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Good Morning Blogstonia

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So, without making any New Year's Resolutions, I have found myself doing two things consistently every morning; making my bed neatly and journaling. I also found myself returning to my novel; that is, I worked at converting my hand-written draft into text files. You know, typing what I had written.


I love the act of writing, of creating something out of nothing, of just letting the story flow without care or consideration of opinion; mine or any other persons. But the drudgery of simply typing what I have already written is agony. I find myself wrapped up in criticizing my character development; my sentence structure; my plot. GAH!

Well, anyway, I felt the desire to share with you my own private agony. Mostly because I am sure a few will agree with me, while a majority of others will condescendingly point out that my agony is minuscule in comparison to theirs.


Again, Post Dramatic Catholicism rears its ugly head.

I really can think too much.

Way Shiny!

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There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more way shiny then receiving an email from one of your favorite authors.

Oh hell no! I am not going to say. I am going to gloat and play it coy all at the same time. But his next book is going to be released in October. Not that that's going to help you nosy types any.


Writing Avoidance

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As I planned on pulling out my hand written rough draft of my novel and transcribe it to a text file, the fact that I am instead blogging about it should in every way be seen as writing avoidance. Sigh. Pretty pathetic for the premier unpublished Great American Novelist. Yeah, that is right. Unpublished. You got a problem with that? Huh? HUH?

Total Oblivion, More Or Less

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There is one book I would like to recommend: "Total Oblivion, More Or Less" by Alan DeNiro. I could give you a review of the book, but truth be told, I hated doing book reports as a student and I am certainly not about to do one now. That would seem too much like work. Suffice it to say, his ability to make characters real, his fearlessness at creating a world without having to establish it's rules and boundries, or for that matter, making no attempt at any rational explanation about the end of civilization as we know it, only makes the book that much more interesting.

And yes, I realize I started a book report. So, I am done reviewing. Go. Buy. It. Order it from his web page. It is, which will switch to When you buy and read the book, you will understand just how appropriate is that switchover.

One Of These Days

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One of these days it is going to happen. I am going to break out of this lethargy I have been having for years. I am simply not motivated most days. I stare at my computer, my writing, my blog, and I do nothing. I find the simple act of choosing action to be overwhelming. Oh, I have my days where I can dive into my story, do the dictation so that I get my hand written rough draft transcribed into text files. But it is rare. I have maybe two, three days tops, where I can get past the overwhelming act of choosing action.

So there. I finally said it. After all this time, I finally admitted to my lack of motivation for writing.

Don't get me wrong, I love to write. I just am having difficulty with the whole re-write part of writing. It is new, and I can not get past that bastard internal critic. Seriously, I need to beat the shit out of that guy, but he always runs away and hides when I find the motivation.

Sigh. Oh well.
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Okay, I decided to resume work on my novel. For the last two day I have worked on rewriting Chapter 1. The difficult part is expanding the damn thing. Way to little content, and also having to introduce characters that I created in later chapters in the 1st draft process. I am about 2/3 of the way through. I seriously see a second, and maybe even a third rewrite in my future.

A Thought

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I'm sure it has been said before, by more eloquent writers. Still, I want it on record. So, here it is:

The end never justifies the means, especially if the means is in direct contradiction to the very belief the end represents.


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"So, what is it you desire?" Asked the man.
The other did not respond.
"Then let me guess." the man continued. "Before you a battle field of honor. Behind you an army of mythical proportions at your command."
Still, the other man remained quiet.
"You will lead them into battle, and it will be glorious. The very gates of hell shall be cast open and all the demons of the Universe shall be your foes."
Again, the other did not answer.
"In the end, you shall be victorious, with Satan himself kneeling before you in defeat."
"Such lofty ambitions I have." The other finally spoke. "But better would be a simple cabin by a stream, with fish aplenty. At the bank, with line in water, my son. In the cabin doorway, my wife, with a smile for her family, brighter than all the stars of the Universe exploding at once."
Such a simple desire." said the man.
"Yes, it is." The other said in agreement.
Suddenly, a loud crash sounded in the distance, with horrible screams and howls echoing off the sky.
"That would be the gates of hell being cast open." Said the man.
The other said nothing, he simply sighed.
"What did you expect?" The man asked. "To get what you want?"
"Yes." answered the other, drawing his sword to lead forth his army.


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Well, I am unemployed. My census was too low, and with counties cutting back on their expenditures, my boss eventually lost his contract with Goodhue County. That was a sizable chunk of money. With my low census and his loss of income, it was inevitable.

I'm not mad at him. It was a business decision. He has to do what he can to save his company. I will get unemployment, which isn't too bad a deal. I'm not going to have the state take out taxes, and instead will try to schedule payments next year. Of course, we're already half way through the year, so I might just come out even, since I don't claim any deductions on my W2.

Also, he made it clear that once the census picks back up, he'll call me back. That, and if they need help once in a while, I might get called in for a few hours here and there. I just have to claim the income when I apply for unemployment for the week.

On a more positive note, The GirlFriend™ managed to find us an apartment. It's over in Prescott, WI. It's just 10 miles away, so it's not a far move. With her tax money, she was able to cover the 1st and last month's rent. We don't need to move in until September 1st, but at least it's in place. Oh, and Comcast is the Prescott Cable company, so I don't have to change my email addy and such.

So, anyway, I am going to be looking for another job while waiting to be called back to Wenden. Also, I'll be working on packing up everything, and working on my novel.

Two Major Projects

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First, I spent much of the morning working on my novel. That is, I have been dictating my hand written pages into text files on my computer. Thank God for Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 (64 Bit Edition). I am getting much better at speaking and adding punctuation. "Open Quote" and Close Quote" were the toughest to get down without mush mouthing them.

Second, I mowed the lawn, with a weed trimmer. The GirlFriend™, who I love dearly, sold our lawn mower earlier this spring, thinking we'd not need it due to losing the house in foreclosure. What she didn't foresee was our not having to move out until the 12th of September. To top it off, the drum reel mower is lousy with grass 1 inch taller than it's cutting height. And since I've not mowed the lawn yet, it was...... oh say, 12 inches too long. So first I had to cut it down to size with the trimmer. I actually developed a swing that allowed me to get a really close cut that I didn't need to use the drum reel mower.

Anyway, I'm done for the day. I'm going to go to bed now. The rest of you behave, don't cause any undue commotions, and stay the hell of off my freshly mowed lawn, you damn kids.

UPDATE: Things are so much clearer in the morning, after a good night's sleep. I should have said "The GirlFriend™, who I love dearly, sold our motorized lawn mower earlier this spring, thinking we'd not need it due to losing the house in foreclosure" and then pointed out that the reel mower is not motorized.

Oh, and this is what a drum mower looks like.

Now, get the hell off my lawn.

Dakota County Libray Blogging

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I am currently sitting in one of the study rooms at the Dakota County Library. I'm staring out the window looking to Highway 55 and across from that is the Dakota County Government Center. It's pretty quiet on the road right at the moment with very little traffic. Also the sky is blue and cloudless, with the trees and shrubs faintly moving in the soft breeze. I guess one could say it's a beautiful day.

At the moment I'm taking a break from dictating my story into electronic files by way of Dragon Naturally Speaking. I had to redo several pages because I inadvertently closed the file I was transcribing into without saving. And to be perfectly honest, I'm actually doing this post using Dragon Naturally Speaking. I have gotten better at using the program. All it takes is patience and to speak slowly and cautiously.

So anyway, I thought I would just quick whip out a post just for the hell of it.

Write Damn It!

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I have such a desire to write, and yet lack an interesting topic upon which to apply eloquence. It might be described as writer's boredom; that choice of choosing what not to write about because it has already been inked at other sites much finer than my own. Or perhaps I am simply tired of listening to my own bitching, because I am tired of listening to everyone else bitch.

So, do me a favor, everyone. Stop bitching so I can bitch. Seriously, you're cramping my style.

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