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Good Morning Blogstonia

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Yeah, yeah. I know. It has been like forever since last I graced this blog of mine with a post. Well, life has been hectic, what with the final stage of my break-up with The Ex-GirlFriendTM finally coming to a close. I am now the proud renter of an efficiency apartment outside of Hastings. However, I am not alone. Currently I have two cats in the apartment with me; Quiz and Cinnamon. Of course, they do not get alone at all, which is not a good thing, what with my apartment being no bigger than your average cheap motel room.

Thankfully, that is the only thing my apartment shares with a cheap motel. But more on my living arrangements later. I just wanted to quick spin out a post before finishing breakfast and heading to work. Hopefully, with my life settling into a new phase, I might find it in me to resume a more steady pace of blogging.

Yeah, yeah. I know. You have all heard that before...........

A Brief Moment In The Castle

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Me as I walk by the TV playing an updated version of a cartoon I grew up watching:
"George, George, George of the jungle....."
From the Fuskers™ bedroom:
"Watch out for that tree!"
Ah yes. The classics never go out of style.

Morning Blasé

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Just do not feel like accomplishing anything this morning. Oh, I fed myself, had my morning coffee, drove The Fuskers™ to school, and did my usual round of Blogstonia. But, other than that, I have no desire to really do anything. Part of the problem is that I do not have a desk at this moment. I gave my hulk of a desk to The Fuskers™, for which he is grateful to have, and enjoying it to no end. I was tired of dealing with the huge behemoth, so large it took up half the space in a 15 x 15 room.

Anyway, I am in the market for a smaller desk. I have been looking at writing tables, but it has been hard to find one the right size. I want one big enough to house my laptop while still allowing me space on which to actually write with paper and pen. Then there is style to consider. So far, of the tables I have looked at, the finish has either been too yellow, or to dull and dark.

To top it all off, at the moment there is no space in the bedroom because of all the boxes. Yes, yes, it is but a temporary situation. Eventually The GirlFriend™ will unpack the boxes, freeing up wall space for the placement of a desk. Until then, I am stuck at the dining room table, which is simply a horrible place from which to work.

In many ways the apartment is actually more spacious. The living room is long enough to place both our couch and our love seat, along with a rocking chair. It is roomy and comfortable, compared to the cramped space of the house. Also, the two bedrooms are larger than any of the rooms of the house, allowing The Fuskers™ much more room for his belongings, even with the humongous desk taking up one of the corners. Overall, we are in a much smaller home. Yet, I feel more space here.

Then there is the deck to consider. Facing east, I am able to meditate as the sun rises, feeling it's warmth on my skin, listening to the sounds of small town Wisconsin awakening. With the St. Croix and Mississippi confluence just a mile away, I hear both train and barge traffic. It is a special treat to hear the deep bass of the tugboat's horn echo off the bluffs and up the river valley. Included are the geese, assembling in trumpeting gaggles as they prepare for the flight south. This morning I listened as two distinct gaggles, one northwest, the other east, passed by, eventually merging as one down river.

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