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Once More About Iran

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More On Iran

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This is far from being a complete and well-thought-out post. In fact, it wonders off topic. I'm going to let it stand.

I am far from being informed and knowledgeable about Iranian society, or Iranian politics. However, I still stand behind my last post. I understand that things have deteriorated in Iran, with violence occurring, which is more than unfortunate. But, that the people of Iran believe their election was stolen, and are stating that belief, still puts us to shame.

In this country, the population seems to have been slow in slogging off their lack of investment into the political process. There seems to be a lack of awareness that a citizen's involvement in our government goes beyond merely voting. That's why I am so disgusted with the state of our media these days.

The capitalization (that is, making profit the sole reason of their existence) of newspapers, TV and radio news has eliminated the one, and probably only, means by which the people can communicate directly to the leadership in our country. Voting is the means by which we select leaders. The press was the means by which we communicated to our leaders.

Now, the issues, the policies, and the ways of political power in Iran maybe a mystery to me, and many others. But, can you honestly question that an election was actually legitimate if a large portion of the Iranian population goes to the street and protests? How about we stop with the over-analyzing and recognize the simple truth; the people of Iran are more in tune with their electoral and political process than any of us arm chair pundits, mostly because our press has failed to educate us. If they suspect something is wrong..... well, then, something is wrong. All things being equal.

That's right, I'm bringing out the razor. You got a problem with that?

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