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How Thick Can You Be?

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It's 'Time To Move On'

Norm Coleman - what a maroon.
Walked into my polling station with my latest cell phone bill, my driver's license with my old address, and my right to vote. I registered and placed my vote. I voted DFL where ever it was clearly marked. Otherwise, I went with incumbents. What do I know about the judges and how they do?

Unlike other peoples experience, I walked from my car to the door of the building without having to put up with signs, "poll watchers" etc. The parking lot had cars and the people who drove them, nothing else. It was a rural polling station, yet seemed to be filling up fast as I was leaving. I think turnout is going to be much better then predicted.

I know the conventional wisdom calls for a huge Democratic loss, but you know, I still hope the recount goes for Dewey.............. 

Speaks For Itself

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Hat Tip MB at BBWW.

Man, Talk About Getting Smacked!

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Incredible! A reporter actually challenging a liar! It is a thing of beauty.

And even more amazing? It's from a Fox affiliate! He must not be drinking the Kool Aid.

Good Point

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This speaks for itself:

Liberals Not Enthused

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(McClatchy) LAS VEGAS _ The netroots, the liberal Democrats who've been instrumental in making the Internet an important political tool, are disappointed in President Barack Obama.

While the left is hardly abandoning a man they helped elect, the 2,000 Democratic bloggers, activists and organizers who wrapped up four days of Netroots Nation meetings at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino Sunday are sending him a message: It could be harder to generate the kind of passion in this November's congressional elections that was so crucial to his 2008 victory.

No kidding. It is a mid-term election. I am not all that enthused about there being any amount of turnout this year. The economy is neither free-falling, nor improving, leaving an empty feeling in the gut of many people. There will be little actual anger from the left at this point. Not yet. If things remain the same two years from now, then I expect a return to anger. And anger, these days, benefit the Democrats, not the Republicans. The days of blaming Democrats are over. After decades of conservative rule, the ability to pin the blame on Democrats is just not there.

However, that does not mean there will not be a flare up of anger. It is just that it is currently from the Teabaggers - not exactly the dominate voting block in the nation at the moment. And as Kevin Drum pointed out, when the Teabaggers start making headway within the Republican party, independents run away. That is not the way to win an election.

All Things Equal

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Except, you know, when it comes to identified Republicans, identified Democrats, and identified independents, all things are not considered equal. I noticed that there really was no poll establishing the actual percentages of Republicans vs Democrats vs independents in the nation. I figure, at this time, Republicans are a rump party with a very low identified number. So, maybe 81% of Republicans is a lower actual number than 56% Democrats. But since I am not a pollster with the ability to call thousands of people to get decent poll numbers, it is all conjecture.

However, if I had to take a guess, I would say this is Daily Kos working towards motivating the Democratic base. And the timing is about right; this would be the time to start getting the attention of progressives/liberals. Beat the drums, as it were. Work it slow and steady, and a good progressive momentum ought to be built up just in time for the 2010 election.

With the Republican party having no real leadership and no real ideas to improve things for the majority of the nation, and with the possibility of the RNC purity test pushing even more people out of the party, I figure the 20% crazy as batshit base of the Republicans will be about all they can pull to the voting booths in 2010.

Yeah, so, I am not all that worried.

What Jeff Said

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Jeff is on a tear. He has written several outstanding posts about the Governor's race here in Minnesota. His latest is about the need for a Primary contest for politicians.

Oh, and about the whole "What ______ Said." Yeah, Mr. Duncan can......., well, I'm sure you know.

What They Said

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And I really don't care who started the What _____ said. Atrios can bite my ass.*

But, for those of you not all that up on Minnesota politics...., well, these two post I'm about to supply links for ought teach you not to count your baskets before the eggs, errr, ah, won't be tricked again........**

Oh Hell! On to the links.

Blog of the Moderate Left: Inevitable
The Power Liberal: Once Upon A Time IN 2007

* Like the back handed way I gave credit?
** What I don't understand; why not more traffic to my site? I mean, a man was elected POTUS for just that type of folksy, unedumacated type sintax. I should be getting more traffic.

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