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He Did Accomplish Much

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It is just that the billions spent in spreading lies clouds the truth.

I am proud to say that I stand by Barack Obama for another 4 years as President Of The United States.
This, people, is what leadership looks like.


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President-elect Barack Obama is already making presidential history by naming -- or at least his transition team is leaking to the press -- his Cabinet picks faster than nearly all of his predecessors.

"If we do not act swiftly and boldly, most experts believe that we could lose millions of jobs next year," Obama said Monday.

With an economic crisis spiraling out of control and a lame duck in the oval office, presidential scholars say the next commander in chief simply had no choice.

"This is really unprecedented. But it's an unprecedented situation," said Larry Sabato, a presidential scholar at the University of Virginia. "Obama is doing what the public and the markets demand be done -- and that is to show that the next president is really in charge before he even takes the oath of office."

Swift, decisive action. Not only that, but with evidence of foresight. From what we are seeing with leaks and announcements, all this activity was long ago planned out and prepared before November 4th. Three weeks, and look at what he's manage to assemble.

In case anyone is wondering, this is competence. Refreshing, ain't it?


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Some things are just way cool. This picture is one of them.

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Hat Tip: C&L

The Washington Times, a conservative newspaper, reported Friday that Obama told Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in June that an agreement between the United States and the leaders to allow U.S. troops to stay in the country after 2008 should not go into effect unless it had congressional approval.

The conversation occurred two weeks after Obama secured the Democratic nomination for president, the newspaper reported.

It was widely reported at the time that Obama had conversations with the Iraqi leadership and expressed similar views publicly at news conferences.

What is interesting in all this, is that at no point does Palin, or any other member of the McCain campaign, explain how this simple act of pointing out the obvious nature of our government (you know, that congress must ratify treaties) is delaying the agreement.

But the campaign of Obama's Republican rival, Sen. John McCain, argued that Obama's call interfered with U.S. efforts to reach a "status of forces agreement" with the Iraqi government. The U.S. and Iraq have yet to announce a final agreement despite numerous reports that one was near.
Again, in desperation, McCain is lashing out in attack instead of presenting his ideas, his policies, his qualities as a leader.

Oh, wait. McSame, McBush, duh! After 7 plus years of Bush, we already have a good example of his ideas, policies and qualities. It's all the same stale, failed thinking that led us to the current state of affairs.

They knows this, so they are left with no other option but to shrill loudly and venomously, making some of the most wildly unsubstantiated claims possible. I'd like to see the McCain's campaign's proof that this call, and subsequent statements in public appearances, interfered with the process of establishing a status of forces agreement.

There is an old adage; the squeaky wheel gets the attention. However, sometimes that means the squeaky wheel gets replaced.

John and Sarah; the McSquekies.

In Case Anyone Was Wondering

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IMHO, this is the moment when McCain truly lost the election.

One jack ass in the Oval Office is enough. Somehow, I don't see the electorate putting another in right behind him.

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