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It really does match the truth about the Republican ticket of 2012:

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Oh, and hat tip to Alternate Brain.

Because It Made Me Laugh!

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And I think Booman is right:

Does anyone remember how quickly Dubya lost the good will he won through his 2004 reelection? It was really a one-two-three punch of Terri Schiavo, trying to privatize Social Security, and then the inept reaction to Hurricane Katrina, all with a deepening disaster in Iraq as a backdrop. But we shouldn't underestimate how badly he hurt himself through the privatization effort alone. That was when the Democrats finally drew a line in the sand and decided to fight back. What people have probably forgotten is that Paul Ryan introduced a Social Security privatization bill so radical that the Bush administration couldn't support it. How's this for radical?

Paul Ryan?!?!?!?!?! Really?

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Let us put aside for a minute the fact that Paul Ryan comes from the state that brought us Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Joseph McCarthy.

The real problem is this will pretty much negate the Overton Window. This theory relies on the assumption that people are stupid.

See, I do not find people stupid. I find them politically lazy. It allows for the following statement to be correct.

Politics is the control of wealth and power. You are being conditioned to condemn politics as petty and boring, thus granting all the more control to the powers that be. You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. The choice is yours.

Stupid people do not need to be conditioned; they are already where you want them ideologically. That would be the 27% of the population on both ends of the political/ideological spectrum who never change their beliefs regardless of how much they are exposed to the truth. But the rest? Just politically lazy. And maybe not really lazy so much as willing to trust the politician to run the country while they themselves go about running their lives.

Unfortunately, there comes a time when the truth can not be ignored. Paul Ryan can not be ignored. How can he be? With a plan that pretty much returns the starving to our streets, or worse, into prison, the ability to turn a blind eye will take monumental effort. Political laziness only works when it takes less energy than being politically involved. With Paul Ryan, we are talking a hell of a lot of energy to ignore just how much his budget plan exposes him as a heartless bastard.

But Paul Ryan being a bastard really is not the issue. The issue will be what happens to our parents, and our grandparents, with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the White House.

And They Have There Gate!

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I figured it was only a matter of time before the Republicans, in desperation, would find something to use as a clarion call for impeachment. Will they succeed? Probably not. However, it would take up time in the house, preventing any real work from being accomplished, and possibly hold up the economic recovery.

Sigh. What else do they have to throw at the President? It is not like he really destroyed the economy. Indeed, he managed to enact enough legislation to help it slowly improve. And Mitt is simply not going to be able to convince most voters that the economy is tanking due to the President's policies. Meanwhile, the Republican establishment, and it's more rabid extremists (otherwise known as conservatives these days) will certainly not back Mitt. So, that leaves them with only the hope of impeachment.

So, you know, yeah. Go ahead House Republicans. Impeach President Obama. Come on, you know you want to. Oh, sure, it is an election year, but you have moral outrage on your side. As well as God. Or so you have told us many times.

Since the rabid extremists of the Republican Party (did I mention they are otherwise known as conservatives these days?) are anti-intellectual, it means they have not bothered to take history classes. If they did, they would have learned that after the impeachment of the last Democratic President, his approval ratings shot into the mid to upper 80s.

Come on! It is a winning hand! There is no down side to this. So stop pussy footing around and one of you make a motion to start impeachment proceedings. Hell, I have plenty of popcorn.

Do it! I dare you. I double dare you.

Oh My! I Steal Again!

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And I have returned to the scene of my last crime to do so!


Another tip o' the ol' hat to Alternative Brain.

Seriously guys, you might want to increase security at your blog.
Been a while since I have stolen anything from another blog. I thought I had my problem licked, but damn if this did not just bring it back with a vengeance!


Stolen, by-the-way, from Balloon Juice.

Posted Without Comment.

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Statement from Minority Leader Thissen as 2011 Legislative Session slouches to end

"I have no idea how the Republican Majority can adjourn this session and go home to their constituents. Their only accomplishment - if you can call it that - was to divide Minnesotans with a constitutional amendment that enshrines discrimination into our constitution.

Worse, had the Republican budget gone into effect, they would have laid waste to the things that Minnesotans care most about, squeezed the middle class, and set Minnesota back dramatically.

Simply stated, this session has seen a colossal failure of Republican leadership.

That failure is based on misplaced Republican priorities.

As opposed to asking the richest 2% to take any responsibility in solving our historic budget deficit, the GOP is cutting special education funding for our children.

Because not a penny more can come from the special interests, Minnesotan's interests - like supporting small business growth - are ignored in the Republican budget.

This Republican majority chose corporate fat cats over Minnesota seniors.

This Republican majority chose the richest 2% and raised property taxes on the 98%.

This Republican majority chose those who have benefited most from the recovery over disabled Minnesotans.

This Republican majority chose to party loyalty at the price of discrimination.

This Republican majority chose their special interests over Minnesota's interests every single time this session.

Leadership is about priorities. Over the last 152 days, the Republican Majority has made choices based on misplaced priorities. They have failed the people of Minnesota.

Hat Tip MNpublius

Not A Good Move

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Whether they are willing to admit it or not, the Republican Party of Wisconsin just signed it's own political death warrant.

Madison, Wisconsin (CNN) -- Wisconsin's Republican-led state Senate passed Gov. Scott Walker's proposed restrictions on collective bargaining for public employees Wednesday, getting around a Democratic walkout by stripping financial provisions from the bill.

"Tonight, the Senate will be passing the items in the Budget Repair Bill that we can with the 19 members who actually do show up and do their jobs," Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, the chamber's Republican majority leader, said in a statement announcing the move.

The recalls are just going to be the beginning. The next election cycle is going to leave Wisconsin in the hands of the Democrats for years to come.

Sharp Dressed Fascists.

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Hat Tip to skippy for this very damn funny, and probably completely inappropriate youtube:

At Some Point

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It is going to happen. Remember, Conservatism does not fail, it is failed. Some time in the future, Gov. Scott Walker will be described by the conservatives and the tea party members as not being a real conservative. Not after all the fall out from his over reach. With the country becoming galvanized against the ultra rich by his actions, he will be labeled a crack pot, an extremist, anything other than a conservative/tea party member.

Okay, now I will put away my crystal ball, pulling it out the next time I feel like making a fool of myself.

Conservatism Fail

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(Alternate Brain) By the end of this year, we won't even be able to put a man in space anymore.
You know, the idea of conservatism was to maintain the status quo. I believe the phrase bandied about was "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But if we can no longer put people into space, how can one not help but think something is broke? So, I guess the new concept of conservatism is "If it ain't broke, break it!"

Sigh. Governor Stupid

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker obviously did not realize that George W Bush acted dumb. But George was at least smart enough to allow himself to be handled by politically savvy operatives who could steer him away from stupidity. Well, until Katrina. But that was the operatives showing they knew how to win an election, but did not know how to run a country.

Unfortunately Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker really is stupid, does not have the insight to recognize his own stupidity, and obviously failed in hiring people to handle his penchant for stupidity.

The stupid, it burns! So much so that I am roasting S'mores. If I had Jiffy Pop, I would make popcorn.

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