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Kline's Feign Towards Madia

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I really do not have time to due this post justice, but I still wanted to get this thought out there. It appears that John Kline is feigning towards Madia. But that begs the question; Why? Madia is not running against John Kline. Steve Sarvi is running against him. So, why the misdirect?

Is John's campaign in need of some free attention? Madia is making tremendous headway in his campaign for CD 3. Maybe John is trying to ride on his coat tails? Let's face it, despite the failure of McCain and Palin's negative campaigning, historically, it works.

Maybe that's the problem. Because of McCain's and Palin's negative attacks backfiring, Kline is trying to prevent a backlash by attacking someone the voters in his district really don't care about. That just seems craven, bordering on cowardly. Very unbecoming of an ex-marine.

So, I guess, why is John Kline afraid of Steve Sarvi?

Help Out Steve

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I've been remiss of late. Please go to ActBlue and give Steve Sarvi some green lov'n!

ActBlue -- Red to Blue MN

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Act to Blue MN has less than $100 to go to reach it's goal of $2000. I have to have some readers willing to give as little as $5. Today is the last day of this quarter. Help us to put Minnesota Democrats into congress. Give to Al Franken, Ashwin Madia, Elwyn Tinklenberg, Steve Sarvi.

ActBlue -- Red to Blue MN

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Red to Blue MN has just a bit more to go to hit the $2000 goal by Monday. I am asking what few readers I have to go and think about $10, $20, or more, to the worthy Democrats this ActBlue site supports. They all would be fine addictions to congress, and would keep their focus on the people they represent, not the corporations that bribe them with large donation.

ActBlue -- Red to Blue MN

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Red To Blue MN

Every single Republican in Minnesota's congressional delegation is up for reelection this cycle and each seat is a prime pick-up opportunity for the DFL. With a lot of hard work, we can send a delegation to Washington in 2009 that is 100% committed to bringing Minnesotans the change they deserve.
Help us to clean the House and Senate of corruption, greed and incompetence. The four candidates are: Al Franken, Ashwin Madia, Steve Sarvi, Elwyn Tinklenberg.

Update: Look's like the target amount was reached quite quickly and so it's been doubled. Hence the move back to the top.
Steve is not yet on the Red To Blue list, but that could change if he receivs more attention and, of course, money. So, if I happen to have any readers with room in their budget, you can go to the Actblue page I have created and make a contribution

And if you feel so inclined, you could also go to the Actblue page I set up for Al Franken as well.

Steve Sarvi Blog Day

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Today a group of bloggers is holding Blog About Steve Sarvi Day. As I have mentioned before, I occasionally volunteer for Steve's phone bank on Saturday mornings. Mostly as a means to get his name out there amongst the Democratic members in the area.

In case I have any people who are interested, you can go to his ActBlue page and help him out with a donation. There are other worthy Minnesota candidates who would welcome donations as well.

Steve Sarvi Endorsed!

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MN Publius

Our congratulations go out to Steve Sarvi who was endorsed by acclimation after the first ballot......
Way to go Steve!

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I am going to go for a bike ride.


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I will be volunteering with the Steve Sarvi's campaign, working the phones on Saturday at 9:00 AM. Should be fun.

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