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So, A Quick Update On Dad

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He is home, has been for a bit now. Turns out it was not his heart, but possibly his diabetes acting up. That means he was probably not eating properly. He is being properly shamed by family via facebook. Unfortunately, my parents do not have a facebook page. Considering all the privacy violations facebook commits, I am incline to agree with that position.

Just Got The News

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My mother called me just a few moments ago. She had the voice. You know the voice. The one that has a tone suggesting bad news. Yet she was not especially distraught. Anyway, my father was transported to Abbott Northwestern Hospital last night. It seems he was not getting enough oxygen to his heart.

My father has had many surgeries, and many emergency visits to the hospitals. So, I can understand my mother's lack of fear. Oh, I am sure she is worried. But my father has proven to be tough - he has survived worse. He put up with me.

Oh, okay. That is not necessarily worse.

Anyway, guess I will be making a trip to the Twin Cities today. 

Mom's Day

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Yes, of course I called my mother. It would be cruel not to. besides, I am a progressive blogger, not a conservative blogger. I have a heart.

Merry Christmas

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For any of my regular readers who would like to wish me Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, here's a post so you don't have to feel you are commenting off topic.

Here in the Wisconsin western borderland the snow falls thick and wet, with a slow, gradual accumulation allowing for easy road care. We were suppose to go to The GirlFriend™'s sister's house tonight. However, her brother and his wife did not feel up to the drive across the Twin Cities with the weather being what it is. I can not say I fault them. I would rather be on country roads than city freeways in this weather.

In fact, tomorrow we are going to see about driving up to be with the Parental Units and Sibling Units. That is, if the weather is not too bad. So far, it has been a pretty mellow storm.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!
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Afternoon Excitement!

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While at work, the weather sirens went off. Turns out a surprise tornado attack occurred in several locations around the metro area and a few suburbs. Just north of Hastings in Cottage Grove, about 5 miles away, there was a touch down. In South Minneapolis one touched down and spewed trees across 35W. Not just a few tree branches, but what looked like entire trees shredded and blocking all three lanes. Some roofs were also removed from houses, only to be relocated as debris on the neighboring roofs.

Since the storm was moving NNW, it put it on track to travel right over my parents' home, so I called and checked in on them. They got lots of rain, and said a tornado touched down just south of town at Branstad, about 5 miles away. Actually, it is not even 3 miles away. But, they said they were all right. Just another day in the upper Midwest.

About Mom

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Well, there has been a medical issue developing slowly with my mother over the last 3 months. First, they suspected she had Emphysema. That was eventually ruled out. Finally, they discovered her right diaphragm was paralyzed. They figured it happened all the way back in 2001. At least, the nerve was pinched back then, and the diaphragm finally stopped working about a year ago.

Well, now she's having other problems. Over Thanksgiving, her ankles swelled up to the size of her knees. Finally, Saturday morning, she was confused and bordering on hallucinating. Dad took her into the hospital at 9:00 PM that night. I went to see her yesterday at the Burnett County Medical Center in Grantsburg, WI. She was doing better.

However, I received word today she was transferred to Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. It's part of the Allina System, a former employer of mine back in 2006. Anyway, tests are going to be run on her heart, to see what is going on. Like my problems earlier this year, it seems to be taking much longer than ought be necessary to discover the source of her discomfort and ill health.

I know that diagnosing illness is as much an art as it is a science, but right now I can not help but think the delay in finding my mother's problem is as much fear of running tests because of insurance interference then just not knowing. To be honest, I would rather see expensive tests run with a quick discovery of the cause, then to err to the side of monetary conservatism. Somehow, personal suffering for the sake of medical cost efficiency just does not seem right. But then, I never did understand conservative compassion.

Update On Father

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I visited with my father at the Hospital yesterday. Turns out it is an obstructed bowel, which then caused a mild heart attack. My father is resting, though not easily, since his back precludes his ability to lay still in one position for more than a few minutes. Of course, this than sets of the alarm that he has stopped breathing. He is still breathing, it is just that the sensors on his body are not all that good. Anyway, that brings in the nurse, who chastise him, and force him onto his back. Then, a few minutes later, he moves again, and the whole process starts again.

Yep, that's my parental unit dad. Got's to love him.

The doctor initially felt confident that surgery could be avoided, which would be good, because his heart is not up the stress and strain. I was going to visit again today, but I was not moving too fast. Mom sent an email out earlier tonight, and I learned that he has two obstructions. He is going to have surgery tomorrow.

My Father Is In The Hospital

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It is Friday, which is the start of my 3 day weekend, and so I tend to take it easy. I sleep in, lounge about when I do get up, enjoying a fire, reading a book, and posting some entries on the ol' blog. I also ignore my phone, which today was easy to do since I left it on vibrate mode from yesterday. I have to have the ringer turned off for groups. It wouldn't look good for the counselor's phone to be interrupting an emotionally sensitive disclosure by one of my clients.

Anyway, around 9:00 PM I hear my phone vibrating away in the pocket of my jacket. It's The GirlFriend™, just checking in from work. After hanging up, I notice I missed a call and a voice message. Thinking it is probably just a message from The GirlFriend™, I check my voice mail.

It wasn't from The GirlFriend™, it was from my mother. She states they are air lifting my father to North Memorial Hospital. He has gotten worse since yesterday.

Now, I did not know dad was sick. No one called to tell me he was having problems. So, imagine the shock of discovering my father is so sick they have to air lift him to a hospital in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Yes, at this point I am starting to freak, a combination of fearing the loss of my father, and the shame of having not heard mom's message until 8 hours after she called.

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