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Liberals Not Enthused

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(McClatchy) LAS VEGAS _ The netroots, the liberal Democrats who've been instrumental in making the Internet an important political tool, are disappointed in President Barack Obama.

While the left is hardly abandoning a man they helped elect, the 2,000 Democratic bloggers, activists and organizers who wrapped up four days of Netroots Nation meetings at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino Sunday are sending him a message: It could be harder to generate the kind of passion in this November's congressional elections that was so crucial to his 2008 victory.

No kidding. It is a mid-term election. I am not all that enthused about there being any amount of turnout this year. The economy is neither free-falling, nor improving, leaving an empty feeling in the gut of many people. There will be little actual anger from the left at this point. Not yet. If things remain the same two years from now, then I expect a return to anger. And anger, these days, benefit the Democrats, not the Republicans. The days of blaming Democrats are over. After decades of conservative rule, the ability to pin the blame on Democrats is just not there.

However, that does not mean there will not be a flare up of anger. It is just that it is currently from the Teabaggers - not exactly the dominate voting block in the nation at the moment. And as Kevin Drum pointed out, when the Teabaggers start making headway within the Republican party, independents run away. That is not the way to win an election.

On Being Liberal

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Being Liberal is a new Facebook page that is attempting to replicate the numbers of the Being Conservative Facebook page sans paid advertising. So, to those few Liberals that actually stop by and read my blog, could you please go to Being Liberal and become a fan.

Oh, Facebook sets it up that way, otherwise, I suspect the owner of Being Liberal would rather have members.
That the nation has voted Democratic does not mean they voted progressive. I know, I know. It saddens me as well. After years and years of the Mighty Wurlitzer vilifying the Democrats as liberals, as if such a term in and of itself were a smear, to see the Democrats now voted into office, one would believe liberal values and goals would hold sway. Of course, you would be wrong.

Let us remember also that as the Mighty Wurlitzer labeled Democrats liberals (even those who were obviously not) it labeled Republicans as conservatives (even those who were obviously not). Because of this constant chatter of stratification, our political parties are now seen by the average, non-inquisitive American voter as ideologically split. Obviously, that's not the case.

Now, truth be told, there was a strong, almost successful, push to drive all but the most staunch conservatives from the Republican party. And when I mean almost successful, I mean totally successful, to the point where even nominally conservative members were purged, leaving mostly arc-conservatives. But, that's not really my point. What's important is that the Democratic party did not mount any type of purge of it's own to clear their ranks of conservatives. If anything, there was a concerted effort to move members more to the right.

So, let us remember, boys and girls, just because we have been told by the Mighty Wurlitzer and the Legacy Media that the Democratic party is liberal does not make it true. Indeed, it is a conservative lie. Therefore, let us not convince ourselves that the Democratic majority now seated in congress is liberal, or progressive, because that would be believing in a conservative lie.

Progressive Power!

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The Democratic Party may not yet have power in the Senate; but it's obvious by this C&R post that progressives in the country do have power

Update: As always, Digby is suspicious.

And yes, I moved this up.

What's In A Label

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You know, just because a person identifies themselves as a conservative doesn't mean they are. After almost 3 or more decades of having Liberals (and progressives) vilified by not just the conservatives, but their willing co-conspirators, the corporate media, to call one self liberal was to be set up for ridicule, derision, and all around abuse. As Ed Kilgore so aptly points out, when you get passed the basic "Are you xxx?" and into the meat and potatoes policy questions, suddenly there is a different prospective.

The CAP survey also found that when you probe deeper in terms of more specific statements of values and beliefs, there's a reasonably solid progressive majority when it comes to most matters of international and domestic policy. The conservative "brand" may still be relatively strong, but it doesn't always translate into issue positions, much less voting behavior.
I honestly thought I was a moderate/centerist until I begain to pay more attention to my positions on policies. Then I learned I was liberal. Since I am late to actually following politics, I suspect many others are still going by the simple label and not really looking at their policy positions.

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