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With fury against the Musharraf government rising and many Bhutto supporters openly suggesting the government was behind the assassination, the Interior Ministry announced that it had intercepted a call that showed that Al Qaeda was responsible.
How convenient. Musharraf's government just happens to intercept a call after the assassination. What, they suddenly realized everything changed and are now working on giving protection to the political opposition? And this capacity at intercepting phone calls didn't exist before the assassination? I am suppose to buy all this bullshit?

Well, yes, if I was a farmer. Free fertilizer is always appreciated. But, I ain't no farmer, and they ain't to fertilizer company. Although, they sure are working hard for the job:

A spokesman for the ministry, Brigadier Javed Cheema, also made the surprising assertion that Ms. Bhutto died from striking her head on her car’s sunroof as she ducked after hearing gunfire, not from the shots themselves or shrapnel wounds from a suicide bomber’s explosion.
So, now the fatal gun shots she received are no longer fatal? Does anyone else besides me get the feeling she was executed after the fact? She was photographed entering her vehicle, after she had supposedly been shot, yet there is not any sign of blood, or indication of pain on her face. And she was seen afterwards waving to the crowd from the sunroof.

There are no clear, concise explanations. There are too many inconsistencies. This was not the work of Al Qaeda. This was the work of a clearly incompetent government which does not even know how to properly spread manure.

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