stop Cafe, I started crying. Hard. Like I have not cried since the passing of my brother in 1991. I had to take my glasses off, the tears were so heavy. Which is not a good idea, considering I am pretty much blind at night without them. Oh, and I was going 70 mph. Obviously nothing happened, since I am typing this today.


The thing is, I did not particularly like Quiz. Everyone who knew her agreed she was Queen Bitch towards other cats. If there were two paths through a room, one short and away from other cats, and one long but would take her by the other cats, she would take the long way and give the other cats a good swipe. Lucifer would just take it. Cinnamon would fight back, and being the bigger cat, usually drove Quiz off. However, every once in a blue moon Lucifer would take it in himself to teach Quiz a lesson. I would usually have to break them up. Not because of any harm Lucifer was causing, but because Quiz would start yowling and screeching. She would not fight back, just make an unholy racket.

Yet Quiz was very loving and affectionate towards people. She was most definitely a lap cat. She did not start that way though. When the ex's daughter brought Quiz home about eight years ago she hated everything and everyone. In fact, within the first hour of being brought into the house, she managed to get out in the garage and hid under my dad's old tool chest. She stayed there for two days! When I finally decided to pull her out she tore the hell out of my hands. Eventually, though, she mellowed out and showed herself to be even more inquisitive than most cats. Hence the name Quiz.

She will be missed.

On a more positive note; yesterday was my sobriety date. 27 years dry and sober. Another 3 years and I will have my own DNR spotter truck following me. I am getting to be so dry I am turning into a fire hazard...........

Oh, okay. I will behave now.

Good Morning Blogstonia

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Yeah, yeah. I know. It has been like forever since last I graced this blog of mine with a post. Well, life has been hectic, what with the final stage of my break-up with The Ex-GirlFriendTM finally coming to a close. I am now the proud renter of an efficiency apartment outside of Hastings. However, I am not alone. Currently I have two cats in the apartment with me; Quiz and Cinnamon. Of course, they do not get alone at all, which is not a good thing, what with my apartment being no bigger than your average cheap motel room.

Thankfully, that is the only thing my apartment shares with a cheap motel. But more on my living arrangements later. I just wanted to quick spin out a post before finishing breakfast and heading to work. Hopefully, with my life settling into a new phase, I might find it in me to resume a more steady pace of blogging.

Yeah, yeah. I know. You have all heard that before...........
Okay stats in order:

  • Average Speed: 10.9 mphThumbnail image for Tour_Rook.gif
  • Total Distance: 4.62 miles
  • Top Speed: 20.5 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 0.25.18
  • iPod: R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, & Will Clipman - Feather, Stone & Light
  • Wind: Unknown
  • Temp: Unknown
  • Humidity: Unknown
  • Average Speed: 11.0 mph
  • Total Distance: 4.00 miles
  • Top Speed: 24.5 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 0.21.41
  • iPod: Sheryl Crow - The Basics (iTunes Greatest Hits mix)
  • Wind: Unknown
  • Temp: Unknown
  • Humidity: Rain
  • Average Speed: 11.3 mph
  • Total Distance: 8340 miles
  • Top Speed: 21.5 mph
  • Elapsed riding time: 0.44.08
  • iPod: Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II & IV.
  • Wind: Unknown
  • Temp: Unknown
  • Humidity: Rain
Honestly, what is there to say? I am overweight, out of shape, and generally finding it hard to motivate. Still, I was very happy with today's results, what with the wind probably stronger then during any other leg. Oh, and the rain was actually refreshing today. Not so much on Monday, though. Actually, Monday sucked all the way around.

It was, however, The Fuskers™ birthday that day, which was actually quite enjoyable. The Ex-GirlFriend™ picked him up the Half-Blood Prince, so we watched it together for about the third time. So my earlier statement of Monday sucking all the way around is incorrect. It only sucked part of the way around.

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